Farm Fun

There is much going on at the farm.  Miles has been enjoying his greenhouse.  He planted a few rows in there with isles and mulched it.  Things are growing really well.  There are green beans…
And tomatoes…
Lettuce and radishes with a compost bin in the corner.
Here is a nice lettuce plant.  It is already time to cut and use for our fresh garden salads. Yum.
Mikey is getting ready to feed the sheep.  They love a little corn to nibble on.
The sheep are waiting…
Parker wants to help feed the sheep.
Here they come running.  Look at that little baby lamb.  She is learning to follow her mama to the corn treats.
The cool fresh spring fills into their water trough and the little boys enjoy cooling their feet in it.  What a fresh feeling on your toes.
Junior and Sally are pulling some hay off to feed the cattle.  They are so friendly.
Sally watches to make sure the cattle stay in.  If they get out, she is ready to round them up and herd them back in.
Lucy is growing.  She is already bigger than Sally.  She is a great family dog.
Our hens enjoy their new home.  That big rooster is always ready to ward off any intruders.  He keeps his flock safe each day.
Mikey takes care of our chickens on the farm.  He has 12 layers and 96 meat birds.  Here he is hol
ding one of the meat birds.  They are getting very big.  It won’t be long before we will need to process them.
These chickens are enjoying the fresh air, sunshine, and plenty of grubs and bugs that are all over the grass.
When the days are long and hot, our Marilla Moo likes to sit under her shelter.  She is giving us plenty of milk each day and we are so very thankful for that.
Miles goes out to the barn to milk the cow twice a day.  Most mornings the family wakes up to fresh buttermilk biscuits and farm fresh eggs.  It is a delightful way to start the day, I say.
The berries are ripe for the picking.  And eating.  The children who visit the farm love to graze on them.
The blueberries are coming one by one.  It is not quite enough for pie filling to can, but soon we can harvest.
The fruit and nuts trees on this farm are growing nicely.  We see a few small apples popping forth.  They are young and not yielding much fruit but it is a joy to know that they one day will be a part of a grande orchard.
Each day is such a gift.  The blue skies are gorgeous and the flowers of the grass seem to us a such a beautiful display against all the pretty green.
The kids enjoy swimming each day in the creek with the neighbor kids.  It is truly a blessing to live right on Cane Creek because when it is hot and humid, which is typical in Tennessee, they can cool off by jumping into the creek.  God has truly been good to us.  We have so much to be thankful for.

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    • The 4H book I found from the 1960s uses approximately 2 1/2 lbs. per bird per week… i have found that to be a fairly accurate guide!

  1. Thanks for the beautiful pictures! We found some ripening blackberries yesterday in the campground that we are going to be checking on this week 🙂

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