The Blessing of a Rack Business

I have been so thankful for the timing of God.  It is never late.  With all the medical issues that have come up with Molly and Mikey, we NEED my husband home!  So far, he has been able to get about 10 rack orders and it is keeping him busy at home instead of out on a job.  With him being home, when I need to go to the hospital and doctor visits with the continuing care, it sure helps.  He can keep the boys busy in the shop while he builds the racks.  He does such good work, I get so excited every time I see the shop and the smooth pieces of wood that he cut and crafted by hand.  I pray he continues to get enough business making racks during this time.

Now that we are planning on getting the insulin pump for Molly, it requires us to take many classes and we are heavily monitored.  The last class we attended was so helpful.  I learned about how to weigh the food she will eat and multiply that number by the carb factor of the food.  It gives a way more accurate count for the carbs she is eating.  That way when you are medicating, you can be much more precise.  We met other families who have diabetic children and found out that none of them have had any complications, but their glucose levels are still high.  The teacher just kept saying “I am so sorry, I am so sorry,” because Molly’s situation is very RARE and very life threatening.  We are contacting the best doctors in the world for this.  I got to speak to Dr. Bernstein, who is the leading endocrinologist in the world.  He was so kind to me and said he thinks he can really help Molly.  He has a book called “Diabetes Solution” and it primarily teaches how to keep the blood sugars level by DIET and exercise.  How about that?  I made my first low carb, gluten free bread for Molly today.  It was just a combination of flax meal, oil, water, eggs, salt.  It was better than you can imagine.  I thought I was eating fresh baked bread.  This flax bread has a .7 gram carb per slice.  Wow.  I would not do this without the direction of a doctor because kids do need carbs for brain development.  All the things we have been doing have been a good preparation for this next step.  The reason I trust him, is that he is also a type one diabetic, and has been at a steady A1C of 5 or less, never had one single complication, and is a healthy, active man in his 70s.  He practices in New York at a college hospital.  Besides working with this doctor, we are getting good feedback from a naturopath who is doing labs on her biochemistry.  It gives us a closer look into the function of the organs.  I feel God is providing for my husband’s new business, and for our daughter’s care.  It is such a blessing.  All of your prayers are greatly needed as we continue on.

We are also editing the newest and final DVD to the Homestead series.  I have been waking up early before the kids get up on that.  So far I have pieced together raising sheep, shearing, washing wool, making pasture fencing, pens, and abandoned lamb care.  Now I am working through my many hours of pig footage.  It will be a very exciting end to our four seasons.  This being the Spring version.  It will contain many many topics, in fact, I will be selling it as a double disk because there is just so much information.  We hope that between the racks and the new DVD sales, Mark can stay home while we are caring for Molly.  Mikey is having some heart pains, so we are working on getting tests for him soon.  We will keep you posted.  All in all, God is taking care of our family.  Thanks for your prayers!

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