Lately, we have found out that our daughter Molly is very sick.  Her kidneys are getting worse and worse to the point of worry.  She carries a weight no child should have to carry.  Her condition is very rare.  Kidney disease is a complication of diabetes usually much later in life, due to uncontrolled blood sugars and poor management.  I continually feel like a failure as I try so hard to feed her this or that that would help to heal her.  Daily, she must poke her finger countless times until her fingers are in such pain that she must wear bandages.  She draws up her insulin and injects it into her skin 5 or more times a day as she eats.  The nights are long as she is woken up sometimes every 30 minutes to either eat something or to take medication.  And now, we have to get a handle on this or she will continue the downward spiral.  Her doctor is so worried, and wants to put her on some pills, which they say have little side effects.  As we looked together at Molly’s history, the one normal kidney reading was when Molly was on a strict diet.  So, it was the proof we needed to ask for another chance to see if we go back to this diet if her condition would heal.  The doctor said that the medication would protect the kidneys from further damage which could cause permanent scarring of kidney tissues.  She also said that she could see how the diet was helping and that she felt comfortable giving us a couple months to try this diet to see whether it would help her get well again.  With no money to hire a naturopath, we must use what we have learned from her in the past to go in that same direction.  God can increase our wisdom and help us with our Molly.  So, this diet has intensified my responsibilities to the point that I must turn my phones and computer off when she is awake.  She needs my undivided attention and your prayers.

I have a data sheet that I go by all day long, writing down every morsel she is eating, how many carbs, making adjustments to the diet as I go.  The diet is a hard road for a little girl: No gluten, no meat, no sugar, no milk, and a full spectrum of vegetarian alternatives.  I have been making our morning green smoothies 3 times a day, filling the hopper with half kale and spinach, and raw yogurt.  She gladly drinks her cup-fulls.  I make a protein bar filled with good healthy oils, nuts, seeds, super greens, and more.  She gladly eats them.  She never complains.  I make porridge for her of beans, lentils, brown rice, and every vegetable imaginable, and she gladly fills her bowl.  And I time her water intake throughout the day, more and more cup-fulls of water.  And when she voids, I collect, calculate amounts, pH, and brix count (glucose in her urine).

Yesterday, as Molly and Megan were helping me bake a batch of bread, Molly said, “I am helping make the bread I can not eat.”  I looked at her and said, “Have you learned yet how unfair life can be.  There are millions of kids out there that eat junk food all day, and they have good health.  You have always eaten a good, natural diet, and you have this trouble.  Did you know, God made you this way, He chose this path for you?  Why, I do not know, nor will I question.”   I said these things with defeat in my breath.

Then Molly looked up to me with total determination and said

“I know why.  God made me this way to show how MIGHTY HE IS!”

Out of the mouth of babes!  The faith of this girl astounds me!  If only we all had her faith.  Her will to believe God for a miracle, without seeing it first.

Please pray for Molly and her miracle!  She needs a miracle.

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  1. I have been reading through your archives, and I love that I have found your blog! My son was just diagnosed in September with diabetes. He is 17. I too pray for a healing for my son and the other children with it. I will pray for your daughter and your family. Hope all is looking better. 🙂

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