So thankful! We were able to raise the entire amount for my daughter's service dog because there are so many people out there that care. Especially in our small community here in TN.I have never in my life seen a community come together like the Perry County, TN community does. Most of these people never even met me, yet they link arms to do all they can to help. Some people organize benefits, like Miss Martha Mitchener and Poochie Keeton. Miss Martha always collects money at the door to help along with Peggy Smotherman. This benefit we had was truly amazing. All these volunteers have specific jobs. Linda Wheat and Carol Graham work the Cake walk. They make it so much fun and use the most beautiful cakes that countless others have donated! So many hands coming together to make such a difference! Jarrod Richardson and Eddie Holt work hard as the auctioneers at another table loaded up with many gift baskets and other wonderful items donated by kind members of the community. There were gift certificates from hair salons in town, restaurants, auto shops, and other helpful local businesses. It was just exciting to see the auction take place, people bidding on those items they liked the most. It can get suspenseful, yet I was happy some people got crazy deals on items of great value. It was so fun for all. Bobby Parnell and Randy Hickerson made all the delicious food that was served at the benefit from Hogs and Hens. The countless others that donated desserts and cakes, I could not thank them enough. We had plenty to cover our guests. Marlene Tarkington and Owen Newman were running the raffle tables for the amazing prizes that were given away. A gun, a walmart card, a valuable hunting coat, and a gift certificate for Sparky and Ringos were among the raffle prizes given away. It was such a blessing. I mean, wow, local businesses all try to be a part of this wonderfully positive, life giving event. The grocery store donated the rolls for the dinner while other restaurants donated the drinks and the plates! Nothing was missed. Even the inmates of the jail came to help set up, and break it all down. They cleaned it as well.

There were musicians that came to play, Jeff Colon and Linden Music School as well as a very special guest performance from 4 sweet girls from a local church. Their voices were like angels.

I would also like to thank the Graham Family Foundation!!! When they found out that we were still under the needed amount, they stepped in and covered the entire amount that was yet needed! My knees buckled when I heard of the news. These precious people wanted to help our family, a family who is new to the community and have a daughter who has a life threatening disease get a service dog that helps keep her safe and alive! We are so thankful. Many hands make light work! I see a community full of love and compassion.

And we are so thankful for all the many hands near and far that just gave freely, without thought, through the mail, through this Go Fund Me website, and the countess others that joined us in prayer. I am so thankful right now. I see so much good that came out of something bad to start with and a new start for a young lady who can now go to sleep without worrying about her life. Teddy is our guardian angel. Thank you all who have been so gracious to our family to help us achieve this very needed service dog for our daughter. It means the world to us.

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  1. oh !!! well done. How wonderful to finally have this all done for Molly and all the family. I am so happy for you all. I am so glad I could help and be part of this miracle.As we say here in Australia “beauty Mate”. love vicki xxoo

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