On this tip for Tuesday, I would like to show you how to make a cute display for your spices.  It is fun and easy! 

In the fancy rental we were living in right now, I chose to put my grandmother's antique china on our beautiful hutch that was hand crafted by my husband's grandfather many years ago.  It was really pretty. Now that we are moving to our new rustic homestead, I will use that old hutch again for my spice rack!  It is completely adorable!

I came up with the idea about 3 or 4 years ago when we lived in the Amish homestead.  We had little cupboard space, so the hutch offered a great place for the spices and other baking needs.  Each person that would walk through the door would admire the spice rack.

About a year ago, I filmed the process of organizing and making new vintage looking labels for my spice rack.  I just edited the film and thought it would be fun to share with all of you.  Watch the video to find out how to make a cute spice display.

I recommend putting the spices in an area that does not get any sunlight because the sunlight can cause the spices to diminish in potency.  I always pick a darker spot in the kitchen and only put things that I use frequently so they are used up before they would have a chance to fade on the shelf. 

I have a free print out with the most common kitchen and baking spices that you could use if you would rather not hand write them.  If you choose to hand write your labels, make sure to use a pencil and draw straight lines very lightly across the paper so you have a guide.  It just looks better if the words stay straight.  If you are going for a vintage look, try using a cream colored card stock paper when printing.  My labels totally remind me of my grandmother.  I used cursive and it looks so 'Yesteryear'!

Click on the image below to download the spice labels.  I hope you enjoyed this quick lesson...

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0 thoughts on “Organizing Kitchen Spices

  1. Lovely to see mom and daughter working together. Home made spices, home made labels, jars of different sizes. Living it. Inspirational.

  2. Oh I love this look. I’m going to at least use the labels since I don’t have a way to display my spices like this.

    • Oh Erin you have got me in the spice organization fever-LOL
      Would you and I know you are so busy right now be willing to type up another sheet with some of these spices on it= Here goes– I love the style you used and the color I cannot find it on my computer—- So if you have time– Chives,Sage,Dried Onion,Celery Salt, Jamaican Jerk, Cayenne Pepper, All Spice, Italian Seasonings. If you cannot would you share your writing style you chose and color.

  3. First it was the blog name that caught my attention. keeperofthehomestead. Such a beutiful blog name.Then the recipes were great. I admire your work. Thannk you.

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