Gutting Out the Home

Mark and the boys have been having fun tearing this place up.  There is something manly about using a crow bar and busting up walls and the floors.  Boy, this place is crooked.  Mark had to jack the house up on one side as it was about 6 inches off level.  We will never achieve level since it is on wood beams instead of a foundation.  It will be our crooked haven.  Crooked can be cute.

Since the floor is over open ground and not on a foundation, it is needful to insulate it to keep our feet warm in the cooler months.  Mark ripped all the sub flooring out and yes, you could see right to the ground!  He cut pieces of insulation board to fit between the floor joists.  He was also able to run electric wiring.  This place had no electricity aside from a camping wire and a couple bulbs strung over for light.  We will have outlets and light switches. 

We have lived off grid, and we know how to do that.  Until it is necessary, we will have some power.  There was not plumbing or electric here.  We have heard stories of the lady who owned it before us.  They would bathe in the creek and haul water for washing.  We will not being using the creek for washing unless we absolutely have to.  In that case, it is nice to have a back up plan if there ever came a time.  We should be fine because we have springs.  They will work without power.

We found squirrels in the walls.  Flying squirrels.  It was so fun to hold the babies.  They are so cute but they are not welcomed guests in our new home!  Here is the second floor gutted.  We are planning a 2nd floor master bathroom for our bedroom.
Here is the view from the third story looking down to the second floor.
Lots of rubble to take to the dump.  Most things are so infested that it will not be worth saving.  The wood was given to a lady who is making it into hardwood flooring.  The dirty clothing stuffed into the walls is full of holes and will also go to the dump. Yucky.
The boys have been helping load up the debris into the trailers.  It is nice when the yard starts to look more cleaned up.
Here is my new kitchen!  Mark insulated and added a very good quality sub floor.  He has it wired for some wall sconce lights in between the windows.
The kitchen Queen will be in that far left corner.  Under this cute window will be our kitchen sink.  Since we live in a shifting house, we cannot use drywall because it will crack.  We are going to be taking apart this old barn and using the barn boards for the kitchen cabinets and the walls.  It is going to look so primitive.  There will be no upper cabinets, just old rustic shelves and my beautiful china hutch to hold all our spices.  It will be so fun to decorate this charming kitchen.

Just take a look at this old barn.  Wow, the potential for those old boards thrills my heart.  The metal roofing will be re-purposed as a ceiling in our kitchen.  That should be really neat.  I will continue to post the progress. 

I am so blessed and thankful for this new adventure.  God has been so good to provide.

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  1. Wow, I am loving watching your construction and renewal of this new homestead. May I suggest a hand pump next to your sink in your new kitchen for a just in case moment 🙂 (I bet you already thought of it 🙂

  2. Dear Erin,
    How thrilled I am to see that you will continue with your blogging. I have enjoyed your posts for quite some time now and have loved sharing your videos with my husband and children along with your book.
    Your new family adventure is like watching a dream unfold. The work is grueling, however I know that by the wonderful grace of God, it will be
    so amazing. Thank you for sharing your gifts and talents with others. I look forward to each and every post!!!

  3. What a fun, unique house. And what a blessing that you have a husband and family skilled and willing to make it into a home! Looking forward to seeing your progress. 🙂

  4. What a fun project. My husband and I have been on that adventure a few times. We are currently living in an old Victorian style house in the tiny town of Allensville, KY. Since you are working in a cabin it surely peeked my interest. Your land is just what my husband and I will be looking for later this year. I so enjoy all the encouraging reads. I don’t normally comment but I felt lead to. My husband and I own a very small lumber business here in Allensville in an old stone building behind our home. It is much less than retail pricing so if you are interested in cabin style furniture, we will be glad to help out. I didn’t want this to sound like a sales ad, but I guess an fyi. Keep up your strength in the Lord and continue to exhort and admonish! Love in Christ- Cathy

  5. Thank you for the updates on your rennovations!!!!! I LOVE it!!!!! We’re doing something similar on a much much smaller scale, living on family land and fixing it up since it’s been let go for one or more generations, perchance we live here long term some day. It is so rewarding. SO challenging, such a creative work. I told my husband the other day that as for me, I’d do it again, even though we’ve sure had struggles along the way. We’ve seen so much improvement in 5 years already. And it’s great living in the peaceful country- I’m doing what I always wanted- coming in with manure on my boots and dirt on my face, having done something on the farm.

    • Wow, that sounds like such an adventure. I am so glad to hear when others take the plunge and get back to the land! It seems so good for the soul. Even though it is more work and you may get your feet dirty, it is very worth it. It becomes a life full of experience. 🙂

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