How to Clean the Kitchen Pantry

Something was really bothering me lately…I must confess!  My pantry was a mess.  That is putting it mildly!  Months worth of stuffing, dumping flour, nuts, and other trash.  Kids running in and out grabbing this and that.  My lovely daughters love to help clean the kitchen but guess where they put EVERYTHING???? …In my pantry, … Read more

Fall Fun Activities

There are many things you can do to enjoy your fall experience.  When I was a child, I made all kinds of crafts and art projects that were so fun.  These are things I did with my children when they were small.  I will share our favorite project with you today.  The Fall Scene… Supplies … Read more

Making Fall Memories

Fall has always been my favorite time of year.  As a child I remember my family time.  It was precious.  My dad did not bring us to church on Sundays because we were not a church going family, but Sundays were always “Family Day”.  I can remember how my mom would pack a picnic early … Read more

The Rule Abacus & the Marble Game

Tip on Tuesday:  Making Rules a Fun Game for Little Kids When you have little ones, you have to teach them about rules.  They do not always know what is expected of them, so you have to lead them.  Kids thrive in an environment that is structured.  When they know what is expected of them, … Read more

Being Productive with Toddlers

From my last post on Being Productive, I simply laid out what my life looks like right now.  For some younger mothers who have many little ones, their situation seems more difficult to schedule.  No, not really.  I always had a system.  I had 5 little ones under 5 years old.  I remember when I … Read more

Cleaning Your Livingroom

When deeply cleaning your living room area, you need to realize that there is a lot of surfaces that attract dust.  Consider your furniture.  There is usually a ton of dust mites that hang out inside the cushions and all over the fabric. The first step for cleaning the fabric sofa or chair is to … Read more

Guest Post: Toxin-Free Sanitation

  A friend, Sara Tucker, from our community gave me some really great information and tips.  I was so excited, I just had to share her insights on toxin free sanitation with you.  These are things I did not know.  I love learning about new things.  Since I have been doing an entire series on … Read more