When deeply cleaning your living room area, you need to realize that there is a lot of surfaces that attract dust.  Consider your furniture.  There is usually a ton of dust mites that hang out inside the cushions and all over the fabric.

The first step for cleaning the fabric sofa or chair is to remove the cushions.  This will reveal many lost treasures.  I have found everything from coins, rubber bands, paper clips, to remote controls and telephones.  Chances are you will find something that you have been missing for awhile.  Pick up all valuables and get vacuuming.  Using the hose attachment, vacuum all the dirt, dust and other debris.  Next give your cushion a hard slap.  Do you see a plume of dust billowing out?  If so, you have problem.  Do not panic.  This dust issue is only a good vigorous vacuum cleaning away!

Give those cushions a good beating…

When I have had a big dust issue, I have pounded out cushions outside to beat the dust out and unzipped the covers and hand washed them.

Or Shop Vac them…
I love the shop vac for intense dust removal on cloth furniture.  It really pulls deep dust out of the fibers.  I keep vigorously running the hose until I can pound on the fabric and I do not see dust plumes.

What about Steam Cleaning?

Oh, this is a good idea if your furniture is really smelly, animals sleep on them, or if you have a lot of children that have had accidents or spilled things.  If you do not own one, you can rent them for a low price at the local grocery or hardware store.  Make sure to get an enzyme cleaner if you have a nasty pet or undetermined funk and odor.  The enzymes will neutralize the odors and help freshen it.  You will also need to ask for the hose attachment.  This will allow you to steam clean your furniture, tight spaces like the carpeting on steps, area rugs, and also the interior of your vehicles.  I like to get my moneys worth!  I rent one about one time per year to deeply clean things that just need a good cleaning, like our vehicles, steps, and furniture.  Follow the care instructions of your furniture and the steam cleaner.  Add the proper amounts of water and cleaner and get to work.  I do every square inch of the sofa, even the pillows.  EVERYTHING.  The back of the sofa, the arm rests, the sides.  Let it air dry for several hours.  A fan can speed the process.

I personally, like leather furniture best because it provides a protective barrier to the dust.  A little wipe down with a damp cloth on leather furniture is all you need to get control over the dust or other build up.

Dusting seems to be a no brainer, but I tell you, people miss some very important steps.  For instance, if you have lamp on a table, you have to dust under the lamp, the lamp stand, the light bulb (turn it off first-it can be HOT), and the shade.  They collect a measure of dust, too.  Using a microfiber cloth, or old dust rag (I use old t-shirts or worn out socks for this purpose, too), and rub down the entire table.  Watch for fancy legs, they collect dust as well.

Homemade Furniture Polish…

  •  ½ cup lemon juice
  • ½ cup olive oil
  • 4-5 drops of lemon essential oil

Using a paper towel, pour a little polish and work into your dull wooden surfaces.  It will surprisingly give them beautiful shine.  Like a makeover for your tables.  And it smells lovely!

If you are sentimental, you LOVE these special knickknacks.  My grandmother had knickknacks covering every single shelf in her entire home!  I had the special job of cleaning them for her.  She gave me a little paint brush and a little jar of water and a feather duster and I had to detail the little precious items each week for her.  Well, needless to say, I had my fill.  You will not find clutter and knickknacks in my home because I know how much work they are to clean.  Simple is better, but if you really enjoy your knickknacks, that is just fine.  Once or twice a year you may need to clean them, too.  Have fun with that;)

Silk Flowers…
While silk flowers are a really pretty decoration to your living area, they also collect tons of dust.  Simply bring them outside and give them a little shake or a gentle sweep with your feather duster if they are fragile.  Once in a great while, I like to rinse them down with a little warm water and allow them to drip dry.

House Plants…
I love to accent my living area with a few house plants.  To remove dust, you take a damp cloth and gentle wipe down the leaves.

If you are like me, you have a few doilies around to add a little old fashioned  flair to your décor.  When dusting, you definitely need to take them outside for a shake out once per week, and dust under them.  Do not be deceived, dust will hide in every fiber of your doily.  Several time a year, I like to hand wash my doilies in warm soapy water and hang them out to dry.  Ironing them will give them a flat crisp look.

Banisters, Door Frames, Trim and Base boards…
Get your feather duster out and get busy running over all your baseboards, trim and banisters.  They get a thick layer of dust as well.

Picture Frames or wall hangings…
A feather duster will do well to gently remove loose dust.  If you have a glass over your art or photography, you can take a damp cloth and run over the surface of the glass to take away the haze or years of buildup.  Never spray or use wet rags, because 9 out of 10 times, you will damage the artwork from the water seeping in around the cracks of the frame.

I tied an old dishtowel around my broom head and got busy around the four corners of my living room ceiling.  The cobwebs so easily fall away.

If you have hard wood, sweep all debris from all the base of the wall and corners and work your way to the middle of the room.  Move furniture and sweep under everything.  This is where things like to hide.  I find all kinds of trash there, it is unreal!  Be sure to have pads under all four legs of heavy furniture to protect your wood from getting gouged or scratched.  While furniture is moved out, mop as well.  I use a homemade floor cleaner…

  • 1 cup vinegar
  • 1 cup water
  • 5 drops lemon essential oil

Always mop with the grain of the wood, it works so much better and looks better as a result.  If you have carpeting you need to also vacuum under all the furniture because dust lives under everything even more so when you have carpeting.  Carpeting just has to be vacuumed frequently to keep the dust under control.  I like to use our hose attachment to get around near the base boards because the regular vacuum will not get close enough.

Now that my living room smells good and is sparkling clean, I want to encourage you to do the same-clean your living room.  I like to light a candle in my home when it is really deeply cleaned, it just feels so wonderfully rewarding!

Just for a reminder…

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  1. Thank you for yet another inspiring video, Erin! Would you show us sometime how to clean windows, window seals, window tracks, etc.? Thank you so much for your ministry. You are in our prayers.

  2. Thank you! This is exactly what I needed today! This is the best cleaning list for the livingroom that I have found & I really enjoyed the video. Sometimes I look at things and don’t know where to begin. This really helped me get motivated to start and I got a lot accomplished. Thank you!!!!

  3. As the living room is the most used room in the house it gets dirty and it needs cleaning absolutely every day, This article helped me to do this it faster and more efficient.

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