Homesteading & Homemaking Bundle

Homesteading for Beginners DVD Series Included…

As a Homeschooling/Homesteading mom, you pack a lot in your day as you juggle being a wife, mother, teacher, homesteader, budgeter, lover, and smiler…

You try to do everything because you have a BIG VISION To make your home a slice of heaven on earth for your family.  But where do you find the best to help your children learn and how do you juggle it all?  Great news for YOU!  Learn home-keeping, home-steading, and virtuous living all in one bundle!!!  Homesteading for Beginners DVD serious Vol. 1-4 contains over 10 hours of step-by-step instructions.  Learn everything from baking bread, raising animals, milking a cow, making dairy products, canning, crafts, gardening, and healthy cooking.

Living Virtuously is a complete guide for a wife and mother.  It contains lessons on housekeeping, manners, biblical principles to be applied to marriage and family life, how to manage an entire household from meal planning to cleaning and organizing.  This is a must have for any wife and mother of any age.


The Homestead DVDs are wholesome entertainment for family and children, learning skills that they can use in their future. 

Homesteading for Beginners Vol. 1   DVD  (1.5 hours)
Homesteading for Beginners Vol. 2   DVD  (1.5 hours)
Homesteading for Beginners Vol. 3    DVD  (1.5 hours)
Homesteading for Beginners Vol. 4    DVD  (8 hours) 6 disks that are completely NEW material!  I have talked with people who think that the volume 4 is just a set of the first three DVDs, and I am always happy to let them know that it is 8 hours of NEW lessons in homesteading.

Here are some of my favorite letters and reviews from our homesteading DVDs…

“Today, I finished watching Volume 3 of the homesteading for Beginners DVD series. This particular DVD covers cooking with long term storage foods, home canned meats, vegetables, and self-raised dairy products, in great detail. Erin Harrison is very down to earth, warm and friendly as she demonstrates, with easy-to-follow steps, how to cook her all-natural recipes. As you watch the video you feel as though your right in the kitchen with Erin and her five children. The only sad part is that we can’t partake in the tasting of all of those wonderful foods they are making. Erin’s videos make me want to get outside and get my gardens in and get myself into the kitchen to do more cooking and canning. I highly recommend these videos! They are wonderful to watch with your children. You and your children will learn so much from Erin and her family. You’ll want to watch these videos over and over.”

-James Wesley, Rawles  (Survival Blog)

“The homesteading DVD’s arrived, as did a ton of snow. We’ve had a great time watching them, and it’s just so delightful to see the personality of the mom come out as the film progresses. She’s great! She’s the neighbor you always wished you had.   God bless! ”

“Our family has enjoyed watching the “Homesteading for Beginners Videos” by the Harrison family.  We also recommend Erin Harrison’s new book,”Living Virtuously.”
Erin is an energetic wife and mother who has a heart to encourage young mothers to train their children to love God and to have a ministry mindset.”
-Michelle Duggar
Mother of 19 Kids & Counting

Living Virtuously: A Wife’s Complete Guide to Keeping Her Heart and Home  BOOK  336 pages


“Would you like a friends trusted, tried and proven advice on hand at all times? If so, then you’re going to enjoy having Erin’s book, Living Virtuously, as part of your library.  This book is like a mixture of an interesting auto biography and practical how to manual all rolled into one! As I read, I felt as if  Erin were sitting at my kitchen table with me over a cup of coffee.  The subtitle of the book is ” A Wife’s Complete Guide To Keeping Her
Heart And Home”. Truly, the content of this book lives up to the title! I was surprised at the vast array of subjects Erin covers. I enjoyed the charts and check lists on all things homemaking, kids chores and etiquette. Topics I was delighted to find in this book include checklists for having company and being company at another’s, marketing a product, how to be prepared for emergencies with first aid supplies, how to prepare your kids with safety drills and ” game plans” for organizing your home.

Another thing that makes this book special and unique from other books I’ve read is that Erin has ” been there, done that “. What I mean is that Erin states she grew up with a less then perfect childhood, struggling at times with confusion and depression. She tells of God allowing her to walk paths that nearly broke her but
those same paths led her straight back to Him and His mercy. This in turn has given her a platform by which she can be used by God to give others hope. This is one of my favorite aspects of the book. She gives clearly written out examples of what she did wrong through personal narrative. Yet, she doesn’t stop there. She shows you steps of obedience she took to gain blessed victory in that area. First she fleshes out the issue through example then she gives the remedy. Few books offer this kind of beautiful transparency. Seldom is the author
willing to let you see their failures in order to bring healing and victory in your own life. Erin is a rare woman of God with such a heart desire to bless other women in their journey towards living abundantly and obediently before God.

My favorite quote from Living Virtuously is , ” As we take time to consider how precious our role is, we know we must give it our all. In giving our all, we will reap some pretty amazing rewards.”. This book will help guide you in giving your all. Erin and her life story have encouraged me to work hard and persist, especially when hard times come. It has caused me to reflect on what is eternal and what does my life speak of to others.
I highly recommend getting a copy of Erin’s book, Living Virtuously for yourself. I also greatly believe it is the perfect gift for you to bless another with, for the unmarried young lady up to the wife of many years. The gift of practical tried and proven wisdom is certain to enrich the lives of those you bless it with.”
~Gina Hamby


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