Moving to the Farm

I just wanted to let all my readers know that I have not forgotten about my blog.  We have been moving to a new farm!  We have been entrusted to run a farm in Tennessee not too far from the homestead we were renting (would like to find renters for our old homestead in TN).  It was a sudden move and we have been working on getting internet and a telephone which will take a little time.  That is why I have not been able to post any new blogs this week.  We take care of a herd of cattle, sheep, and goats.  It is really a beautiful home and setting.  I hope to take tons of photos for you all to see what our new farm looks like.

It truly is a blessing.  This farm is set up for off grid or electric.  It has all kinds of inventive back up systems.  The home, itself, is really functional and pretty.  I can hardly believe we have been given such an amazing opportunity.  We are so excited to use this home to film and photograph in.  I can make cooking videos right in the kitchen and it will be easy for me to upload a video on Mondays along with recipe cards.  God has truly been so good to us.  I know it could only be temporary, but everything in life is except our salvation in Christ.  We are here for a short time, we might as well enjoy a little piece of heaven while we can.

Stay tuned for more photos.

6 thoughts on “Moving to the Farm

  1. May I ask if your other homestead is rented out yet? Been praying to find a similar place to raise our family of 4. However we live a bit away from TN, in WA currently. Just enquiring, if you could let me know that would be appreciated.

    • We have a few people interested but as of now it is not rented out. The rent is $920 per month. That does not include utilities, but it truly is a wonderful place to raise a family. God bless, Erin

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