Mom Bucks Work!

Mom Bucks are still in high demand!  This currency is still being printed and used in homes all around the world to organize the lives of busy moms EVERYWHERE!  The original post, Mom Bucks Miracle, which was posted 4 years ago after I found a solution to our cabin fever.  Children are still earning them …

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Crown of Life

The house was dim and motionless.  Everyone was asleep and the visitors left in the night so it was especially quiet.  I tiptoed across the wooden floors of the old homestead listening for cocks crowing or the cow calling for us to milk her in the barn.  On the wobbly kitchen table I saw a …

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Smart is the New Dumb

Several years ago, I wrote about cell phones in my book Living Virtuously.  I talked about how they seemed to have so much stimulation that they could make kids bored with other much less stimulating things in life such as reading a book or just having a conversation with another person.  Boring!  Thankfully my husband …

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The Teen Season

I oftentimes get torn about writing about this subject because I am absolutely not an expert on the subject.  I have not lived through it to tell about it.  I have not arrived nor have I passed with flying colors.  Sometimes I am barely surviving and the only banner I hold is a wimpy white …

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