As you have all learned, my husband, Mark Harrison, had a very freak accident yesterday.  One worker was holding the 1.5 inch industrial staple gun in his hand waiting for Mark to put the sheeting up so he could staple it to the frame of the house.  The Man was looking the other way as Mark was bending over to grab the board.  As he was raising his head fast, he bonked his head right on the end of the gun.  The other guy had his finger on the trigger, so the force of the impact caused the gun to fire straight into his head.  It actually stapled his hat right to his skull.  Mark, being the resourceful handyman that he is, asked the other guy if he could borrow his pliers to pull the staple out of his head.  The guy was so shocked that this actually happened that he immediately grabbed for the pliers.  By the time the other man found the pliers, Mark felt that it may be too risky to mess with it.  He just carried on as normal as they drove over an hour to the hospital.  He walked into the emergency room and said it just felt like someone was tugging at his hair a little.  The doctors immediately cut the hat off of his head and then they brought him in for x rays.  The x rays did not show enough information, so they did a cat scan of the head to see the damage.  As we all walked together, Mark included, to the computer room where the neurosurgeon showed us the photos, we had no idea it was as bad as it was and at the same time how miraculous it really was.  The staple went into the scull and all the way into one inch of the brain.  By the look of the image of his brain, it was almost touching the major blood vessel in the brain.  It missed it by 2 cm!!!!!!  The doctor said, one mm to the left of right could have meant a fatal blow.  He would have had hemorrhaging in the brain and it would have been hard to save him at that point.  Yikes!!!!  What a close call.  So, they pretty much immediately brought him back for emergency brain surgery.  They cut out a 3in by 3in square of skull to properly remove the staple.  One of the prongs bounced off of the skull and went under the skin.  It took a couple hours by the time he had his skull placed back and the metal brackets screwed on to secure the floating skull piece.  They made sure to check over the brain tissue to see if there were any other things to worry about, but they were so relieved that it looked just fine.  What a miracle.  I was so scared for awhile, I was sweating but freezing cold, my body was trembling, and my heart was racing.  I told the surgeon that we needed this man, a father to five children.  The doctor said "I will pray before I go in, that the Lord will guide my hands"  that was  comfort to us.  Later he claimed that his gift was from the Lord and that he was thankful that he can use that gift to help people.  Wow, God certainly took care of every detail!!!!!

Mark is in pain and they are still watching him for infection since the staple was dirty.  So far, he is medically doing very well, he is himself in every way.  He is so very thankful for God's mercy and the prayers of His saints.  Thank you all for your many prayers.  He was working for himself so he does not get any help for his loss of work, but since we had some money saved up for my treatment in Mexico, we will use that in place of my treatment, to care for him.  He will not be working for awhile so we will ask that you all will pray that we will have some success in our little homestead store.  When blogs review the DVDs, that really helps with the sales.  I will be working hard to promote this home business so we can keep going.  I just want to tell you all about the community of believers in our town that we met from this site, have been so faithful to help carry our burdens.  We want for nothing.  Our children are safe and well cared for.  All needs are addressed and people all over the world are praying.  Abbey and Aaron McGlone have been wonderful to help with the barn chores, bring things to us that we need, and keeping everyone informed.  My mom stayed with me yesterday for support, as well as Abbey and the man who felt so badly about stapling my husbands head (which I kept telling him that is was an accident), Another family is helping with some meals, and my mother in law is helping out with the kids.  We will be going home very soon.  We are so very thankful for all of your prayers!!!!!  God is so merciful.  It is truly a miracle how God used this to get all the Glory.  We become stronger and more equipt to minister to others through this trial.  We have peace.  We know that the Lord is in control.  And we are thankful for community.  We could not do this alone.  Bless you all for your support.

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