How to Clean the Kitchen Pantry

Something was really bothering me lately…I must confess!  My pantry was a mess.  That is putting it mildly!  Months worth of stuffing, dumping flour, nuts, and other trash.  Kids running in and out grabbing this and that.  My lovely daughters love to help clean the kitchen but guess where they put EVERYTHING????

…In my pantry, where ever it can be stuffed. 

They learned from me, sadly.  As daunting and revolting as the job may appear to start with, it is not beyond a fix!  Watch my video below.  I show how to make a huge job very simple just by having a method to go by.  Everything is easy if you have a system.   There is hope!

It is very embarrassing to show you all how bad my pantry had become.  With putting a garden in, making fresh dairy products each day, and trying to move, it is no wonder my pantry looks like a tornado went through!
Following the next four steps, making sure to put everything in their proper families, little by little, I got this pantry in order…
When I moved the shelving out, I found all kinds of disgusting debris.   A little soapy water can fix that problem!  I moved the shelf over and swept everything first.  Next I washed the floor really good as well as the shelving.
The last part of the job is always MY FAVORITE of all!!!  Oh, what fun!  I love putting things back to their homes, back in an orderly fashion.  It is so rewarding.  I actually walk into my pantry several times each day just to look at it.  Oh, it makes me so happy!  Have fun cleaning out one of your closets or pantries. 

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