So Much to be Thankful For

I wanted to wish you all a Happy and most Blessed Thanksgiving! I pray you all have had safe travels if you went out of town to visit loved ones. I pray you and your family had a blessed time with one another, and also enjoy a delicious meal!
Our plans changed several times and we were sure we would be alone for Thanksgiving. Being with just my family is also very sweet and we received a warm invite to spend the day with our neighbors! What a blessing!  It was such a blessing.  We had a very delicious meal followed by all the kids playing soccer out in the pasture.  All the adults sat as spectators on the side lines until the boys asked their dads to play a game of football.  American football.  That was really fun to watch the fathers with their sons, to me a highlight.

When Thanksgiving comes, we often think of things to be thankful for.  I try to make each day of the year a day of thanksgiving because there is so much we have that others do not.  I look around at the world and when I see other nations at war I thank God for my safety right now.  I know that it could all change and we could be the ones who live in fear of being bombed or killed.  It truly is a blessing to go to sleep each night in a warm, cozy bed where I do not have to fear someone breaking in to harm us.  My list is long but I will start with a few major things…

I am thankful for first and foremost, Jesus, his salvation and for living with such hope and promise. Secondly, I thank God for my loving husband who leads me each day in truth, protects me, and cherishes me as his beloved. Thirdly, my precious children whom God has given to us, for their health, also renewed health, and for their unique personalities! I am thankful for each of you! What a gift!

I thank God for things like eyesight to behold all the things God created, and to look into the eyes of my children, when others are blind and all they see is darkness.  What a gift it is to see!  For hearing…I can hear words and understand them fully.  I love to listen to birds singing, wind blowing the leaves, my children’s laughter, and the sweet words of my husband saying I am loved.  I can’t imagine not having the gift of hearing, how frustrating it would be to not know what people are saying or to hear only silence all the time!  I could go on and on!!!


I am so thankful to God that this past year we received such healing through Plexus! I went from a very pain filled life, a sedentary life, to a gloriously active and productive life! I just drove all the way to Alabama all myself with my three oldest children. I could not believe that I actually did it. Even before my accident, I struggled to stay focused for more than an hour and found it very difficult to drive due to my PTSD. I praise God that I not only drove 8 hours, but that I felt energetic, it was fun for me, and I could cry because I feel actually 20 years younger since Plexus. God is good! And of course I have my husband back! From his Lyme Disease!!! He feels amazing! Miles also from his Lyme Disease!!  And my daughter Megan nearly died from a weird bacteria that Plexus knocked out. AND, MOLLY!!! Her diabetes has been completely stabilized for the first time in her life and we are praising God for that! So much to praise God about today!

​I would love to hear from you! What are you thankful for today? I will be looking forward to reading about your many blessings. Lets count them one by one!

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