Mending My Heart

My mother bought me this quilt about 6 years ago now and it has been through the wringer.  I had little children bouncing around on it, hiding in it, and using it for making an occasional fort.  It was there on my bed when I was cold and in terrible pain offering warmth.  The pretty patterns always made me feel warm and cozy.

The same quilt was folded up and put in box when we moved to the Amish community.  There it graced our bed and when it was washed, I used an old wringer washer where it was literally run through the wringer!  And after 3 more moves in the past 2 years, it is still on our bed.

But through all the years of use it has become weathered and torn.  The tears were so big that it seemed that it had served it’s purpose, had run it’s course, and was ready to retire to the quilters scrapping pile.

I could have just tossed it and started fresh with another blanket we have stored away, but because I am old fashioned, I figured I would MEND it.  I pulled out my grandmothers old sewing scissors, a needle, and a thread…
I carefully stitched each tattered hole, one by one.

Every time I stitched another hole, I realized that it became stronger than the original stitching that held the pieces together.  My thread was doubled up and NEW!

And as I closed each hole, God gave me a picture of his loving hand on my life.

God lovingly mends our hearts one hole at a time.  Life has its way of wearing us out and making us feel useless.  We come to him a tattered mess.  He doesn’t throw us away—instead he carefully puts us back together.

As we heal it hurts, and sometimes we want to hold on to our past.  We would sometimes like to give up, but God is not finished with us yet.  His mercies are new each morning.  He is a faithful God who will not leave us nor forsake us.

Each hole that he closes makes us stronger.  So strong that, once God heals it, there is nothing that could break it apart again.  One hole at a time, he Mends our hearts until we are made new again.  Fit for use in His kingdom.

When you feel bad that you have a past, and holes that make you less than perfect, know that God can mend and repair with his healing touch.  Know that by His grace you will be made new!

I am so thankful today that God has mended my heart, and that he continues to mend me when I am broken.  I trust in that healing power each day!

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