Fun Building Community

Friends of ours from Oklahoma moved into our community.  They bought an old homestead in a hollow of our Tennessee hills.  It had old fallen down barns and a creek.  What more could a family want?  The home was in need of much repair, so they have been living in a camper trailer while my … Read more

Fall Fun on the Homestead

This past Sunday we had a get together at our homestead.  It was a wonderful time of fellowship.  Everyone brought a pot of chili and some of us dumped it together in a bigger pot. People were filling bowl after bowl of hot chili, adding crackers, cheese, sour cream, or corn chips. Children lined up … Read more

New Life on the Homestead

Life is springing up on the farm.  The girls just bought 17 Khaki Campbell duckings from a neighbor down the lane.  We brought a little cardboard box and the girls lovingly placed their little ducklings into it.  The entire way home you could hear their tiny webbed feet prancing around.  It was such a cute … Read more

Farm Fun

There is much going on at the farm.  Miles has been enjoying his greenhouse.  He planted a few rows in there with isles and mulched it.  Things are growing really well.  There are green beans… And tomatoes… Lettuce and radishes with a compost bin in the corner. Here is a nice lettuce plant.  It is … Read more

Southern Hospitality 

Hospitality or Hosting Etiquette is something I have always had a hard time mastering.  Because I do not want people to fuss over me, I find it hard to know what is the proper way to host a guest. All throughout history, hosting guests has been an important part of life.  It was a time … Read more

Community Blessings Abound

Community Blessings… Things around the homestead are growing nicely despite the torrential rains we have been enduring in middle Tennessee.  Fences have been mended and fruit trees propped back in the vertical position.  Half of the garden was washed away and the kindness of neighbors has been such an overwhelming blessing in the midst of … Read more

Green Pastures

You know the old saying “The grass is greener on the other side of the fence”?  Well, it is.  Our last homestead had a rockier soil and seemed better for goats and sheep.  Our cow was making the most of it, but I tell you, the pasture over on our new place is way greener … Read more

There’s No Place Like Home

This past Saturday we had a big dairy day.  As you can see, Megan made a lot of butter.  Grandma Evie came over as well as Bay with her 3 little ones to learn how to make Colby Cheese.  We had a lovely day of stirring curds and tasting the cheese as it was being … Read more

When it Rains…It Pours

This past month has been very full and overflowing literally!  The last week of March my mom and dad came down for a visit from Wisconsin.  It was such a blessing to spend time with my parents and they just love seeing their grandchildren.  It was pretty cold outside, so we spent time cooking together … Read more