Winner's Wednesday:  Our Last Week Winner...Congratulations to Kourtney Teubel from Illinios!

This Week's Giveaway: The Homesteader!!!! $159 Value...

The "Homesteader" is our Extra Large drying rack for every day usage. This lovely drying rack holds a very large load or "Super Load". This is our family friendly drying rack. (We have a large family and needed something that would work for us.) This drying rack is huge. Sheets & blankets dry wonderfully on this drying rack. It is amazingly compact for its large size. I store mine in my hallway up against the wall when not in use (Which is almost never!). This offers 56' lineal Ft. of drying space. If you want to replace your dryer, This is the drying rack for you!

Handcrafted With Hardwood Dowels
56 lin. ft. of drying space
Size: 6'x4'
Size When Opened: 6"-32"
Assembled weight: 18 lbs.

I would love to get the word out on my husband's hand crafted Homestead Drying Racks.  To thank you for helping us promote our blog and store, we would like to start running weekly giveaways of the various products we offer and love.  Some may think a drying rack is a "want".  Well, I "need" my drying racks.

Why do you NEED a drying rack?

Expense:  The electric dryer costs money to run.  An estimated $180 per year.  It really doesn't seem like that much, but if you are like us, every penny counts.

Wear and Tear:  The evidence of lint in your electric dryer is evidence that your clothes are virtually wearing down on their fiber content.  When you air dry clothing, they last longer.  The longer the clothing lasts, the less you need to buy to replace.  If you are like us, we like to get the most miles out of our clothing.  I want the clothing to last through several hand-me-downs.  The way the electric dryer sucks energy and wears down clothing, we are proud to offer an alternative to your drying needs.

Safety:  It is estimated that over 15,000 house fires each year are started by electric or gas powered dryers.  When the lint gets trapped it can catch fire and burn your home down.  How many of you leave your home with a dryer running while you are gone.  Here you can hang an entire load of laundry on one of our sturdy racks (Pioneer or Homesteader size), and while you are away, your clothes will be drying, you will be saving money, and you will not have to worry about your home burning down.  Wow, that sounds great!

How do our drying racks compare to the less expensive racks?

100% Sturdier: Our racks are the sturdiest on the market, hands down!  We had a cheap walmart spindle of a rack, and about 3 months later, it was used for kindling in our wood stove.  When the kids helped make noodles on our volume three of Homesteading for Beginners DVD, you can see how we were actually having to duck tape it so it would hold through the filming.  Junk!  Our racks have 3/4 inch hard wood dowels with handcrafted side pieces to hold it together to last a lifetime.  Each piece is carefully made by my husband who I lovingly refer to as Mr. Meticulous.  The racks can withstand heavy, heavy quilts and heavy room area rugs.  You can put a quilt on one side and it will not topple over like the accordion style wooden drying racks the Amish make.
You get what you pay for!

Unique V design:  The unique V design allows for optimal air flow.  You clothing will dry faster and more evenly.  The accordion style racks stack the clothing right on top of the lower layer because the dowels are right on top of the other.  This V design also makes our rack stout with a solid footing.  It is not going anywhere!

What will I use my Pioneer Drying Rack for if I win one?

  • Laundry Load
  • Cloth diapers
  • Rugs
  • Dish Towels
  • Bath Towels
  • Jeans or Shirts
  • Skirts or Dresses
  • Sweaters and Quilts
  • Drying Herbs
  • Drying Noodles
  • Pretty display for an heirloom quilt

My husband gave me one of his "Homesteader" drying racks.  I use it for drying huge loads of laundry that we most often have.  I park it beside of our wood stove or on our covered front porch.  I love to drape my laundry on the biggest, most sturdy rack on the market, knowing my laundry will be there when I need to take it in.  The wind just blows across the laundry, quickly and efficiently drying it, without the use of electricity!  That is exciting.   In just a few short hours, my laundry is dry and ready to fold.  I love my "Homesteader"!!!!

What other people are saying about the Homesteader:


"I think a picture is worth a thousand words so I took a picture to illustrate the difference between our "Homesteader" Drying Rack and the largest 'other' drying rack available online.  The rack I am showing next to the "Homesteader" has 56 sq. ft of drying space and currently sells for 110.00 postpaid.  It has very thin dowels which will start to bow after use.  It is much narrower and shorter which means many regular size items just don't fit well on the rack.  One of the most important things I should mention is that the design of the racks from Forgotten Way Farms is that they allow for good airflow between each dowel so clothes can actually dry is good time.  My hope is that after reading our testimonial and viewing the pictures every potential customer will make a decision to purchase from Forgotten Way Farms. There are so few handcrafted items of this quality that are still Made in America and this is an item that will stand the test of time!"- REBECCA, VA.

"Your "Homesteader" rack is very well built which shows the amount of time and thought that was put into designing them. The rack was easy to assemble and all the parts fit together beautifully. Very good job! We are so pleased with this drying rack that we are ordering another right now. We have other drying racks but this is the best we have had the pleasure to use. The quality and size makes it a very good value." -Jim, VA.

"This drying rack is just plain addictive.  My "Pioneer" easily held two twin-sized fleece blankets and a smaller baby blanket, all of which dried in one hour next to the woodstove.  Wow.  Dry time was as fast as my electric drier with zero cost!  My active one year old also kept pulling himself up on the bottom dowels and they held up beautifully.  The sturdiness of this rack is not even comparable with the cheap one I had in my closet.  This rack is so worth the cost!  Not too big, not too little, the Pioneer will save me loads on my electric bill.  And with the laundry needs of our seven member family, that makes a real difference" - Jessica, Idaho

"I love the "Homesteader" drying rack!! It is tough and sturdy. It very efficiently dries a whole load of laundry at a time, and it's a joy to toss my sheets over the top to dry. This rack is so beautifully crafted that I think I will use it to display my antique linens on my porch during the summer months. It's just too nice to ever put away. Great job, you guys!" - Kathi, Idaho

" I use the "Homesteader" drying rack every day, there is just nothing like it " - Cindy, Idaho

"I got my Homesteader last week and I LOVE IT! At first I was feeling guilty for spending so much for something like a clothes drying rack, but oh my goodness -- IT'S WORTH IT! It's so nice to have all my clothes in one place instead of here and there throughout the house. It's also perfect for my wool blankets. I'm glad I found you all!" - Rhonda, Kentucky
"The "Homesteader" drying rack is the largest one you have and is absolutely the most wonderful thing I've acquired in a long time. Everybody that sees it is thunderstruck at the size and sturdiness of it. My health and my husbands disability make it nigh to impossible for me to use a clothes line. I dont like using a dryer. This rack will keep me from ever needing to run the elect. hog, dryer. Thank you so much for making such a wonderful tool and making it affordable."- Peggy, AR

Don't be shy, enter to win this nice Homesteader drying rack.  If you do not win this week, keep coming back.  We will be running giveaways for great products each week.  Our special thank you!

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  1. These racks are so great, I’m glad to be able to find a company that makes such a useful and sturdy product, here in the USA,

  2. I always have clothes that I am hanging on hangers throughout the house to keep from putting them into the electric dryer. This would help consolidate those. : )

  3. Would love to win, my older rack broke, so I took off top racks and now I have “Mini” dryer! Lol, looks cute but doesn’t hold much!

  4. I would use this drying rack for laundry for our family of 11. It would be used often! I love the idea that it can handle sheets and blankets too!

  5. Well I would use this rack for just about everything mentioned above, I reckon! 🙂 this would be great for laundry or noodles! I also think this would be great for hanging pelts during tanning!!

  6. We’ve been trying to figure out how to stop using our clothes dryer. With a Homesteader drying rack I would dry everything we wash. Sheets, towels, all of our clothes!

  7. I am trying to reduce our Hydro $$$$ use as much as possible. I have an indoor drying line but have not been able to find a drying rack like this one. We are a large family with alot of laundry.

  8. I would love one of these! We have four children, so we use the dryer constantly! I love good quality, useful things. I love your homesteading videos, especially how the children are included in everything you do.

  9. Laundry… inside and outside drying! I could set it up in the living room and add humidity to the otherwise dry indoors. 🙂

  10. I would use this instead of my dryer every day of the week. Cloth diapers, blankets, and kids clothes would be on it all the time. There are 7 of us so we generate a lot of laundry. This would be great!

  11. Great for bleaching whites naturally in the sun, cloth diapers and wool. I have a cheap plastic one that is held together by fishing string. Like to have a strong one like that.

  12. Would absolutely LOVE to have this to be able to hang our clothes on when I’m not able to hang them outside.

  13. Even with a family of 7 (soon), I think this would hold all the winter outerwear after outside work/play in wet weather.

  14. We own one already and I would LOVE to have another! We are making plans to move this year to a more rural setting…to a house we can pay off in 5-7 years…and this would add to our savings by eliminating a lot of energy wasted by a clothes dryer! <3

  15. Our cheaply made plastic rack broke last year and I’ve missed it for hanging wet snow clothes. This rack would work great to open up in front of the wood stove for drying and warming up snow clothes, as well as just hanging the laundry in winter rather than *freeze drying* it!!

  16. I would love to win this drying rack. My small one is getting really unstable & wobbly. Bless you for this opportunity.

  17. This drying rack is at the top of my homemakng supplies wishlist right now….with 6 children (two in cloth diapers) I’m sure the “homesteader” would be in constant use.

  18. We are also striving to be more self sufficient. We wash our clothes by hand and this drying rack would be a great blessing for us in the wintertime. Thank you for having this giveaway. May the LORD continue to richly bless your lives!

  19. I would use this to dry our clothing. We are trying to reduce the use of gas and electric. I’ve been eyeing these racks for sometime now. Oh if you ever need a blogger to review for you I’m your girl. (shameless plug I know haha)

  20. I have been keeping my eye on one of these for a long time and with warm weather just around the corner, this would be a great addition to our laundry schedule…not to mention really attractive with all those cloth diapers hanging on!! Thanks for the chance to win!!

  21. Would use it myself especially for sheets & we live in SW FL so could use it year round.
    Do these hold up well in the heat & Humidit.

  22. I started these entries on my phone, and have to finish on my desktop. It won’t let me get to the other entries unless I unlock this one and leave a comment. Not trying to cheat! But I didn’t put that I would use it to help reduce our energy usage at our new house in the country in my previous comment.

  23. Thank you for hosting this giveaway. Thank your husband for his generosity in sharing his fine craftsmanship with us.

  24. I have a small drying rack that I found in someone’s garbage pile! I would use a larger one in the basement (during winter) to dry towels.

  25. I’d use this for our endless laundry. If it was ever not in use with laundry, I’d hang fabric that has been ironed and waiting to be cut. Thanks for the chance to win the drying rack!

  26. I’d love to have this to save on energy costs, wear of clothing and cloth diapers. Plus I don’t have a place to hang a line in our shares backyard. Thank you!

  27. I would use this awesome rack to supplement my itty bitty stackable dryer that takes 2 100 min. cycles to dry a load of laundry!!!!

  28. This would be the most awesome Free Gift I had ever Won! I would absolutely LOVE to be able to dry all of our clothes on this massive, durable drying rack made by hand right here in the USA! I would also just love to NOT have to use all my dining room chairs combined with living room couches to dry my large comforters on!

  29. I would love to try this on everything. I love hanging my clothes out on the clothes but this would help me on the days it is just to wet and cold outside.

  30. Mine is falling apart! I got it at a yard sale, already very very used. I’d love a second one so I could hang the heavy stuff on the sturdier one!

  31. I would use it to dry laundry on inside its been in the negative degrees for months here. It would be lovely to save energy and wear and tear on my clothes from the dryer

  32. I would use this rack to dry bedding and sheets and other items in our very small suburban back yard (about 21 feet x 15 feet). I’ve spent many years without a dryer, so even though we have a dryer now, I still like to use our small drying racks in the winter for items like wool or insulation that cannot go through the dyer. And in the summer, I like to take advantage of the quick drying power of the sun! Plus, it saves on money, electricity, and extra wear and tear on our clothes. We live in a community that does not allow permanent clothes lines, so drying racks are a nice transportable, temporary option. This drying rack would be a wonderfully compact way to dry my sheets effectively! WOW!

  33. Everything! We only line dry, and the rack we have in the house for rainy days is splinted and taped and ready to topple over 🙂

  34. I would use this drying rack to air dry sheets, blankets, tablecloths, anything & everything. I’m trying to air dry what I can now, but only have a small store bought rack currently.

  35. I would use it to dry my family of 5 clothes and cloth diapers for my two youngest! 🙂 thanks for the chance to win!!

  36. I’d love it! We have recently decided to change a lot of our things and live for the Lord in every area of our lives! We have a washer and dryer but our electricity bills have been soo high! We have to find a way to pinch pennies and this would be amazing!

  37. This would be so wonderful! I have lots of towels and jeans and these racks are so strong and well built! Can’t wait to try it out!

  38. I would use the rack mostly for jeans and towels, especially since my “Walmart” rack is really starting to sag and even fell over one day off of the porch in a light wind!

  39. I would love this to hang dry all my clothes to save on my energy bill! It looks like a beautiful drying rack!

  40. We would be using this year round since we will be going off grid in the near future. With homesteading, children and making noodles from scratch the rack will get used everyday.
    God bless you and your family.

  41. Our dryer broke at Christmas, and as a pastor’s family of six, we couldn’t afford to replace it. Funny enough, I don’t miss it! I thought I was nuts, but there’s something peaceful about hanging laundry. We’ve been using a dryer rack (and chairs) for 2+ months. This dryer rack would be more our size…

  42. I really need this.My dryer has been broke for three years.I have fibro and it has been cold this winter.I could really use this year round and it would save me from having to carry the heavy clothes to the line.I love this.

  43. This would be amazing! I’d use it both indoor and outdoor, I love to hang dry my clothes even when it’s cold out, but it’s hard for me to get out when it’s cold out to hang them.

  44. I would love to dry clothes on this for our family of 12. With 8 kids still living at home we do a lot of laundry!

  45. I have a small clothes line, and a regular wooden rack…this would be a fine addition to hang more clothes!

  46. I would use this for our cloth diapers during the winter, as well as for all the other stuff I’m always looking for a place to hang!

  47. Drying clothes! I previously had a cheap-o version, and after that bit the dust I’ve been using the backs of our dining room chairs. I’m ready to give my chairs a break!

  48. I would use this to definitely dry our clothes. As a large family, the dryer gets used way too often. I love the smell and feel of sun-dried clothes.

  49. I would LOVE to have one of these drying racks!!! It is just what we need. The spring air could do its job so much better if we had this rack. Thanks for all your advice, great recipes and wonderful information on your notes. You are such an inspiration to me!! Thank you.

  50. I would love to use this for hanging socks and underwear outside ( instead of on my pulley line) and for drying things indoors in front of the wood stove.

  51. I would so use this!!! With 6 kids, I do at least 4 loads of laundry a day. I live in Sunny South Florida, so clothes dry super quick outside here. This would cut down on time AND my electric bill!!!

  52. My Family and I would use this to dry all of our clothes on because we do not have a clothes drying rack nor do we have a clothes line to use!

  53. My husband has a store-bought one that he uses for his cycling clothes, but it is SO flimsy and unsteady, it would be great to have a nicer one. With how large and sturdy this one seems to be, I’d be thrilled to be able to dry our blankets and comforters on it, also!

  54. I would use it for the many knitted and quilted items that don’t need to go in the dryer AND that should also not go out on the line in the sun.

  55. I would love to win this drying rack! I would like to use it to save money by not using the electric dryer.
    We do have clotheslines but fill them up before all the laundry has been finished!

  56. I would love to get this! I would use it to replace my make-shift clothes line, which is yet again broken and in need of replacement. This would be a God-Send!!!! God Bless! 🙂

    • I would use it to dry clothing of course! But especially handy in the winter her in the RAINY Pacific NorthWest where we gets LOTS of rain. Lots of soggy clothing around here!

  57. I would LOVE to win a “Homesteader” drying rack! We moved into an Amish farmhouse last fall and are learning to be as self-reliant as we can. With the terrible winter we had this year, I am defiently investing in drying racks!

  58. All of our drying racks are always breaking– it’d be so wonderful to have something really sturdy for a change!

  59. I have a smaller rack suitable for one load of laundry for a single, but this would be wonderful because I could bypass using a dryer completely.

  60. I’d love the chance for my entire family to use “The Homesteader”. We have 3 generations in my home…and 3 generations of “laundry philosophy”. I think having “The Homesteader” might be a great compromise! 😉

  61. I would love this rack and really wish I would have had one this past winter as the Wisconsin snowfall has left messes of mittens and gloves and snow pants all around our wood stove. A rack would have helped dry things a lot quicker!

  62. I LOVED these when I was younger and we hung all our clothes up instead of using a dryer. These were perfect for hanging small things indoors when the weather was too cold outside. I would totally use this to save energy and cut down on the use of my dryer. 🙂

  63. This would be perfect for my balcony at our apartment. I hate running the dryer. As newlyweds with one on the way, every penny counts.

  64. I already have one of these AWESOME racks and if I win I will give the new one to our niece who is now expecting baby number 11. Some people say they should not have so many babies, but they are letting God decide how many babies He wants to bless them with. They do not use an electric dryer and they certainly could use one of your racks!

  65. I have three boys 9 and under, so lots of muddy clothes to wash over here! And a woodworker husband. Not to mention cloth diapers! Thanks for the chance!

  66. This looks to be a sturdy, well made drying rack! With twins on the way, I would use this for the loads of cloth diapers I will be washing.

  67. This rack looks great! I have a metal one that is self destructing because little people like to climb it like a ladder! I so need a new one!

  68. I dry my clothes outside all year round when weather permits. This is exactly what I need to dry indoors when the weather is bad. I’m trying to save on costs – gas dryer, electricity – and I think its better for the environment as well!

  69. It wouldn’t take long for things to dry on the rack in our AZ sun 🙂 and I think it would work well in the garage too.

  70. Wow. What would I use this rack for? Hanging out clothes on our deck in the summer, inside in the winter; drying herbs and displaying them, storing quilts, drying baby diapers for my twins, and maybe drying pasta if I can figure the recipe out finally! (Or just let my kids tackle it; they are pretty gung-ho about pasta making lately:)

  71. I love using a wooden drying rack for many of my clothes. My husband even uses it for many of his clothes, especially his socks and jeans. Many of todays clothing materials hang or rack dry very well. I’ve even put the rack on the back deck in the summer sun or in front of the stove in the winter. Dry your clothes naturally!! Would sure love a new drying rack!! Oh, it’s great way to place your seed start higher and closer to your window so they grow strong and are ready for garden season!!

  72. Would use this for my family laundry and our up coming family buss. with drying herbs. have had my eyes on this for two years back when it was $129 but never seem to save enough before the price goes up. Some day……..

  73. Would love to have this drying rack for drying our clothes indoor. We have 8 children still at home and with all the laundry plus winter wear that needs drying it would really come in handy. Love finding jobs for my youngest boys and loading and unloading the rack is perfect for that.

  74. We are a family trying to move toward urban homesteading. We are ready to sell the drying, but our small drying rack just will not keep up with our large family. I saw a similar rack at a Mennonite thrift store last summer and have regretted not buying it. We are ready to make the switch!

  75. How can I get the big rack, I can not find one for sheets and been looking for years like grandmas, please help

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