Teddy, Molly’s Guardian Angel

I am praising God right now!!!! We were just sitting in class yesterday, when Teddy kept pawing at me like crazy. I looked back at him and he pawed my arm again. I looked at Molly and asked her to check her blood sugar. She did not want to which can be a sign of it being really high or really low, believe me, they get contrary!

​He kept pawing me so I told her she better test or Teddy won’t leave us alone!!! So she did test and it was 281, which is high! Then she later admitted that Teddy was pawing her first and when she was ignoring him, he actually knew to get me alerted!!!! She then gave herself a shot.

Furthermore, he acted like he wanted a drink so she filled a bowl for him and he would not take a drink. Instead, he looked at her empty water cup and looked at her. I said, “Teddy is trying to tell you that you need a drink!” When a diabetic is high, they are supposed to take a shot, drink some water, and go for a walk!!! Once she took her cup and filled it and started to drink, Teddy took a drink! He waited on her taking care of herself first! Then he stood there with his leash for a walk!!! Can you believe this?!?!?😳😳😳

After she came down later in the afternoon, we were taking a rest up in the hotel room when TEDDY jumped up on the bed and started pawing me again and panting.  I immediately told him to ALERT MOLLY!  And then he proceeded to paw at her arm and lick her hand.  I told her to test and she is still working on cooperating and testing her blood sugar right away when Teddy alerts.  When she stalled, he began to paw and lick her hand some more and he just stared at her panting.  You could tell he was not going to let her be until she tested.

She tested and it was 67!  I told Teddy to get her the orange juice and he went into the cupboard, got the orange juice and gave it right to Molly’s hand.  She drank only half of the juice and we waited about 15 minutes.  In the meanwhile TEDDY was still pawing her as if she was still in danger.  And when she tested, we found out that she was still dropping fast (it was lower than before) and if it was not for Teddy we would have gotten into a dangerous situation.  For all we knew, we treated that low and she would have returned to a safe blood sugar.  Teddy knew better!  He gave her more juice and she was able to continue to treat the low until she was safe again.  Yay for Teddy!  The lows are the worst.  The low blood sugars actually starve the brain of glucose which is needed to function, and when the brain is being starved it can make a person very confused, and sometimes worse, they can end up passing out or having a seizure.

I can see that we will be on top of her blood sugars from now on with the help of TEDDY!  He is like her guardian angel sent from God!

I am praising God!!! This is such a miracle because it is training Molly to take better care of herself! Wow! Good boy, Teddy!!!!

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  1. This is so cool! We love hearing the Teddy stories, thanks! (Yikes, Molly, I think it’s going to be hard to learn to obey a dog, but TOTALLY WORTH IT!!!) How exciting!

  2. I have been praying and wondering how the search for a helper was coming since you first sought prayers and help. I happened to see your story on the Above Rubies fb page today and decided to check your website. So thankful and happy for you all! God is good all the time!

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