The Benefit Dinner for Molly

We are planning a BENEFIT for our daughter to raise money for her DIABETIC ALERT DOG! It is going to be a fun time of fellowship while you listen to live music (special performance of Molly, Megan, and myself), delicious homemade soups of all varieties, fresh baked rolls, pies, cookies, and even a raffle drawing for great prizes donated by our local vendors here in Perry County!
We are so excited to come together as a community to get this dog for our daughter!!! Come join us if you are close enough to drive on over! SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 5th, 5 pm – 7 pm, at the LOBELVILLE COMMUNITY CENTER, Lobelville, TN!
God bless!

Collecting Scent Samples this week…

Each day Molly is diligent to put cotton gauze pads into her shoe to capture the scent samples that we will be giving to our trainer soon.
She has to make sure her foot is completely clean, sock is clean, hands have to be washed as well before she handles the sample. She has to place the gauze in the sock and shoe under her foot when her blood sugar is completely normal. As the day rolls on, if the sugar is high or low, she must carefully contain that sample in a double layered ziplock bag labeled according and placed into the freezer until drop off.
This will give the trainers all they need to make sure the dog is specifically trained to her scent in these next two months before the match is made.
We are so excited about the match coming up in a couple weeks where the service dog will find our daughter among many other people, wow! It will identify her scent!
Thank you all for your continued prayers and support, it has been a long journey but we are so grateful for the many hands and hearts that are joining together to lift our family up in our time of need!

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