Venison Roast & Lyonnaise Beans

What is on the menu today?  Venison Roast with Lyonnaise Beans

Lately I have been looking through my freezer and finding things that I should cook.  Freezer meats usually last about one year.  Last fall we were blessed with two deer.  All the meat was processed in our dining room.  My dad and Owen helped our family cut all the meat from the bones.  We tied up some nice roasts and cut up some fine steaks.  I found a frozen roast and thought it would be a great meal to cook it up.

My mother was here visiting and she prepared the meal.  I love watching her cook because she has such a way with food.  The first thing that she did that was interesting was that she added a cup of pickle juice to the meat along with an onion and a jalepeno pepper.  The pickle juice has vinegar in it and that actually naturally tenderizes the meat so that it just falls apart.  Then she taught us all about Lyonnaise Beans.  It is a very simple side to go with the roast.

Here is how to prepare…
Venison Roast

Put your frozen venison roast (or any kind of roasting meat) into a nesco cooker, slow cooker, or roasting pan in the oven.  Add an onion and a jalepano pepper.  Dump about one cup of pickle juice over the meat.  Season the meat with salt and pepper generously.
You know the meat is tender enough if you can easily pull pieces off with a fork.  This process could take 2-3 hours if you are roasting in the oven or nesco or up to 6-8 hours in a slow cooker on high.
Take the meat out of the pot and place it onto a cutting board.  Here you can slice the meat or break it apart into long pieces.
Return the meat to the juices to soak in all the wonderful flavors.  While it is marinating and simmering in the juices, you can prepare the…
Lyonnaise Beans
Wash and cut up your green beans from the garden.  Boil until tender.  If you do not have green beans in the garden, you can also use frozen beans or even canned beans.  Canned beans only need to be heated for this step.
In a separate pan or skillet, you chop up an onion and a pound of bacon (if you do not eat pork, simply use turkey bacon).  Sauté until tender crisp.
Drain the water off the green beans.  Toss the bacon and onions into the cooked green beans.
Add the mayonnaise.
Stir together and serve.

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  1. Great idea with the pickle juice! I’ve been looking for a way to use up the venison that’s in our freezer too so I think I’ll be making this one day this week! Thanks!

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