Congratulations to our newest winners of the Homesteading for Beginners DVD Vol. One:

  1. Teresa Roys
  2. Shasta
  3. Matt N Darlene Lopez
  4. Anastasia
  5. Elizabeth
Congratulations to our BIG BOOK of HOMESCHOOLING Winners!!!!
  1. Missy Priebe
  2. Alix St Amant
  3. Adam-Megan Johnson
  4. L Esther Yutzy
  5. Florence Kersten
  6. Amy McBrayer
  7. Valencia
  8. Nathaniel N Stephanie Morales
  9. Eden Wilber
  10. Amy Ryckman
We are so excited for all of you to experience this book of ours.  It will be a fun addition to your homeschool resource library.  It would even make a nice gift for a public educated child who would love trying different projects to enhance their education.  This book opens the door to many creative ideas.

This Winners Wednesday I would like to offer a copy of Homesteading for Beginners Volume One to 5  different winners!!!

Homesteading for Beginners Volume One:
This is a special DVD to our family because it is our beginning.  Our genesis as Homesteaders!  Our children were small but big helpers.  You can see how the little ones enjoy learning about homesteading.  There is wonder in their eyes, and excitement in their smiles.  


Journey with this city gone country family as they share some basic homesteading skills that anyone can master.  
In this video you will learn such skills as raised bed gardening, milking the family cow, making butter, cheese, kefir, bread, and processing chickens.  Highly educational and entertaining for the entire family. 

Mark & Erin Harrison: Creator, filmmaker, designer, director, host
Included:  Printable pdf book of recipes  (Just place disk into computer and open file folder to reveal pdf guidebook)
120 minutes/ DVD format
Right Now Enjoy 30%off (offer ends April 1, 2014)

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From our happy customers:

  • "Today, I finished watching Volume 3 of the homesteading for Beginners DVD series. This particular DVD covers cooking with long term storage foods, home canned meats, vegetables, and self-raised dairy products, in great detail. Erin Harrison is very down to earth, warm and friendly as she demonstrates, with easy-to-follow steps, how to cook her all-natural recipes. As you watch the video you feel as though your right in the kitchen with Erin and her five children. The only sad part is that we can't partake in the tasting of all of those wonderful foods they are making. Erin's videos make me want to get outside and get my gardens in and get myself into the kitchen to do more cooking and canning. I highly recommend these videos! They are wonderful to watch with your children. You and your children will learn so much from Erin and her family. You'll want to watch these videos over and over."  -James Wesley, Rawles

  • Green Living Review (England)This three volume DVD series made by Homesteading Productions, narrated by Erin Harrison, and with her entire family as participants, covers everything from raised bed gardening (though a different style to which we may be used to in Europe), harvesting and preserving of produce, raising livestock of various kinds, bread making, maple syrup, canning met, potatoes, etc., to making buttermilk and so much more.  Their DVDs are extremely instructive and great fun to watch. Erin's easy and fun style of narration make it so together with the fact that children are involved. As regards to latter please be prepared for a few great antics and thus for some laughs.  The Harrison family homesteads on a property in Wisconsin and live what they preach and that more than just on the homesteading level.  Erin is probably one of the most amazing women I have “met” though, in fact, we have not, as yet, met in person.  She is, despite her disabilities, which does not show in the videos, bubbling with energy and with new ideas and ventures all the time. One has difficulties keeping up with everything that she is doing.  Each DVD comes with a small companion guidebook with recipes and other stuff. While each of those DVDs in the series can stand alone I would sincerely recommend anyone to buy the entire series as a complete set. You will want to watch them all once you have seen the first.  As said, the presentation of those DVDs is very easy going to fun and they are extremely well made, edited and presented.  Rating: Full marks on all levels and if it would be possible to give twelve out of ten then it would be that.© 2011   ~Green Living Review (England)
  • HOMESTEADING FOR BEGINNERS is just the video for those who are considering the possibility of moving to the country. This video gives a delightful overview of life on a small family farm. Erin and Mark Harrison invite the viewer into their home to learn and laugh with them and their five children through the many adventures of homesteading.  You gain insight into all that it takes to get a REAL chicken dinner onto the table from the ground up – literally, from seed to supper. All of the scenes are filled with a beautiful rural setting and happy, healthy, helpful children keep popping up into almost every scene. Learn how to make butter and cheese using kitchen tools you likely already have on hand. See how this family raises and harvests chickens and eggs. Get an introductory demonstration on wood splitting, building a simple chick pen, learn how to start seeds and tend a low-maintenance garden. Mama takes the time to show you how to freeze and can your produce and meat, gives you the recipes, and then shows you how to prepare the meal. Pamper your inner flower-child and learn how to make a wild-flower crown to adorn your head. If you watch carefully, you might spot Mike and Gabriel Pearl giving a knife-throwing demonstration.  The attentive viewer may even pick up some tips on how to incorporate child training and education throughout the busy day. Washing eggs becomes a math and chemistry lesson taught by a curly blond-headed little girl that needs a step-stool to reach her mama’s kitchen sink. It’s one of my favorite scenes in the film. A take-charge big brother is happy to demonstrate how to use scraps of wood to make signs for the garden. Listen carefully as Papa patiently explains how to milk a cow while little voices comment on the condition of the barn floor (you’ll have to rewind here as your laughter might drown him out).  Grandpa and Granny loved watching with us as little ones stole scene after scene. Grandpa said, “I can see now, if I wanted to homestead, I’d have to find some little helpers.”  HOMESTEADING FOR BEGINNERS should come with a warning label for parents that are used to children sitting peacefully in front of the television all day. After viewing this video, those children could be inspired to go enjoy the great outdoors more often. They might begin asking for some chickens or a cow of their own . . . possibly even some pigs to ride!
  • "Hello,  I can’t thank you enough for taking the time to make these DVDs and teach others how to homestead. I especially appreciate seeing your family doing everything together. I have 6 children, ages 8 and under, and my husband and I have the same desire to teach and learn alongside our children how to be self-sufficient and raise up godly children while serving the Lord. We just weren’t sure where to start. We’re trying to come up with a home business to allow my husband to come home and work. Your DVDs have been an answer to our prayers! Please continue to make them…We watched Volume I last night and my children were glued…and I felt like I was watching my dreams come to life. We’ve already tried our hand at chickens (for meat and eggs), gardening, homemade bread and canning but I have a long way to go! We are looking forward to learning all the skills you’ve taught us!  Thank you so much, -S. Family
  • "I have already watched the first two 'Homesteading for Beginners' DVDs - and really enjoyed them.  Your children are enchanting, and watching them pitch in and have fun with all the activities brought back fond memories of my own childhood and long, hot summers and deep, cold winters spent on my Grandfather's farm. I'm so glad you invested the time and effort to make these inspiring productions - and I do look forward to seeing whatever you do next!  With thanks and my very best regards,  -Mark H. R.
  • "The homesteading DVD's arrived, as did a ton of snow. We've had a great time watching them, and it's just so delightful to see the personality of the mom come out as the film progresses. She's great! She's the neighbor you always wished you had.   God bless! "  -Liz

Just for a reminder…

Tea Time Talk Show Tuesday Upcoming Schedule:

Tuesday, May 1, 2018  at 10 am CST will feature Co-Host Owen Newman

  • The following Tuesday will be featuring Owen Newman from the hills of TN talking about homesteading and the simple life.  He has a lot of wisdom and experience living with less and making the most of each and every resource they are given.  If you have any specific questions, please leave a comment below or send us an email or message on Facebook from the Keeper of the Homestead page.  

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0 thoughts on “Homesteading for Beginners DVD Vol. One Giveaway   (Closed)

  1. I’d share this DVD with my daughter in law. She is young, just starting out with the desire to do things more natural in ways. Thanks for the opportunity.

  2. I would love to win this DVD. You are such an inspiration to so many of us! Thank you for giving of yourself to others.

  3. This looks to be a wonderful DVD and a great way to get some useful tips for taking the homesteading journey. Thank you for this giveaway.

  4. Hi Erin!
    I would LOVE this DVD. In fact I would love to have them all (and I will), but winning the first one would be GREAT!
    Your family does such a wonderful job at these videos. SO helpful to all.

  5. We have seen clips of your dvds 🙂 It looks like it would be an amazing learning experience for all of us 🙂 have a great & godly day 🙂

  6. Homesteading has been a challenge for me just to keep up with my chores and get started on the right foot- we are learning something new daily- and enjoy the simple -way of living and the peace it gives to our hearts. Your blog is an inspiration to me.Thank you for caring about other people.

  7. Your videos are the best resources out there for showing how to turn homesteading & healthy living into simple steps, for beginners, yet it is not dumbed down in any way. It shows the rest of us extremely busy mamas & daddies that we too can do some (or all) of the amazing things your family does.

  8. We like the idea of homesteading because it is a way to provide for your family, being self-reliant. It is a great learning experience for the kids and brings the family closer together, since they have to work together to get things done.

  9. This DVD would help my husband and I start our own homesteading journey. We do as much as we can in our apt. (gardening, canning, yogurt making, etc.) but are looking forward to when God leads us to a patch of land to cultivate 🙂

  10. Hello – Thank-you for offering this giveaway! We watched a few of your DVD’s (loaned from a friend) and have always enjoyed them!

  11. I love the reliance only on God and our own two hands for what we need. I love that my kids learn how much they’re capable of.

  12. What draws me toward homesteading is the simplicity of it all. Doing for ourselves is something my husband and I desire. We are still in the learning stages so this would be perfect for our family.

  13. I would be so blessed to win this Homesteading CD. I have been unable to purchase any of the series yet but have learned so much on the website. I would share this with my daughter amd her family as they are getting ready to build a home on our land and plan to live off grid. God bless.

  14. I love homesteading for the peace and God-reliance of it all. I like having the ability and wherewithal to grow my own foods and to make much of my own necessary things. It’s just allover goodness! I would love to win the DVD. 🙂

  15. I love these videos, we re so excited for this giveaway! You are awesome, thanks again for doing this

  16. I like homesteading because I love the accomplishment of being able to do things for myself and having the knowledge of how to do things. I love when I can do something that doesn’t require me to depend on walmart. The idea of not knowing how to do the basic things, that they have been doing all through history, worries me. If disaster strikes I don’t want to be held captive by my own ignorance. I want to thrive and have the knowledge of how to do all the basics and more. I have really enjoyed your blog and have been learning new things. thank you!

  17. I’m just starting homesteading and easing my way into it! I just joined your online community as well! I just enjoy the hard work of homesteading because that is the most rewarding! Plus, I feel confident that regardless of where our government goes, our kids can survive on their own!

  18. My family and I love homesteading. We all get to work together, make memories for a lifetime. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

  19. I would love to have these videos!!! I want to learn “the old ways” cause the “new ways” are just not working for me anymore. What I like about homesteading is the fact that it’s just you and God. I don’t like to use the term “self reliant”, because my family depends on HIM 🙂 We are planning to homestead, but it would be nice to actually have an idea what we are getting into! lol

  20. My family and I try to continue our growth in Homesteading. This DVD would give us a ton more knowledge on how to do that!

  21. We are in the learning phases still, but it has been such a blessing this fall, winter, and now spring to still be eating frozen and canned goods from last year’s garden!!! 🙂 I hope this year will be even better!

  22. These videos would be a true addition to our homesteading library. Mark & Erin, you & your family do an amazing job of teaching everything ~ canning is not so difficult…:)
    Thank you! Would love to learn lots more!
    Have a blessed day – the Kiessling family

  23. We have had a desire for many years to build our homestead. We have been growing our garden for many years. Starting orchards, raising chickens. We want to do so much more but have limited land. So we are always looking for new and different ways to do this. Your videos look very informative and useful. Thank you and God bless.

  24. I would love to win this video. Especially interested in processing chickens and showing my children other children homesteading.

  25. I love the idea of teaching my kids the value of what God has given us and the resources and ability we have to live off our land and plant, grow, nourish and implement it into our lives. The thought of doing it as a family and bringing us all the more closer through it and having God guide us along the way is priceless! Being able to have that knowledge and for our kids to carry it on through their children one day so that this heritage of living a simple life doesn’t get totally pushed to the wayside as our modern world has tried to do far too much. Thanks so much for this chance to win! 🙂

  26. We are moving to our own little homestead in June, since we are beginners, this DVD would be a great help as we began our journey. Thank you for the opportunity 🙂

  27. I’ve been eyeing this dvd for years. lol. Seems there’s always something else that our money needs to be used for. Anyways it would be wonderful to win! We have a couple acres and are trying to get it to where we can use more of it. (wet and wooded) Help from people who have experience is always nice.

    • What I love about homesteading is the time spent with family. We are not homesteaders but the closeness of family is very appealing!

  28. We love homesteading because we get to do it together as a family. We also love the idea that we could eventually be self-sustainable.

  29. I just found you this week & thought I would love to see your dvds, & here you are with a giveaway!?! What a fun opportunity! Thanks much!

  30. This looks like the perfect dvd for myself and my two young boys (third boy is almost here!) to watch to inspire us as spring approaches.

  31. Our dream is to move putting the country and be more self sufficient. This DVD would be such a blessing to us so we can get started even here. Thanks

  32. It would take too many words to say everything I like about homesteading! The top ones would be knowing what you are eating because you either grew or raised it. And the vast opportunities for children to learn from.

  33. I love gardening because it reminds me of my grandpa and I love taking care of our livestock. It’s so nice to work outside and get to know all of their personalities.

  34. This would be great for our family!!!We are trying to get started with the simple lifestyle. We have some chickens and they are doing well, we love the fresh eggs each day! Also trying to get a garden going but not really sure of what were doing. This would be a wonderful help!! Thanks for all your encouraging post!!

  35. We like how homesteading draws the family together and allows us to work together. It’s also great to see how we get food!

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