To Be Childlike

What is it really like to be childlike?  When I think of being childlike I think of not worrying, not holding grudges, not jumping to conclusions, not judging, not condemning, not being prideful, always hungry to learn, always forgiving, quick to bounce back from trials.  I have been weighed down so much with Molly’s illness.  It has really been so very hard on me.  Harder than the pain I feel all day long.  I would rather have my whole body in pain all day and night with no relief than to watch my daughter suffer the way she does.  She suffers silently.  You can not see it unless you know.  She can look completely normal to everyone else, but organs are not working and it is very serious.  Last Sunday, I was so sick with the flu I could hardly get out of bed.  My body ached terrible and I had a slight fever.  Molly sat on the other side of the room embroidering something all day.  Near the end of the day she sat beside me in bed and handed this Get Well Mom beautiful embroidered cloth to me.  I started to cry.  That is how we should all be.  We should be like Molly.  Here Molly is so sick internally, pricking her finger 10-20 times per day, taking insulin injections throughout the day, and she never complains, and she thinks about me.  Me!  That is true love and brotherly kindness.  I sometimes wonder what is wrong with us adult humans these days, why we are so overwhelmed with life and we are too busy to think of others.  Grown ups can be so selfish and we can be taught such pure love and mercy from a child.  How can learn to be a true Body of Christ?  We tend to become like islands in a vast ocean.  We have allowed ourselves to march to the beat of society racing around like crazy focussing on our own needs.  Years ago, people just had to be there for each other.  If it wasn’t for my mother, I do not know how I could handle this alone.  We have been so blessed by folks from this site with very encouraging words.  Sometimes I feel so unworthy to have such wonderful people in my life who care.  We all know that God is always there, but He uses us to be His loving hands, His feet, His ears, His arms, and His voice.  I believe that we are meant to work like a human body.  One person may be the brain, one the foot, one the head, one the eyes, one the ears, one the liver, one the spleen, one the arm, and one the feet.  If one organ, like Molly’s pancreas stops working, her entire body suffers.  She needs the help of me and medication just to keep alive.  Now she has another part of her body suffering-her kidneys.  That makes it even harder to function. The body can shut down if one, only one of those organs stops functioning.  I really do believe the only way we can function mercifully as a body of Christ, is when we learn how to be Childlike.  That is the one phase of life that is the shortest but can really shape the rest of our life.  If you think of the lifespan of normal humans, the childhood is only about one tenth of the time of life.  The most damage can be done in that time but also the most special memories.  No one forgets that time.  A smell can bring you back to Grandma’s porch in the early spring.  The sound of the clock can remind you of your daddy pocket watch.  We raise our kids based upon what our childhood was like or how we would have liked it to be.  When I work in the kitchen canning and making cheese with my children, it is just precious.  We do not get into other’s business, but we pray for opportunity to share our bounty with a neighbor.  We always grow way more than we need just so we can bless.  It is such a joy to share in the bounty of your handiwork.  God made us that way that we would enjoy giving. We do need one another. I am encouraged from this site seeing so many like minded families sharing knowledge and support when others are in need of it.  Keep it up folks!

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