Gardening Fun in the Sun

Oh the joys of gardening! I think I just had the time of my life today, to be honest with you!  We see TONS of weeds.  Yay!  I love weeding so seeing these weeds just makes me happy knowing we will get to spend more time working with our hands.  

Some people HATE weeding, but I cannot for the life of me figure out why.  It is FUN, FUN, FUN!  I could weed all day and never tire of it.  The dirt and sweat just make you feel alive somehow!  God made us from the dirt and one day we return to it, but there will always be a connection in each of us to working the ground.  After all, GOD created us in a Garden!

I am not sure WHY, but there is something so REAL about working in the garden.  We were weeding for hours and I just really enjoyed the fellowship and the feel of plucking a week from the soil.  It is so satisfying to see an isle in the garden all cleaned up.  Mikey was out there weeding the strawberry patch.

I love to be in the garden with the kids and with our cousin, she is a real inspiration. She loves working the garden just like we do! Awesome!  And she actually lives in China.  It is really fun to hear all her amazing stories of adventure and to see photos of how the Chinese farm and prepare their food.  This week I will post some photos and stories because I think it is fun to learn how other people around the world homestead.  
Team work.  We had Molly and Megan helping pull onions and taters.  They were ready!  And we sure got a bumper crop of them.  Our soil is so soft that you can pull the potato plant up and most of the potatoes are still attached.  
Look at our little tater family.  It was so cute how some of them had little heads on them and of course, potatoes have EYES!
Look at all these great onions…
And boy was it hot, Melinda and I jumped in our creek fully dressed.  Thats what we country folk do in these parts.  It was humid and over 90 degrees here.  The creek felt so refreshing after a long day out in the sun.  And when you get thirsty, you just drink right from the hose here!  Oh and it is right from the mountain spring so it is cool and crystal clear.  I often just douce myself with with the water after taking a drink in this kind of heat!

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