Planning for family time can be hard because usually everyone is busy.  Different seasons of life bring a different level of busy.  When you have little ones, you are preoccupied with naps, potty training, or feedings.  As the children grow, they become interested in various things that occupy their time.

Everyone gets busy with life and sometimes doing a special family activity gets thrown by the wayside.  Our family is always together, working together, and eating together but if I told you that we never went on a family camping trip or seldom have a day where we just go biking or walking together, you would hardly believe it.  I guess we just get so busy.  Work is fun, so we are thankful for that.  It is a blessing to have much to do together.

Kids grow up too fast and I would like to build many more fun family memories with my kids before they are grown and off in their own lives.  Maybe you are like me and you would like to start having some family fun time, too.

Make a Family Fun Box!
Take an old shipping box or hat and fill it with ideas that you all write on slips of paper.  Let the kids come up with some fun ideas as well.

To name a few...

  • Go on a bike ride
  • Go fishing
  • Go for a hike
  • Go on a picnic
  • Make smores 
  • Cook over a fire
  • Go camping
  • Play a card game
  • Play kickball
  • Go to the beach
  • Visit a museum or historical site
  • Go on a walk
  • Make a fort inside or outside
  • Movie night with popcorn
  • Go on a field trip
  • Go on a scenic drive
  • Play a fun board game
  • Have an art contest and gallery exhibit
  • Do a theatrical skit
  • Have a concert in your living room
  • Pillow fight
  • Bowling or skating
  • Make a cake or cookies

Write your ideas on little slips of paper and fold them up.  Put them into the Family Fun Box.

Designate a day each week that you pick from the Family Fun Box and do what is on the slip of paper.  Throw the paper away and when all the activities are through, you can have fun writing down new ideas and putting them into the Family Fun Box.

Last evening, we built a campfire and made supper over it along with marshmallows.  So fun!  Next week I can not wait to find out what we will pick to do.

Let the family fun begin! 

Just for a reminder…

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3 thoughts on “Family Fun in a Box

  1. This is a great idea! I am not creative naturally so wouldn’t have ever thought to do this.
    With our busy family of 11 children, we get stuck in busyness mode and definitely have to make an effort to do fun things.
    I think I will implement this idea in our family.
    Janet…. countrylivingmama

  2. Great idea! We need a little fun after this long Michigan winter. I just love the picture of your daughter with the leggings under her skirt, warm coat, and then the bare feet with flip- flops. My daughters love the flip-flops in cold weather too.

  3. I love your ideas! I found your blog on the NGJ Ministry web site and have been greatly blessed by the words you write and specially all the experiences behind them.
    I am a young mother from Mexico and live in the city so a lot of what you share about homestead life is like a dream, but I try to use as much as I can. You have a beautiful family! Thanks for sharing, may God keep blessing you all.

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