What is on the menu for today? I have a young lady living with our family for a time.  Her name is Amanda Martin.  She is such a nice young lady who really wanted to live with a family instead of being on her own.  She likes to help with meals and one day she made these tacos for us.  They were so good I thought I would share the recipe with you… Thank you to Amanda for improvising and making such a tasty treat! Cheesy Chicken Tacos 1 pound chicken 1 onion 1 pint of black beans 1 cup of shredded cheese 2 Tbs of butter lettuce corn tortilla shells Saute chopped onion in 2 Tbs of butter until tender.  Add chicken and toss until cooked.  I use leftover chicken from a chicken dinner.  Add cooked black beans and mix together.  Season with salt.  Sprinkle with shredded cheese.  Steam corn tortilla shells.  Build your taco with Cheesy Chicken and add lettuce and sour cream.  Enjoy!

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