I have been anticipating this moment for a very long time, the moment I became an official kindle author with Amazon!  The book is only $5.89 which is really inexpensive.  Amazon owns the exclusive rights to the digital version which means I can not sell my pdf version any longer.  I have been giving it away with my preorders. So if you want one, the pdf will only be available for FREE until the book arrives.  Once the book arrives, I will be charging a retail price of $16.95 and it will not offer a FREE download of the pdf.  Only one week remaining!

If you want to get 25% off Living Virtuously book, plus the FREE pdf, now is the time.  Offer ends in one week!

I wrote this book because I knew there was a need for women to have a complete guide to keeping their heart and their homes.  There are women out there that have not even heard about my book, that are struggling in their marriage or in keeping their homes in order.  They do not have the tools needed to help them find their way out of their misery. 

Take the time today to share with your friends and family the link to this kindle version.  It is affordable and easy to download.  If you have already read the pdf version of the book, would you please take a moment to follow the kindle link above and leave some feedback for me.  It would help a great deal for me to know what you thought of my book.  It would be a huge blessing!!! 

I just found out that my books are coming in about one week which is an excitement I can hardly contain.  When I was doing my laundry the other day, I thought, "Wow, it is already Sunday, time flies by so quickly."  Then I had this excitement and urgency for time to pass quickly in my spirit, yet I could not exactly remember why.  Then I paused for a moment and thanked God for the day and for time to go by slower because, of course, I have my children still at home and I want to cherish each moment I have with my family.  After a few hours it occurred to me that I was feeling that excitement in my spirit for time to pass because my book is arriving soon.  It is like waiting for a special life event, like a wedding or birth.  Something that I poured myself into creating and writing, bathing it in prayer each day as I went.  It is a serious labor of love.

I thought it was amazing how, even when we seem to forget in our natural minds, the spirit is still aware! 

Other exciting news for the book:
My manager is working on a complete marketing plan to get my book in major book stores and catalogs across the nation.  If you are from another country of the world, my book offers licensing agreements, which means other countries can buy the rights to print and translate my book in their language and sell it to their people.  That is pretty nice.  Contact me for more information on licensing agreement: my email homesteadproductions@gmail.com

Again, here is the link to look at my book on kindle.  There is even a look inside feature where you can read the entire introduction and first chapter....

Amazon Kindle: Living Virtuously

Just for a reminder…

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  • The following Tuesday will be featuring Owen Newman from the hills of TN talking about homesteading and the simple life.  He has a lot of wisdom and experience living with less and making the most of each and every resource they are given.  If you have any specific questions, please leave a comment below or send us an email or message on Facebook from the Keeper of the Homestead page.  

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  1. Erin,
    Congratulations on the upcoming release of your book!
    I have a question – will the paperback version also be available through Amazon? Or just the Kindle version?

  2. Hello! I pre-ordered a copy of the Living Virtuously book yesterday. I was wondering when I would receive the free PDF version. Thanks so much! Looking forward to reading! Blessings,

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