​When life is in the balance you hold on to strands of hope.  You know how delicate those strands are so you put yourself completely at the mercy of God. I remember a time when I held my daughter in my arms and her body was tired as the life was being pulled from her.  I knew that something was wrong, I could feel it in my spirit as I cried out for mercy!  I must share a message of hope.  It is a story that is a bit emotional for me…This story starts in 2007.  Molly was six years old at the time and I was noticing she was urinating frequently and I just figured it was a bladder infection.  I knew that bladder infections were common and since I had done my research, I knew what to do to help my daughter naturally.  There was no pain and she did not seem very sick, so I knew at the time, I could help her.  I thought I had figured it all out and I went out and bought cranberry pills and offered her lots of water.

Days passed and she was urinating steadily which I thought was normal because of the amount of water she had been drinking and the thirst she had was encouraging to me.  The only troubling thing was that she was steadily losing weight, which I did not notice at first.  When I felt her back one evening it was sharp with her bones and I began to wonder.  I knew that something might be wrong at that point.  We lived out in the middle of nowhere and I debated whether or not it was something that could wait until the morning.  It did not seem at the time that she was having pain or that she was in an emergency situation, but I knew that I needed to take her in the next morning.  I made that call.  I shudder today that I did not bring her in sooner and that God kept her alive, because he knows more than we know.  I had no idea what was wrong, only that I had a feeling that something was not right.

That night became the longest night of my life.  Something came over me.  I went to her bed and she was sleeping, but I still felt very scared.  I pulled her body into my arms and cradled her all the night long, just praying and asking God for mercy.  I trembled with fear.  I knew, somehow, that her life was in the balance, and I kept thinking about calling 911, but I thought, what if I am overreacting?  And they come and it is just nothing.  It was hard not to call.  She was asleep, and it did not appear that she was in danger—it was just a feeling I had. At first light, I helped her get dressed and she walked with me to the car and I drove down to the doctor office where he immediately tested her blood sugar after hearing about her symptoms.  He told me that my daughter is very sick with diabetes, a disease I have never learned much about.

I drove to the emergency room and they immediately put her in the ICU.  She had diabetic ketoacidosis which is very life threatening.  Her brain had already been swelling because of it and they kept her very closely monitored in the ICU for nearly 5 days.  I was scared.  I had no idea what I was dealing with.  They began to train me how to care for her, how to administer shots and how to count carbs.  It was a mathematical equation every time she went to sleep at night, every time she ate, and each time she would play outside.  It was overwhelming!  After a week of intensive training, I still felt completely inadequate to figure out medication doses.  And imagine this, I had to hold my daughter down while she was screaming, to give her painful shots.  And you have to, the doctor said without her shots she would surly die.

Some days I would walk outside and I would just bawl.  My precious child’s life was in my hands.  If I gave too much, I could kill her, and if I did not give enough, she could go into a coma.  It was a very humbling situation because I could not fix her.  I could not make her better.  I just had to pray each day that she would make it another day. And God was my hope.  I felt I had nothing else to lean on.  But I felt helpless.

Years went by, and things did not seem like they got any easier for my daughter.  Pricks and pokes, out of control blood sugars, and her body feeling tired or super wired from the roller coaster rides she was on with her health.  I tried.  I did everything to the tee and the doctors just said, your daughter is a unique case, we just don’t know why her blood sugars can’t be controlled.

I put her on all kinds of supplements to help or special diets.  I fed her very little sugar and I even took her off gluten when I realized her sugars got harder to control when she ate wheat.  I seen naturopaths and tested for food sensitivities and avoided those things that showed up.  I fed her lots of greens and good probiotics.  I would sit beside her all day and all night monitoring, medicating or giving her fluids.  And she would at times have seizures and I once had to actually call 911 because I was not even sure she would survive a trip in the car.  Life was very much in the balance.  I never had a guarantee that she would wake in the morning.  I bought a cozy cot that I had right beside my bed so that I could closely monitor her all through the night.

The doctors could not explain why her kidneys were starting to wear out, and why her A1c was so high.  It was beyond frustrating.  As a mother…(I am sitting here crying as I write)…you want to give your kids the best, and give them a life that is full of joy and health.  I could not give her that and it broke my heart.  I have taken her on walks when she was younger and had to flag down cars because she was passed out on the ground.  I felt like a failure.  I hated her diabetes, I think more than she did! But yet, God was there to comfort us and to help carry us throughout the rough spots.  And their were many.  Too many to count.  I had to have talks with her about dying and her faith was greater than mine at times.  She would smile and say, “It’s okay mom, I know God will heal me.”  Why I was of so little faith, is beyond me.

Fast forward my nightmare to about two years ago…

A friend told me about a supplement because she knew my pain and my frustration with my daughter’s diabetes.  I was super skeptical because nothing worked for me to this point, so why would a pink powder help?  I started her on it but after several months, and NOT taking it consistently (hit or miss), I stopped giving it to my daughter because I did not see any noticeable results.  I knew it was designed for type 2 diabetes, so I figured, it just wont work for Molly, since she is type 1.  And it made me very upset when people would suggest things that they thought would cure her diabetes because they are uneducated.  They do not know type 1.  They have no idea that it is incurable and that it can’t be fixed by diet!!!! And I got tired of explaining it to people who just do not get it.  They don’t know what I went through each day and what my daughter suffered, nor all the things I already tried but failed on.  Nothing worked!!!!

I accepted it.  I just accepted that Molly will probably just not have a big future.  Her life will just fade away eventually and there was nothing, NOTHING, I could do about it.  Only God could step in and do something at this point.  So about a year later, after my friend told me about this supplement gave her her life back from Lyme Disease. She was very sick and told me that she was symptom free, so it would work for my husband who greatly suffered from Lyme.  I decided to also put my daughter back on it, just to say I did it right, and I was going to prove everyone wrong, that it just wont work.

About 4 months later, after taking it to the tee, I brought her in for her routine diabetic appointment and to my astonishment, they told me her A1c was normal!!!!  I was beyond excited.  She even had to back off her insulin by 25%!!!
I knew there was something to this supplement so I began researching it for why it worked.  And I was blown away!  I kept her on it along with the probiotics, and at the next visit, still normal.  Her life was getting stable and so was our entire family.

On Tuesday of this week, I went to yet another routine diabetic appointment and I have to admit, I was worried that it would be higher since we had been doing a lot of traveling and eating not so good, from snacks to fast food places.  I was sure things would be worse!  And her doctor came in screaming with joy!  She literally was!  She said her A1c dropped over another whole point making it a record breaking healthy blood sugar for a type 1 juvenile diabetic!!!  I was so stunned, like a deer in the headlights!  I had to know what the national average is.  She told me that the national average is 8.5 and what they hope to see is a 7.5 A1c, but it is almost unheard of to have a 6.4 A1c.  Very rare!  That good of an A1c will give her so much hope. And she had to come down another 10% on her insulin!

I told the Doctor about these supplements and she said that she is so pleased with the results and that it is undeniable.  Tests can’t fudge.  This stuff works!

It has completely changed our lives because we do not have to worry about complications and I never worry about her not waking up anymore, I feel so thankful to God!  I am in tears with joy!  It saved my daughters life in so many ways!  Instead of barely surviving, she is thriving!  I know I have said it before, but my husband is symptom free, I am pain free, and I am just so thankful for it.  All glory goes to God because he led us to keep on with this supplement and it has given us precious hope.  I have tears of joy!  My cup overflows!  We are rejoicing and praising God!  And I know it could save others health too!  If you ever want to ask me more about why this stuff works, I would be happy to help others have the same hope we have found, precious hope!  Just email me from my blog!  I know what it is like to be sick and tired of being sick and tired and you just want some hope.

I have learned how to have joy in adversity, in pain, and in sorrow.  I thank God for all the mercies I have been shown through each of my low points.  I know pain and sorrow makes us stronger but I also know that there were times were I felt so depressed I wanted to die.  Days where hope was so faint that I held on to my own faith by a thread.  You see, God makes us in three parts…our mind, our body, and our spirit.  When any of these get out of balance, it causes everything to suffer.  When you are sick you tend to become self focussed because you have to figure out how to get through, sometimes, another minute, or another day.  That was my life for so long.  I would not take it back because it all worked patience in me and a deeper faith in God.  I am so thankful for our health, instead of doctoring ourselves daily begging God for miracles, we can minister to others in need and that is such a gift.


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0 thoughts on “Precious Hope!

  1. Praise God, this is such good news and such a beautiful testimony. Erin, I have so much admiration for your courage and faith. You went through so many trials and yes, because God is your strength and provider you came out to be stronger and victorious.
    Thank you for sharing your pearls with us, it allows us to grow in faith too.
    God bless you.

  2. I don’t think you can buy plexus in Australia they stopped shipments 🙁 what a wonderful testimony Erin God is so good ! 🙂 I love your blog so encouraging x

  3. Praise the Lord, Erin! This is such wonderful news! Do you know if Plexus heals eczema? I know someone who suffers from it terribly.

    • Yes, it truly does!!! I have had eczema my whole life which was a result of leaky gut and candida over growth, and yes, once I detoxed, I have not had any more outbreaks, I am so thankful for that!!! God is good!

  4. Praise the Lord for he is good!!!!!!! This is the best thing I heard this week! Thanks for the encouragement Erin!!!! God Bless—

  5. Awesome news and amazing testimony! Thank you so much for sharing. Having challenges in breaking through the skeptical mind set that so many people have. Me, included. :o) Praying your testimony will help others see that Plexus can help. Still hoping to meet someday. Please give me a call when you have a moment. God bless!

  6. So very happy for Molly and for all of you-also hoping Megan continues to do well after her sickness earlier in the year
    Love and Blessings to you all x

  7. Erin,
    Hi I just wanted to thank you for helping my mom with plexus. I really hope it will work for her. Her kidney numbers are steadily rising so I am really hopeful. After reading this article I really am wondering if my daughter Haylee could be type 1 diabetic. She has been so ill since the age of 2. muscle spasms seizures cant eat wheat all! Don’t know why they never tested her before. Too much detail to list it all but I am going to try and see if they will test her. She baffles doctors as to what her problems are caused by. I am so happy you have talked to my mom a few times. Mostly because you have been a friend to her. My mom didn’t want any friends you are the only one outside of family she has connected with. Thank you so much for being kind to her (Pam)
    hearts and prayers,

    • I love Pam, your mother! She and I felt so kindred together, we understand each other and I am so thankful that I was able to offer her some hope, too! I pray for your daughter too! I pray that Plexus would also help with her situation because it truly does really work for most things. God bless you Beverly! <3

  8. Hi Erin! Thanks for this article. My mom has type 1 diabetes and she’s always so weak and tired. Nothing helps her. Can you please email me, I would really appreciate it.

  9. Erin
    Lovely to read about your life, I always enjoy your posts!. I live on the other side of the pond in England and its so nice to hear about your life and faith. I checked out the Plexus website but which product exactly was the one are you referring to?. They have several different products with the name.
    Gods blessings to you
    Helen UK

  10. Erin, I would really like to talk to you more about Plexus and Type 1 diabetes. I don’t know if you remember our family–we’re your military friends living in Japan 🙂 Our Mollys are sweet pen pals, too!
    In January 2014, our youngest child, Noah, was diagnosed with Type 1. The situation was almost identical to Molly’s experience and yours!
    We have just moved back to the States and have seen an endocrinologist for the first time since his diagnosis (only family practice doctor available at our base). The specialist immediately determined that Noah’s BG would greatly improve if he was on a pump. His A1C is 8.7, but his daily numbers are out of control. The order will be placed this week with the hope he will receive one before Christmas. Obviously, we are happy, but just like your family, our greatest desire is to see the diabetes monster defeated rather than “feeding” it daily with juice then insulin corrections!
    I would be grateful to talk to you more about this. Your post has given me hope.

  11. Hi Erin. Just happened to read your post. Praise God from whom all blessings flow!! We are thrilled Molly is doing so well. We, too, have a daughter who might benefit from this?? Could you please email me?
    Thanks so much!

  12. I am curious about this supplement.. I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes when I was 18yrs old. I relate to a lot of what your daughter went through. My a1c is always higher when I go into the dr. I feel like I have tried everything. Strict diets that make me feel miserable! I would love to know more about this supplement:) in Christ, Stevr

  13. I am so glad you found something to help your daughter! Which Plexus did you use for he diabetes? I googled it and there were different types of Plexus. One for losing weight etc…Thanks

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