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This is very exciting for us to have the homesteading expert, Jackie Clay, rave on our Drying Rack!!!!  Read here:

Ask Jackie:

Homestead Drying Racks (the best drying rack I’ve ever used!)May 24th, 2012 by Jackie ClayThe last clothes drying rack I bought was a lightweight affair. True, I did need a place to dry clothes during the winter when my fingers got just a little cold from hanging clothes out on the line when it was sub-zero temperatures and blizzarding. Hanging clothes all over my house wasn’t a thing of joy — clothes draped over the shower rod, over chair backs, on improvised clotheslines slung from here to there. So I bought my lightweight (and not-so-cheap) wooden drying rack. But it was relatively small and clothing that was wet and heavy, such as jeans, flannel shirts, and towels, soon took their toll on the flimsy rack. That was years ago, and I’ve never replaced it, until now!

Wow, Homestead production’s drying rack is a horse of a different color! The horizontal dowels are much thicker and the whole affair is larger. Will took one look and quickly got down to business, putting it together so I could use it. (True, he’s one of those “who needs directions” kind of guys, but even with a few “what the hecks,” he got it put together within two hours’ time, with minimal tools and no cussing.)

Once assembled, my mind took off with possibilities! Not only would that rack hold a good amount of clothes at a time, but I could also lay screens full of food to dehydrate across the dowels. Many of them! And I could dry herbs…and fleeces…and… The possibilities are endless! (Oh, it does dry clothes very well, too! Even blankets and quilts.) And, although it’s large, it accordion-folds down so that it stores in a relatively small spot — a bonus when you don’t have a large home!

The rack retails for $149, plus shipping, and is worth every penny. (I’ve had several friends over to visit, and they all exclaimed over how great the rack is and that they will be ordering one soon.)

Homestead Productions is a small, family-run homestead business in Wisconsin.  check out their website, www.homesteaddryingracks.com.

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