This summer, the kids and I had a great time participating in Civil War Reenactments.  It all started when we found some old dresses in the rubble of our new homestead.  We got all dressed up and had a blast and thought, why not start showing up at the local Civil War Reenactments?
We showed up last May to the Court House burning reenactment and found out that we were so under dressed!  These people were INTO this and even made fancy ball dresses with huge hoop skirts.  I guess we were there to learn from them by observation.  Needless to say, we found a new fun pastime!
There was a ladies tea time where the girls and I learned how to have a Proper Tea Party!  There were such manners and etiquette in the 1860s.  A nice lady from England shared how to have tea in England.  Wow, that was fun to see.
My boys favorite part was the war part because they love the GUNS, of course.  Yeah, that's boys for ya!  Miles got to shoot a muzzle loader.  When the men started marching, you started to feel something surreal.  It was like you were there and you realized these were real people.  War is real!
Guns started firing and at times, I just wanted to hold my hands over my ears to soften the noise of it.  But this time I just let it soak in.  I watched as good men were shot and they laid there on the road begging for help.  It felt like you were experiencing it with them.  I wanted to run up and help them.

For awhile in silence we saw something happening as if it could have been our own kin folk.  I had seen wars on movies but when you see real people it brings you a little closer to the facts.  And there are wars going on right now, wives who are holding down the forts right now while their husbands are bravely serving in far away lands.  I pray for them!  It must be so hard.

The night ended well.  There was a ball and we were all invited to attend.  They had refreshments, live music, and a caller to call out all the fun vintage dances.  We had a blast, but found out that at the ball, the dresses were even more fancy!  Next time we heard about a ball, we decided we would add some fancy to our dresses!

Getting Ready for the Ball...

Just recently, we went to another Civil War Ball, but first the girls and I got busy adding ruffles and lace to all our dresses.  It was so much fun!  Grandma Evie made the hoop skirts for us.
It was so much fun to see Owen and Evie so happy.  They used to do reenactments a lot in their earlier years and still had a bunch of the gear for it.  They were like little newlyweds, it was so adorable.  I can see what a positive thing this is to do as a family and including others adds to the fun!
The kids were having so much fun learning all these old time dances.  Owen bought Even a Cameo for her necklace at the ball as a wedding anniversary gift.  She just glowed!

Since I have been in remission, I have been able to dance, too!  I even did the polka with some young kid.  I felt like I was 20 years younger that night!

As we danced the night away, we made memories that will last us our lifetime!  It is good to get your kids out and have fun with them, be a kid with them and enjoy life!

There is always, ALWAYS, ALWAYS, so much to be thankful for!  God is so good!

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0 thoughts on “Civil War Family Fun!

  1. The dresses are lovely
    You all look so good
    I am trying to make myself a prairie style dress
    Glad you all had such a great time

  2. So lovely. We love ballroom dancing.
    You looked great and it is even greater to see that you have so much fun together.
    God is good.

  3. The Reetz family does this. She shops the thrift stores for the clothes and makes ruffles from curtains or anything she can find. The guys even have outfits. They have so much fun.
    Glad to hear your daughter is healing.
    I’m hoping your house is ready for the soon to come winter weather.
    Always checking on you! glen

    • So good to hear from you, Glen and I am so happy to hear that the Reetz family is also having fun doing these Civil War balls. Darcy was always so creative and could make anything from anything she finds, I always admired her for that. Have a blessed day!

  4. Mrs. Harrison,
    I’m 16, and I love your blog! It is so encouraging! Seems like you write the exact kind of encouragement I need when I need it! 🙂 It’s amazing!
    I loved this post {never commented before!}! I’ve been wishing I had or could make a dress similar to these sometime soon! I love this kind of thing! You mentioned that your friend made your hoop skirts – and I was wondering if you could do a post/tutorial on how to make them? I’ve been all over the internet looking for the best and easiest way to make them and haven’t been able to find a really good pattern/tutorial.
    My family and I were at the last NGJ shindig – and I really wanted to talk to you, but you were busy every time I came by your table. Your Green Drink mix {from bulk herb store} has saved me from a ton of ailments! I used it everyday for over a year!
    My little sister would watch and rewatch your homesteading videos everyday – she has a bunch of stuff memorized. 🙂 We have all of them! Your posts on your barn/house remodel were amazing – I would love to come to one of your future camps! 🙂
    Blessings in the Lord,
    Christy {from Texas}

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