Just thought you would all like an update, as we have been very busy packing and moving from our homestead in Hortonville, WI.  We found a lovely Amish home to rent in the country.  We are thrilled beyond words.  The home is totally OFF GRID, which is a new adventure for us!  We have wanted to take this step for some time, but it never seemed to work out.  We will be using a propane for one of our stoves in the kitchen as well as a wood cook stove, Lord willing.  We have to get the chimney piped up through the roof first.  There are two lights in the home, one in the kitchen and one in the living room that are propane mantel type.  For the bedrooms I plan to get some wall sconce lamps.  So exciting!  I will be using an old gas wringer/washer for the first time.  I have helped my Amish friends with these machines before and they are so interesting.  We have a barn and garden to use, a big concrete shop for the rack making business, and plenty of yard for the children to run and play in.

When I first looked at the place, the Amish man was not sure he would rent it to us, being that we were not Amish.  They fear the influence we may bring or the fact that we could not "handle" the lifestyle.  Well, we have known the group for over 10 years, worked hand in hand with them, my husband built many homes with the men, I butchered many a chicken and canned with the Amish.  The nice Amish man said, "Your family is respected among our people, and you are about as Amish as an "English" could be".  He was glad to rent it to us, knowing that my husband could help improve it and also drive them around a bit.  I wont be having a phone in the house, or internet, but Mark will have a laptop in the shop that he can manage orders with.  I will stop out in the shop to add stories from time to time and keep in touch with all of you on the post.  This is a great stepping stone for our family as we prepare and plan for our mission to Honduras, as the Lord allows.  We have much to be thankful for.  Below is a photo of the barn we will be using.  What fun!

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Tuesday, May 1, 2018  at 10 am CST will feature Co-Host Owen Newman

  • The following Tuesday will be featuring Owen Newman from the hills of TN talking about homesteading and the simple life.  He has a lot of wisdom and experience living with less and making the most of each and every resource they are given.  If you have any specific questions, please leave a comment below or send us an email or message on Facebook from the Keeper of the Homestead page.  

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  1. How wonderful! My husband and me have been making plans to become more self sufficient. Not just because it looks fun and romantic but because we believe it would be pleasing to the Lord to take from the land and to replenish what is taken without destroying. I wish you much happiness and many blessings.

  2. Dear…I don’t even know your name! But I was on facebook and exhausted and stressed and saw a post by a friend. First an “angel” sky and then your ‘time thief’ blog. I have been quite discouraged, but your blog has refreshed me. Thank you. Finally, your mention of going to Honduras has caused me to write. I have been going for 13 years and am working on a special project with the women there. I would love to hear about your project. May God bless you with peace and joy always.

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