There is never a day that goes by on our homestead that there is not an adventure!  I only share just a little bit of what we experience on a daily basis but I thought it would be fun to share some adventures we had while family was staying with us.  

Mark's sister and her family drove all the way from Northern Wisconsin to the hills of middle Tennessee.  16 hour drive!  They happen to work full time at a camp called "Honey Rock".  They stayed in one of our cabins, our rustic cabins.  First off, they had to brave the tiny metal bridge that passes the creek each time they had to use our restroom.  Flashlights were needed for this operation because the little pass over the creek is quite narrow and if you miss the walk, you are in the creek!

They got to test out the cabin with their children.  It has a full bed type bunk in there.  First night I asked, "So how is the cabin?"  They said, "Really nice!  But the rooster!"  The rooster was crowing all night that night, probably because he saw their flashlights and thought maybe the rays of a new morning we setting in.  

Mark said he was going to shoot the one rooster!  Everyone gasps!  "We have two roosters, ONE too many!  They compete with each other.  When one crows, the other follows!"  He said as he held their attention!  I intervened, "Couldn't we just give him to someone?"  My husband is a softy.  He agreed to not go out and shoot that naughty rooster that day and that rooster is crowing right now as I am writing this post!  And the two roosters are competing.  It has been months of this, just to give you an idea of my husbands patience.  

We are getting a ton of eggs.  It was great when we had the visitors because we could make some big farm fresh breakfasts each morning at the crack of dawn.  I was in my element, apron tied around my waist, brewing tea and coffee while cracking eggs as the wood stove was piping its glorious heat.  The hint of campfire lingers in the room giving you that pioneer feel!  Oh, and fresh breakfast sausage!  Can't forget that!  Since we just slaughtered our hogs, fresh sausage was on the menu mixed with the eggs.  We topped it all off with a big yogurt smoothie and I tell you, there was not a crumb left!  And if there was, I can tell you that it would not go to waste for we have plenty animals that appreciate our table scraps!  

Mark and I are made for running a camp!  Just having meals to plan and activities each day just thrills our hearts to no end!  We got to practice on our family this time around, but it was a success.  They had a great time and enjoyed the farm fresh meals three times a day!  Mostly everything that we grew on the farm!  With our own hands!  

When the sun slowly peeked from the clouds, Mark motioned to the boys to hike up the side of the mountain out back where the water flows from!  I took the gals on a different adventure because we didn't all have our hiking boots nor did we want to brave the steep incline.  We took a hike on a more gentler slope on the other side of the valley, my special new favorite walk.  It all became special to me when my husband would take me there each day to visit our cattle on the hill.  Hand in hand we would pet them and they would follow us like a band of puppies.  

So up we climbed.  The group of girls.  When Molly and Megan come with me, we always put a gate in between us and the cattle because we just don't want the cattle following us.  It can be a little intimidating!  So, we started up with no regard to where the cattle were, which was not a problem.  We all picked up a stick and began the journey not knowing if we would meet them on top of the ridge.  Oh, our ignorance was bliss!  We marveled at all the beautiful views!  

As we reached the top pasture we walked around a pond and looked around for miles of hills.  The breeze was cooling our skin.  When all at once we saw the cattle.  And there is only 3 of them mind you.  A steer, a mama cow, and a baby!  Not a problem.  We raised them, after all.  Out of curiosity, they advanced.  All the girls huddled behind Anne and I.  We were their protection.  I mean, what would they do, eat us?  But we advanced to the gate that leads to the top of the ridge so we slowly backed the 3 beasts away so we could close them behind the gate...
It was a feeling of safety for the band of girls I had behind my stick.  But they just kept staring at us like they were waiting for us.  On top the hill we sat on a park bench and took in the amazing peace and simple beauty.  Being spring, we were able to see through all the tree tops to the vast valleys below.  What a grand view!  

The time came that we were all ready to make the trek home down the incline and through the top pasture.  The beasts were gone!  We saw them picking around in the woods so we took our opportunity to make our way down the hill.  I told them to be quiet because the cattle will hear us and want to follow us as they always do.  So far so good, we made it to the pond and it seemed like we were going to make it without alarming them.  BUT, they saw us and started the stampede in our direction!!!  I started to run because I was not sure if the beasts could stop on a dime or what if they plowed us down in the process?  

Anne said, "When the homestead lady starts running, there has to be problem!"  They all started screaming as the cattle came down the hill, the three, in our direction.  We found an old cedar and I told them all to hug the tree as I stood at the base with my stick.  The little girls were crying and all of our hearts were pounding!  The beasts just plowed past down the rest of the incline in our tracks.  Then I noticed my husband was whistling, calling them down.  He had no idea we were up the incline and the cattle were just obeying their master.  Oh, we had such a fright!  When we stammered and told the Mark and Scott the story of the killer cows, they buckled over with laughter!  Mark was like, "You are afraid of these gentle creatures?"  I said, "No, but if they are running in my direction, I am not going to stand in their way, they are a lot bigger than us!"  

Wow, that was an exciting time!  We talked and laughed about that adventure all evening as the sun went down and the flashlights starting shining their way back over the creek!  And then the rooster crowed!

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  1. Oh my what an adventure! And what a good story teller you are! Thank you for the fun read and peek into your life. You are brave!

  2. We just came to an end of our long weekend in Taiwan. We came camping. We have to pack up now, but can’t seem to get ourselves so far. It is so lovely and peaceful here.
    I can just emmagane having your kind of life on the Homestead.
    God bless you and you are willing to share His abundance.
    I surely would also run away from those cows.
    Thank you for having your story as our last campfire tale.
    Of we go, back to the city.

  3. Had a good laugh at your adventure. I’m not sure if everyone knows but if you are in a field with cows and young calves, take a little extra care. Cows can be very protective so keep your distance and if you have a dog keep it on a lead and well out of there way. Just respect nature and enjoy your walk in the countryside. God bless Diane x

  4. What an amazing and unusual story. This article confirms once again that there is a certain understanding between the man and the beast. Their communication takes place even without the words.

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