What a blessed day!  I wanted to give you all an update on our family situations.  I realized long ago that as a christian our road will be narrow and rough but worth the joy it brings.  Every year I learn more about humility, grace, suffering, joy, mercy, and righteousness.  I can never arrive~ as I know that the Lord will continue to mould and shape us into his glorious image every day as we seek him.  Just yesterday I felt that my heart would burst with joy.  I think I smiled all day long.  I spent the day with my husband and children, we went to pick some strawberries we were just so blessed.  It was if life stood still for the day.  I feel like I took it all in, and I truly felt peace and rest.  It was marvelous.  Molly has just got her labs back from a biochemist naturopathic doctor and we are so hopeful that by diet we can adjust the damage that has been made to her pancreas and to her kidneys.  God is in control, but it seems that he is giving us wisdom to give her the foods that nourish her instead of fight her body.  That is not to say we were feeding her badly, just the wrong kinds of foods.  No more raw sugars even or sucanat.  I have to use molasses, maple syrup, raw honey, or xylitol.  I was using some of each but now I know what to do for sure.  I also have to use more green veggies, sprouts, onions, and fresh fruits.  Yogurts, raw cheeses, but no kefir.  More beans and corn, less wheat or spelt.  I am right now sprouting my EZ 4:9 grains and dehydrating them.  I will make a dry flour with them when they are dried and freeze that.  I will use that for baking crackers, breads, or things like that.  I am very excited about this new concept and I hope to share some of my NEW recipes on our NEW homestead dvd coming soon.  I want to really fine tune some of the concepts so families can try even more fun natural things.  So you see, that we are just adjusting our already healthy diet to more nurturing for Mollys body.  Praise God for his natural healing foods.

I have not been on here very much due to the fact that Molly has been so seriously ill and all my energy has been to researching things for her, spending time monitoring her very closely, and appreciating every moment I have with her.  I have been having fun making new recipes for every meal and they are filled with NUTRIENTS.  I learned from a doctor Josh Axe about measuring your food intake by nutrient value.  Some foods have a very high value and others do not.  I learned that you can eat 5 bowls of good oatmeal to get the nutritional value of one cup of blueberries.  Focussing on making the oatmeal but adding things like nuts, seeds, fruit, cinnamon, flax, are really good ways to make something really nutritious.  It is so fun to learn.  I am feeding the kids way more servings of veggies and fruits now than ever.  Getting the stuff in every day.  They are loving it so much.  I am thankful today.  I am sure you are all happy to hear that the Lord is encouraging us as a family with his grace, mercy, and nutrition.  Have a blessed day, have fun cooking with your kids, hold them close and appreciate each and every moment.  Life is precious and God is so amazing as our creator to give us so many beautiful things to see and taste.

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