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The smaller kitchen appliances need attention, too.  We tend to use them and shove them back to their corner or into the kitchen cabinets.  The food splatters and spills all over them and they start to look pretty disgusting after awhile.

If you deeply clean them one time, you can usually keep them up by simply wiping them down after each use.  This detailing process takes a bit more time, using smaller gadgets and picks to get into all the tiny crevices and corners that dirt gets trapped.  The good news is that each appliance should only take about 5 minutes total. Who can’t afford 5 minutes? After the detailing is complete, a wipe down will only take about 20 seconds or less.  Easy, right?  We can do this!

Here are a few supplies you may need for this detailing process…

You can make your very own, all natural spray cleaner!
This is a recipe from my friend, Alexis Turner with The Herbal Trading Post…

  • All-Purpose Kitchen Cleaner1 tsp Liquid Castile Soup
  • 1/8 Cup White Vinegar
  • 1/4 Cup Lemon Juice
  • 2 Cups Water
  • 1 tsp Borax
  • 10 drops of Essential Oil of Choice  (I used Lemon Essential oil in mine because it is a degreaser, it is inexpensive, and it smells so wonderful)

Combine all ingredients in a plastic spray bottle. Shake well before each use. Spray generously on kitchen surfaces then scrub and wipe with a damp cloth.

Take your toothpick to get into all the tiny cracks and wipe clean with the cotton swab.  If there are tiny holes, the dental picks work great for cleaning those out.  I use a non abrasive scrubbing pad to power off any stuck on spills.  A steel wool pad works great for getting grime off the chrome parts.

After everything is scoured off, spray the entire appliance over and wipe down with a dish towel until it shines.

Here are some before and after photos of the appliances I worked on in my kitchen.

My Blender…
This appliance gets a beating with our many smoothies each day.  Slopped yogurt and fruit drips all down into all the parts and buttons.  Yuck.  After a few minutes of detailing, my blender looks new again!

My Toaster…
Of course, we use our toaster with all our homemade breads.  From time to time, one of the kids puts a grilled cheese sandwich in there and we have a problem.  Not to fear, just shake all the debris out into a trash can.  Scrape and power off all the grime with your non abrasive scouring pad.  I am so excited to have a new looking toaster again.
My Mixer…
This is another appliance we use pretty regularly.  We mix our bread in there, make butter, whipped cream, and lots of batters for cookies and cakes.  Plenty of splatter action going on up into and all over my mixer.  I had fun getting into all the tiny places with my tooth picks and cotton swabs.  Now my machine looks bright and cheery.
My Microwave…
We virtually never use this appliance.  I have never owned one until we moved to this new home we rent.  The owner of the home did not clean this appliance for a long time, if ever, so it was hard to wait to clean it.  I wanted to save the grime for filming so you could see the dramatic results that a little TLC can produce.  Certainly the way it was, I would have been scared to put food in there because it did not look sanitary at all.  Check out the before and after photo of this disgusting microwave.

Now it is your turn.  Get your cleaning arsenal ready and start detailing.  You will love to cook again when your appliances look fresh and new again.

Join me next week when I demonstrate the cleaning process of the walls and floors.

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  1. I can’t wait for you to get to the bathroom:) It always takes me a lots of time to clean it… Thank you so much for your posts. You are transforming my life and my home!

  2. Transforming is exactly what’s happening to me. I can’t believe what a little motivation can do to me.
    Thanks again Erin.

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