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Last week I brought my daughter, Molly,  to the hospital in Nashville for a routine kidney and Diabetes check.  Molly did have complications with her kidneys on and off for years, so we have been very careful about her diet and about her sugar control which has not been easy.

Every three months she has to see her endocrinologist who checks her A1c and we make decisions together about her diabetes care.  So far, in the past 8 years, we have been in and out of hospitals, emergency rooms, ambulances, from sudden life threatening situations that come up when you have a serious disease such as Diabetes.

It is a very hard disease to manage and it has been the hardest on Molly.  She is a real trooper but it is very hard to see her take shots every day and not get to be like a normal child.  Molly takes it in stride but there are times that she even feels discouraged about it.

A couple months ago I gave you a report on her diabetes and I told you that her A1c, which is an accumulated blood sugar reading for the past 3 months, was normal!  I had her on this supplement and it seemed to help a ton.  She had so much more energy, no spikes or extreme lows.  One day she sat beside me, this was about a month ago… And she said, “Mom, I did not take a shot today.”  I kinda got caught off guard and was very concerned.  You don’t understand, without her shot she could get very very sick!

She added, “I get too low if I take the shot, since I have been taking that supplement, I just eat and my sugar stays good.”  That was still not acceptable, and it made me so worried because there is no cure for diabetes type one, so I did what a responsible parent would do, I called the specialist.  We did not take her off the insulin but we figured out a new plan of action.  We had to decrease her insulin intake by 25%.

So as I mentioned in the beginning, I followed up with these routine visits this past week.  I was not sure if her condition improved because this A1c test is just a number.  Well, after getting her kidneys checked and her A1c we were jumping up and down with joy!!!  Everything is completely normal!!! God is so good.  I am so thankful that I finally found something that works to balance her sugars out.

I am beginning to realize how important it is to balance out those sugar levels even in people who are non diabetic…
With our fast paced society, comes a lot of extra stress.  Everyone experiences it. God did not create our bodies to handle the amount of stress that our world generates.
Even when we try to eat healthy we still can’t avoid the Stress element…

Now, I will explain why that is so important…
You see this is like a roller coaster ride?

Well, when ever we have stress like losing a job, getting into an argument with a friend or spouse, or things just feel overwhelming, our BLOOD SUGAR rises.

When the sugar rises, God created our pancreas to shoot out insulin to bring the sugar down.
Only problem is, when not accompanied with food, that insulin bring it down too low, which in turn causes the ADRENALS to kick out CORTISOL to bring the sugar back up again.
That is why, when you get upset or scared your heart begins to race.  This is because of the chemicals racing through your blood stream!
Another major cause of stress is our diet…

  • When people eat a poor diet, it causes a major spike in the blood sugar levels.
  • Simple Carbohydrates are  your processed foods, white flour goodies, soft drinks, and fried foods.  These make your blood sugars spike very rapidly and then crash when the pancreas tries to over compensate for that spike.

If you read your labels, most foods contain sugar in one form or another.

  • Most foods that have carbohydrates will convert to sugar during digestion.
  • Most health enthusiasts still struggle with health issues even though they eat clean, gluten free, GAPs, or Paleo diets.
  • When the sugars levels and cortisol levels go up and down, it creates a vicious cycle.
  • Think of a teeter-totter.  When these levels are not balanced it starts to wear you out and that is why you feel tired and worn out.

The frustrating part to me has always been, WHY?  Why when we grow most of our food, we eat really healthy and WHY do we have so many physical illness and disease in our home?  Since I have been researching and praying about it, I have came to the conclusion that even IF you eat a healthy diet, you can still set off those levels just from stress levels.

Stress is a Killer!
We know and have heard this a thousand times over, that stress is the leading cause of disease and death because it leads to so many health problems.

  • Diabetes
  • Candida Overgrowth
  • Leaky Gut
  • Adrenal Fatigue
  • Panic Attacks

If the pancreas is having to compensate for the spikes in sugar, it can get overworked and can wear out.  That is why we have so many type 2 diabetics.  It only stands to reason that this would happen to people.

Candida Overgrowth…
And then what is horrible is that the sugar running through the system FEEDs candida yeast.  We all are born with candida because it is the very thing that God uses to break our bodies down after we die.  The tricky thing is keeping those levels in check.  Just like the tree.  God puts the spores in the DNA of the tree because once that tree dies, that fungus will help bring that tree back to the earth.  If there is an overgrowth of candida or fungus in our body, it starts to break down the walls of our intestines and you get things leaking out of those tiny holes.  This is called Leaky Gut.  Leaky gut causes all kinds of other issues in your body. Like pain and inflammation.  I am really beginning to understand why arming yourself with this information is the key to figuring out how to get healthy.

Adrenal Fatigue…

  • When our Adrenals are constantly working on bringing our sugar back up due to our stressful environment we can suffer from Adrenal Fatigue.
  • When you have Adrenal Fatigue you just feel either very tired or easily set off.  A slammed door can make you jump!
  • And you get these PANIC ATTACKS

My Panic Attack Story…
That was me.  Since I have had this neurological disorder, RSD, that constant pain of my sympathetic nerves, it is embarrassing to admit that I have struggled a lot with panic attacks due to these stress hormones being so out of balance.

So much so that you feel trapped, you feel like you are running out of air!  And you suffer in silence because talking about it only magnifies the effects of them.  One of my deepest desires was to be free from them once and for all!

One of the sure ways to get a panic attack for me was to be lost in the city.  Sounds funny, but it is very scary for me for some reason.  I think it is that feeling like you are out of control and don’t know where to turn next.  For that reason, I have not driven to a city in many years.  When I do try to drive there, I usually get lost and I have to pull over because I start to feel closed in and it is hard to breath.  I cry and call my husband in despiration.  He just simply becomes Mr. Protective and does not allow me to drive to the city.

Since I started getting a handle on my stress hormone levels with Plexus besides the pain issues, I told him it was time to let me drive to Nashville.  He was very skeptical that I could do it.  Needless to say, I made it there without a hitch!  I even parked in the parking ramp.  Here is where I became tested…

After the most wonderful, glowing reports for my daughter, us girls made our way back into the parking ramp and then into the minivan.  After exiting the ramp, I noticed that my GPS unit was not working at all.  I did not have a map, or any clue where I was.

I most calmly said, “Girls, we will be fine…  I will just drive around and find the main road to take us back home.”  They looked skeptical.  In a matter of minutes I was headed for the heart of the city, as I could see all the sky scrapers looming over head.  I calmly pulled over when I realized WE WERE LOST!!!!!!

I called my husband who started to freak out because he was sure I was freaking out, but I told him that I was actually fine.  But because he was so frustrated that I was lost, and that I was not fit to drive to the city AGAIN, I became frustrated back at him and told him that any person would be lost without a map or GPS.  We both calmed down, he realized that it was for real—I was not having a PANIC ATTACK!!!!  It was a miracle to me and to my family.

It’s the little things that just make such a big impact in our family.  We are all thankful in our household for God showing us the way.  A way that leads to a healthy life!  We had a lovely rest of our day, stopping to shop on the way home at a local thrift store.  I enjoy having my health back!  I get to do so many things I thought I would never get to do again!  Thankfully, I have been in remission for 5 months now, my longest remission so far!!! Praise God!!

It is not like I have to be healthy to be happy, but it is kinda freeing and fabulous!  Just to think a little product  can restore such vitality in our family.  I am so thankful and I give God all the Glory!  His mercies are new every morning!  Praise be to God!

If any of this makes sense to you, and you are just plain tired of just surviving, click on the button below to learn more about all the things I have studied and why our health is being restored.

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  1. Thats’s great news. I have been doing Plexus since January of this year and I am feeling so much better than before!

  2. Great testimony. I can relate – having been introduced and am now on PLEXUS since end of May…
    really enjoying the results. God is good!!! I’m so grateful to have finally found a product to counteract bothersome health issues and finally heal.

  3. I would love to know which Plexus product your daughter was using for diabetes. I checked the site, but I was confused. Thanks so much!

  4. The frustrating part to me has always been, WHY? Why when we grow most of our food, we eat really healthy and WHY do we have so many physical illness and disease in our home?
    Those exact thoughts have been the cry of my heart nearly every day for over a year. We eat healthier than anyone I personally know and we are so sick all the time. Since last July our family has gotten 1 sickness or another EVERY. SINGLE. MONTH. except during the dead of winter my little ones never got over it and were sick for 2-3 months straight. And other times they weren’t sick for just a little. Last month one of my children was sick for almost 2 weeks. Well, this month along came another sickness….. I was so discouraged I wanted to cry and scream,” Why!?” Well, lo and behold the sickness lasted less than 12 hours on my sickliest children! ( They’ve each been taking half a packet of Plexus slim a day for about a month). I am still in shock and so thankful to God for helping me find Plexus. Lord willing, I’m looking forward to a winter of little sickness, and not having to be homebound all winter. I still don’t understand why diet alone wouldn’t work cause I don’t think my children have that much stress, but I’ve come to the conclusion, if nothing else, maybe it’s because they came from me who was a sugar aholic while growing up and while pregnant with them. If a perfectly healthy mom ate perfect all her life and ate perfect while she was carrying her baby and the baby ate perfect, then maybe that baby wouldn’t need help balancing it’s blood sugars!

  5. Hey Erin! Wonderful news 🙂 I was wondering…. do you take the nerve health Plexus product for your RSD? I had been in submission, but overused my hand (it’s in my hand and arm) and it came back with a vengeance! I read about the nerve product and wondered if it would help RSD. You can email me your answer if you wish 🙂 God Bless!

    • Yes, I use the nerve health and the Ease every day in a maintenance dose. At first I took that dose about 4 times per day until my symptoms went away. That was about 2 weeks! Thank the Lord! Then I just went down to the regular dose. But if I do too much and my sciatic nerve becomes irritated, I double up on the dosing until those symptoms go back away. And they always do!!! That is a miracle to me! I hope this helps. I am so sorry your hand is so bad right now. I will be praying for you!

  6. I recalled reading this post today while I was reading about Ann Voskamp’s 13 year old boy recently being diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. Please forgive my lack of understanding regarding type one and type two diabetes– but do you think plexus could help her young man? I follow both of your blogs and thought maybe your experience could help Ann as she struggles with this diagnosis and all it means for her family. She’s at Holy Experience if you think it may help??
    I believe God uses all of our testimonies that we might comfort one another…. In Christ, Sarah

    • I would love to help, but do not know how to reach out to Ann. I just read her story on her blog and it was very moving! I know all those same feelings. We are a part of that club! There is hope for her son, I wish I could figure out how to reach out to her. She does not have an email or comments enabled. Any thoughts?

  7. My 9 year old son was just diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes and I just came across your blog. Can you direct as to what helped your Daughter decrease her insulin and balance her blood sugars? Were there certain Plexus products? Or diet? Thanks so much!

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