Big Book of Homeschooling Giveaway: 10 Winners!

Announcing our 10 winners for the BIG Book of Homeschooling!!!

  1. Missy Priebe
  2. Alix St Amant
  3. Adam-Megan Johnson
  4. L Esther Yutzy
  5. Florence Kersten
  6. Amy McBrayer
  7. Valencia
  8. Nathaniel N Stephanie Morales
  9. Eden Wilber
  10. Amy Ryckman
Winners Wednesday!  We have picked a winner for the “Homesteader” Drying Rack give away.  Congratulations to Rebecca LaCourse!!!!  We truly hope our rack blesses your growing family.

This week will be fun…Debi Pearl and I want to give away our Big Book of Homeschooling to 10 different winners!!!!


Debi Pearl and I teamed up to create the Big Book of Homeschooling.  She wrote the book and I illustrated it with drawings, photos, and design, which makes this book extra special to my family.  This book covers every subject area you would hope for…

A sample of the Math chapter…

Homeschooling began with energetic creativity and descended into boring, over organized drudgery. The Big Book of Homeschooling by Debi Pearl takes you back to the successful foundations of the home schooling pioneers.
The Big Book of Homeschooling is the most entertaining, imaginative and helpful resource for homeschooling; bar none! It is full of creative ideas in teaching every subject you will need to cover to round out your child’s education. It is a resource so fun that your children will want you to read the book out loud so they can decide on which ideas they will want to incorporate into their daily lives.
To simplify your search for good reading material and free curriculums there are separate book lists for appropriate reading levels, and a list of websites that offer great curriculums. You will have at your fingertips a resource of where to find fun, wholesome homeschool freebies, book reviews, learning and teaching websites, and many other outstanding resources.
And take note: This is not the wisdom from just one homeschooling mom; it is the combined wisdom of many triumphant homeschooling moms who have grown very successful kids to prove their ideas worked.
What makes this book so different and interesting is: Discovering the paths of the hows, whys and wherefores from a wide variety of pioneer homeschooling moms. Their fascinating journey is exciting as well as instructive. You will be learning from the combined wisdom and genius of some of America’s greatest moms that succeeded in homeschooling their children. You will glean wisdom from them as you discover the different ways of teaching their children and how they struck gold in their efforts.
Additionally, the book is full of fresh, clean child friendly art that demonstrates the ideas being presented. Your family will have fun as you pour over each picture trying to duplicate the illustrations.
This book was written to make your task as an educator easier, and to encourage and challenge your children’s minds The Big Book of Homeschooling was written for both the educator and the one who is being educated to learn how to enjoy the process of gaining a wonderful education. It is homeschooling at its finest.

Watch my interview with Debi Pearl below.  

*****A wonderful combination of creative and commonsense – you will love it!
By Lorraine Morrall on February 14, 2014
This is another masterpiece by Debi Pearl. Her ideas and writing style are clear, concise, practical, and creative. “Practical” and “creative” might not seem to go together, but I believe that anything she writes about embodies both ideas. The wonderful outcome is that everything she suggests is attainable by you and me and everyone in between. This book goes through each “school” subject – as well as some extra-curriculars – and provides effective-yet-fun learning ideas. (I have homeschooled for 13 years and found many refreshing ideas that I’ve already implemented. They received a very positive response from my five children as well.) Each chapter also includes internet resources which are top-notch. The graphics in each chapter are beautiful and pertinent and are effective at holding the interest of someone like me who grew up watching WAY too much t.v. ;D

For me, everything I have read by Debi Pearl has been a blessing and this book is no exception. This book will be especially helpful for keeping school “fun” while you effectively educate your children. Even if you don’t homeschool, you might find this book helpful in educating your children about particular subjects.

Whether you are new to homeschooling or a veteran, this book will be most helpful. If there is anyone out there who has a friend or family member who is struggling with keeping their homeschooling experience joyful or who has a friend or family member about to embark upon homeschooling, please consider this resource for them. I think it will truly help and bless them.

Thank you, Debi, for writing this book!

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317 thoughts on “Big Book of Homeschooling Giveaway: 10 Winners!

  1. The Big Book of Homeschooling sounds wonderful! After 9 years of homeschooling with only one student left, I feel we both are burned out. Our oldest daughter plans on homeschooling her pre-schooler. I would love to get this book, not only to re-inspire our love of homeschooling but to start my grandaughter off on the right track!

  2. I actually don’t homeschool, but I would love to win this book for my friend from GA who is a great homeschooler 🙂
    I hope that counts!!!

  3. My favorite thing about homeschooling is the time I get to spend with my kids. My first child graduated from home school last year and I am so thankful for all the time I got to spend with her. I also have one who is 5 and starting to read and it is so fun being the one to teach that and watch the children learn new things.

  4. The best part of homeschooling is letting God be the center of all the questions and learning instead of state-mandated lies. My children are free to learn the truth of God’s Word in a creative and real way, not just from a textbook.

  5. Hello Erin – thank you for this fun offer ! Even without winning this, I will still be getting a copy ! I myself was homeschooled and am now homeschooling our 7 children. To answer the question , what is the best part of homeschooling… There are so many good answers to this, but of course the top two would be, being able to direct the hearts of our children to The Lord and having quality time together. How precious to see them grow up!
    God bless you & your family’s efforts to bring an encouraging word to mothers. I do not read many blogs but I find yours extremely practical and something every day that is truly relevant to being a wholesome, balanced mother. Thank you !

  6. We are just beginning our homeschool journey after public school failed our oldest. I am jumping in head first with 4/5 grade, kindergarten, and a toddler!

  7. I have been wanting to order this book since it came out. I guess I will try to win it first. I have been homeschooling for 12 years now. I have 3 children with 1 already graduated. I have found that all of my children learn a different way and we just have to find what works for them. I have never regretted not sending my children to public school and I am so thankful that people like Mike and Debi Pearl paved the way for us to be able to homeschool. I have read their material for many years and they have helped me in many areas of my life and I can’t wait to get this book in my hands. Thank you for offering this.

  8. Thanks so much for the chance to win this great book! I’ve been hoping for a copy since I missed the pre-season sale.
    My favorite part about homeschooling is not missing a SINGLE moment of my children’s lives. My hubby and I have been able to see all the fun growth in them! I can’t imagine having to hear about it from a child care provider!
    Thank the Lord for homeschooling!

  9. I received my teaching degree 2 years ago but will not teach in our public school system. Christian schools have no openings. So I hope to homeschool my grandchildren, have 2 with more to come. This book would be a great asset to my already growing teaching resources. Thanks for this opportunity.

  10. This book looks wonderful and full of great information I could use in homeschooling my 5 children! We are on our 3rd year and at times it still feels foreign to me. I would love the encouragement and inspiration this book has to offer!!

  11. Dear Erin,
    Thank you for blessing others. I look forward to reading your blog entries they exhort and edify your sisters in Christ. We would love to win a copy of the book. God bless.

  12. My favorite thing about homeschooling is getting to spend time with my children and rejoicing with them as they learn new things.

  13. I love the way Debi and Michael encourage teaching. I am forever learning from them. They have made a mark on this mother’s life, which has reached down to her children, and beside to her husband. I would love to have her new homeschooling book!

  14. I would love this book!! After 6 years of “conventional” homeschooling with lots of workbooks and what seems like endless paperwork we are looking for a change. I think this would help us out tremendously.Next year I will have 3 out of 5 of our children doing school and we could use some help figuring out where to go with our studies.

  15. We have home educated for 13 years and our oldest graduates this year. We have 6 more behind her and the youngest is only 3. We look forward to more years of teaching and learning with them. My favorite things would probably be Bible and History and all of us just being together. This book looks wonderful and thanks for the chance to win.

  16. I was home schooled the last seven years of my schooling and public schooled the first six. I now home school with my six children! It is the best! I love to be with my children and teach them! I really would love to get this book! I’ll probably buy it eventually.

  17. I’m enjoying homeschooling my daughters! We use some curriculum but don’t stick to a rigid plan with it.
    My parents homeschooled me back as one of the first families in the state. I’m so thankful for their pioneer spirit and stepping out in faith when it wasn’t popular.

  18. What a wonderful giveaway!! I love the interview with Debi. I think of all the reading I have done of her writing, she has done so much to train up this child! Debi’s writing combined with your artwork – I can not wait to read this book.

  19. I love homeschooling because I have my kids home with me, I know what they are learning. And we enjoy watching homesteading for beginners & learning how to live a homesteading lifestyle together. The past 4 years of homeschooling have just flew by.

  20. I was hoping for quite a while to homeschool my children at some point but these last weeks I have found a even stronger desire to do it. I am at the phase to get all the knowledge possible to start homeschooling maybe this coming school year just probably start even in summer a little and totally need all the help I can get being new to this. I think this book we would be a tremendous help for us especially that I am yet not creative at all. But I do have hopes that homeschooling will chage that side of me and will bring many more benefits to our family. My 2 boys were so excited at the posibility to learn at home!!! Thank God for women like you Erin and like Debi such an inspiration to all of us!!!

  21. I don’t start “homeschooling” until May. Since I’ll be having a baby at the end of August, we thought it would be wise to start a bit earlier. I’m really excited to start and influence my daughter’s education.

  22. Homeschooling allows me to be the one raising my children; I choose how they are taught and trained, instead of a school system.

  23. Wow I was so excited to find out she wrote this book! I cant wait to read it! I love homeschooling its hard to pick my favorite, I love being in Gods creation with my kids and watching them. Seeing them struggle then the light goes on and it clicks. I am blessed to be the one to show them and teach them. Thanks for the giveaway

  24. I am so blessed to be able to raise my children and teach them at home. I am so excited to be in the contest- thank you so much for the opportunity!

  25. LOVE this new book!! I bought a copy for my sister for her birthday and she loves it too! I would love to give my friend a copy also! Great book!!

  26. I have been greatly blessed by No Greater Joy Ministries and have been excited to get a copy of this book! I didn’t know you were involved in its creation! Awesome!

  27. I havent started yet, but knowing where my child is, what he is doing and what he is learning is a big plus. Also being able to teach him Gods Word.

  28. I don’t know yet, as my oldest is 2, but what really got me serious about it was the idea of building on my kids’ individual giftings. We will be first generation on either side of the family, both went to private Church schools, both taught in the same schools, and we’ve seen more than we’re comfortable with even there. So I’d love this resource as I’m a little lost on where to start 🙂

  29. Thank you for offering this resource. We have gleaned so much from the Pearl’s wisdom while raising our twin girls in their early years and now as they have turned four we are entering a whole new season of teaching and training! Would love to reap more wisdom and creativity from this book on homeschooling!

  30. My favorite part of homeschooling is that “aha” moment my son gets when he finally understands something he’s been having trouble with. And as I’m writing this it just happened as dad was helping him in math.

  31. I would love to win this book. I’m in my first year of homeschooling and most days it feels like I’m lost. I don’t want to school like the public school and would love some ideas and tips. Blessings Lena

  32. I’m just starting out in the homeschool experience, with my first grader. I’ve been eyeing this book ever since the announcement came out that it was being written, as I think it would really help out with my hyper firstborn and getting him to enjoy his school.

  33. Being together as a family and pursuing each unique interest. I also like them learning at their own pace….don’t have to slow down for others or get left behind.

  34. This would be really great if there is something in it for high school. My youngest is different. I’m so text book oriented. She hates school. Trying to see what her talents are and what she is interested in.

  35. I am new to homeschooling..I school my two sweet grands that my husband and I are raising…we love it…such a blessing to stay home and teach them…

  36. I am so interested in this book. I will be homeschooling my little girl starting in the fall and am trying to make decisions about what I want to use. This book would such a blessing.

  37. I’m so excited about this! I grew up homeschooled and I now have a little girl of y own – so excited to start homeschooling her in a few years!

  38. I need this book! I have been homeschooling for a very long time and feel a bit burned out. My favorite thing about homeschooling is having my children around me all day every day. Thank you for the chance to win.

  39. My favorite thing about homeschooling is being around my children! I also like being able to tailor their education for their needs.

  40. Homeschooling is a huge blessing being able to raise my children up in a Christ centered home. Would not want anyone else raising my kids! Very thankful we can! Only with The Lord Jesus that I can!

  41. I love homeschooling my children! One of the main things I love about homeschooling is the ability to make our own schedule!

  42. My favourite part of home schooling is the relationship building between parent(s) and child(ren). I grew up looking at home school as a lame concept but when I got born again and then got married and had to make the decision for myself, there was no “what do I do?”, I just knew that I couldn’t send my children to a public school. I’d love to have this book because I’m going to be a first-generation home schooling mom. Thank you for the opportunity to be a part of this giveaway 🙂 Thank you for making this book for the home school community 🙂 May the Lord bless both NGJ ministries and Keeper of the Homestead.

  43. My favorite part of homeschooling is the time spent with my kiddos. Being able to watch them grasp a concept is so rewarding! The moment it all clicks and their eyes just light up! Precious!

  44. I love seeing who my children truly are, and being with them all the time.
    I KNOW the influence that they receive.
    We get to help them discover and pursue who GOD created them to be!

  45. I love having my kids home and helping them learn. I don’t believe young children should be sitting at a desk for most of the day, so I’m always looking for alternative teaching ideas. I want my kids to love to learn!

  46. We love everything Debi has written! She has been a blessing and inspiration to our lives! I would love to have this new book to encourage us on our homeschool journey!

  47. I’ve been homeschooling for 27 years non stop. I still have 3 children
    at home and 10 grandchildren, most of whom are being schooled at home. This would be a great resource. I listened to Debbie’s homeschool tape years ago and was challenged with it.

  48. What a neat give away! The thing I love most about homeschooling is being with my children all the time, and I love the “a-ha” moments when I get to see first hand something learned. I’ve been homeschooling for 15 years and I love learning new ways to teach.

  49. I was homeschooled and am looking forward to homechooling my 4 little ones, but i want to make it fun to learn instead of trying to drum it into their heads

  50. I love being able to delve into a subject that my children are interested in and seeing how much they learn when they are passionate about it!

  51. I have never home schooled my two girls but I am very interested in learning about homeschooling. My oldest daughter, age ten, has autism but is very intelligent and the public schools have not been kind to her. She was put into a self contained classroom where she is with other disabled kids and they treat her like she’s mentally challenged by giving her baby work to do all day. My youngest is six and finishing the first grade and needs more challenges to keep her learning. She is bright and loves learning but does not get the rich literature, poems, fairy tales and good books she needs but instead is constantly tested, evaluated and given the same work over and over and over. I am tired of this and am downloading good books and fine literature off the internet to read to them at home. They like the engaging stories about heroes and people who did great things in history. Public school is dry and dull where we live, in Florida. I also do not want my kids in the Common Core Curriculum which will take full effect next school year. I want to get them out of the madness of the system and let them enjoy being kids at home.

  52. I have my 6th precious little one on the way and have prayed for something to help me stay more organized and focused. This book just looks wonderful! Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us!

  53. My favorite thing about homeschooling….so many to choose from…but if I have to choose just one, I say it is the time I’ve had with my children. Being there, guiding them, instructing them, loving them, and enjoying the time with them is a gift. I am blessed to have this time.

  54. My mom really wants this book!!! She would just Love to have it, but we can’t afford it right now. Winning it free would be an answer to prayer! Thank you for the chance!!

  55. I would love to win this book…I need this book! Feeling discouraged about our homeschooling journey and this book looks like the guidance and wisdom I so desperately need right now

  56. Wow thank you so much for 10 (!!!) people to win this book! It is books like these that allow those of us who were not homeschooled, but want something better for our children and future generations! What a blessing this would be for me and my young children! Thank you! I’m so glad to have NGJ on my website 🙂 Your ministry and all of you children’s ministry is such a blessing as well. The only problem is I can’t afford to buy all you have at once!!!! haha…so this would be such a blessing! Thank you!

  57. My favorite thing about homeschooling is knowing that my children are being raised up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord! But there are so many blessings. Just getting to spend all of that time with my children is such a joy. God is also strengthening my character (something I never gained from the workforce) by teaching me patience, how to serve those who can’t serve you, and He is teaching me time management. I couldn’t ask for a better job to make me better and one that gives back more rewards! My almost three year old knows about 50 KJV Bible verse. Do you think they’d learn that in public or even private school? How joyful it is to know that when the enemy attacks, they will have Scripture to help them through those times!

  58. This book looks amazing!! I know it would be one of those books that I just couldn’t put down!!! When that happens, Intend to highlight or mark everything that would apply to me or just be plain helpful.
    I’m homeschooling six boys and would love an opportunity to win this!!!

  59. Looks like a terrific book! Would love to win one! We home school our 6 children and although I feel we have a good “groove” going on, some fresh ideas are always welcome.

  60. I’m a mother to three children. Two of my kids are preschool age. I plan to homeschool them. This looks like a great book to help me get started!

  61. I love being able to spend time with my girls all day long. Not only do we do “official” school but to be able to go for bike rides when the weather breaks, teaching them to cook and bake, plus teaching them how to do regular chores, taking pride in their work, etc. It is so fulfilling. When my husband and I got married I was completely focused on my career (made 75k+ a year) and didn’t really want children. God changed my heart. I’m now a stay at home mom and we’re expecting number 4.

  62. I love the closeness homeschooling affords our family and the fact that it has produced young people that LOVE to explore and learn independently. These things are priceless to me! Thanks be to God!

  63. I love to homeschool because it not only protects them from the “education” they would receive in the public school, but it give us as parents the opportunity to teach our children in their areas of strength and interest. I believe these two areas are of course God given and will be of use for the plan He has for them. It is our duty to build a good foundation for service to the Saviour.

  64. I an very excited about this new book. It looks amazing. On a side note can we just talk about how AMAZING Debi Pearl looks. WOW!!! I wish I could find out exactly what she does and does not eat and if she takes any supplements. Seriously, she looks sooooo good. I hope I look that amazing when I get to her age.

  65. I’m not a homeschooler I have no children. I do have sisters in Jesus Christ who stand on the King James Bible and would love to give this book to them. I’m sure it’s a wonderful resource. I do have “Created to be his help meet.” It has helped me in my marriage in so many ways! I hope I will be able to bless my friends with your helpful book!

  66. I love the time I have with my kids but I also love the time my kids have with each other that they wouldn’t have in a grade divided school.

  67. Thanks for this wonderful opportunity to win this book! We are on our 3rd year of homeschooling 4 school age boys and a couple toddlers and a baby. I love to be able to spend so much time with them and to guide their hearts towards God. We would love this book to help us on our journey!

  68. I’d love to win this book! I have a baby boy and I’m looking forward to homeschooling my children, God willing!

  69. This looks like a great resource! I am in my second year homeschooling (2 of 3 going on 4 are currently homeschooling) and would love the opportunity to win a copy!

  70. Sería una bendición contar con esa herramienta, sus consejos, su experiencia de vida por medio de su Libro Debi. Mi esposo y yo decidimos hace más de 4 años, antes que naciera mi primer hija; educar en el hogar, esta idea surgió como resultado de la lectura de un libro que mandamos a traer desde méxico, al igual que adquirimos dos libros escritos por usted acerca de la cómo ser ayuda idonea. Tengo tres hijos pequeños de 4, 2 y 8 meses y necesitamos leer todo lo que se relacione con educación en el hogar, en nuestro país Costa Rica, no se tiene esta práctica, por lo que nuestra información tiene necesariamente que venir de libros como el suyo, si tuviera la bendición de tenerlo, nos pondríamos a trabajar en traducirlo a español para enterlo ya que no hablamos el inglés. Estoy segura de que su libro será tan útil como los que ya he, leído tanto de usted como de su esposo.

  71. Having God as our school principal, and my husband leading, enjoying with my daughters several activities at home, the freedom and responsability of sharing not only knowledge, watching as the fear of God and wisdom blossom in their heart. 🙂

  72. I hear a lot of parents wishing for school breaks to end so that they can get a break from their kids. One of the main reason my family has continued homeschooling all these years is because we like spending time together. Sometimes we argue and the kids drive me crazy but sometimes we laugh so hard we fall out of our chairs. I homeschool because I like my kids.

  73. Oh I want this book! I am homeschooling 2 right now and will be starting another one in the fall. We also have a toddler and a baby due in 2 months. What I love about homeschooling is that we do now have to allow the children to be brain washed by our anti God schools.

  74. Erin, thank you so much for the chance to win this book. I think this will be a real inspiration to me. This makes my 6th year to home school. I pulled my oldest two out of public school and my 3rd child has never been and of course the new baby will never attend either, but I am struggling. I was a substitute teacher for several years. I just could not let go of my kidos, so I decided the best thing to do was be there with them at school and started working there. I then got the courage to pull them out and just do it my self and not worry about missing out on something. But, I have struggled with getting the public school system of teaching out of me and them. And at times feel very overwhelmed and like a failure. I think this book will be a great tool for me to use. Debbie Pearls book saved my marriage and I bet it can help me save my homeschooling ability!!! God bless.

  75. My favorite thing about homeschooling is the freedom to choose a strong, Biblically based curriculum that suits our family.

  76. I love homeschooling because of the time I get to spend with my children loving on them while teaching them in a way that I know and feel is best for their individual needs.

  77. We have been homeschooling for 5 years. It has been very rewarding and a blessing to be able to teach my children our values and convictions. I would love to win this wonderful book, as I sometimes struggle with getting caught up with using only curriculums and my kids can get bores and frustrated. Thank you for this chance to win this book.

  78. My favorite thing about homeschooling is being able to be at home with my 4 beautiful children instructing them in their academics, life skills and surrounding it all with God’s love and working for his glory.

  79. Homeschooling is a blessing even though it is sometimes a roller coaster ride. I can determine what my children learn and when. Being home together builds family unity as well.

  80. I am not yet homeschooling, my first born is 16 months old but we are planning on homeschooling once our children reach that age and your book caught my eye. I guess you can’t prepare too early…

  81. I love being the one who downloads my Christian values into my children’s daily lives. I also love spending time living, growing and loving my kids.

  82. The thing I like most is that we can do “school” on our own time. Some days we are mornings and others afternoon. As long as we complete it by 5pm we are good. Yet there are days we may not finish till nighttime. We also do “school” outside when the weather is nice. I like the freedom that homeschooling allows our family.

  83. Olvidé decir que Escuela en el hogar fue una respuesta a nuestra oración, nos preocupaban tantas situaciones en el sistema impuesto por la cultura moderna. Lo más importante de enseñar en el hogar, tiene que ver con poner en el corazón de nuestros hijos al levantarse, durante el día y al acostarse el temor a Dios, a amarle con toda su mente, y sus fuerzas, que El es soberano, y debe de ser lo más importante en sus vidas.Como segundo punto, los lazos que se entrelazan de nosotros con nuestros hijos y después el poder enseñarles para la vida, con una cosmovisión bíblica. El que tanto mis hijas aprendan a ser buenas ayudas como esposas y mi pequeño se prepare para ser buen esposo cabeza y guía del hogar, viviendo cada uno el rol para el cual fueron diseñados. Alábo a Dios Padre porque hace unos años atrás no tenía ni idea sobre esta manera de ver la vida cristiana, es como una reforma a todas las aréas de la vida, y que en su misericordi ha permitido a mi familia entender estas cosas.

  84. I’m just beginning this homeschool journey with our first child who is now 4. I love knowing what will be taught, how it will be taught and when it will be taught. Plus, I don’t think I could handle sending her off to school all day 5 days a week.

  85. Homeschooling to me is so important spending time with my children daily is such a joy to spend each day with them. I am so thankful for Debi and her book.

  86. The fact that we can be flexible with our schedule. No rush to get on the bus. We can go play outside when its nice 🙂 I am homeschooling 5 children 8 and under.

  87. my favourite thing about homeschooling is that I get to spend all the time with my children , instilling them with biblical truths along with regular school work .. and teaching them things they wouldn’t normally learn in the school setting . God Bless .. love the Pearls!! Wonderful Godly people!

  88. my favourite thing about homeschooling is that I get to spend all the time with my children , instilling them with biblical truths along with regular school work .. and teaching them things they wouldn’t normally learn in the school setting . God Bless .. love the Pearls!! Wonderful Godly people!

  89. my favourite thing about homeschooling is that I get to spend all the time with my children , instilling them with biblical truths along with regular school work .. and teaching them things they wouldn’t normally learn in the school setting . God Bless .. love the Pearls!! Wonderful Godly people!

  90. my favourite thing about homeschooling is that I get to spend all the time with my children , instilling them with biblical truths along with regular school work .. and teaching them things they wouldn’t normally learn in the school setting . God Bless .. love the Pearls!! Wonderful Godly people!

  91. my favourite thing about homeschooling is that I get to spend all the time with my children , instilling them with biblical truths along with regular school work .. and teaching them things they wouldn’t normally learn in the school setting . God Bless .. love the Pearls!! Wonderful Godly people!

  92. Just started homeschooling for the first time in January. My son is in Kindergarten. He’s doing great, but gets bored easily. Would love this book!!

  93. Haven’t started yet, but am looking forward to gathering all the information that I can. I want to teach and lead my children at home, not chauffeur them from school to activity to activity and barely spend any time with them.

  94. My oldest is almost 5 but we already to some school with her. I love being able to spend so much time with my girl instead of sending her off to preschool. So quality time together is my favorite part of homeschooling.

  95. Thank you so much for the opportunity to win one of these books! I have five little ones and am homeschooling and would love to have this resource. If I don’t win, I will be planning to buy one when I can!

  96. Thanks so much for this chance to win! Having just had a baby just a month ago it has been hard for me to get back in the swing of things with my kids. I’m really excited about this book and can’t wait to see what it has to offer!

  97. This would be fantastic for our family! Always needing new ideas and encouragement along the way with homeschooling. Pinching pennies doesn’t allow for many ‘want’ purchases. So I usually stick with what I know. This would bring a much welcome change and ideas!! I would really love, love, love to have one of these!!! Thank you so much!!

  98. I love having my kids with me all day. It is amazing watching them light up as they learn and understand new things. I have to admit I am learning right along with them.

  99. We love seeing the relationships that are developing between our children from homeschooling. We are always looking for great ideas to learn with. Can’t wait for this book to spead like fire, for the love of learning to be rekindled in moms and their children.

  100. This would be so awesome to win!! I use a curriculum because I don’t know any other way and would love to “unschool” my kids! It’s frustrating when every day is a fight to get them to finish their schooling and we don’t enjoy each other. If I don’t win I am going to purchase one!!

  101. Just getting started with Homeschooling Grandkids. Things have changed a lot since my days of schooling. This would be such a blessing to help keep me on the right track!

  102. One of my favorite things about homeschooling is the one on one teaching help you can give your child. Another major thing for me is your children can not have to grow up so fast. At public school they learn way more than I want them to know about some things from other kids.

  103. My favourite part of homeschooling? Everything 🙂 I just love being with my kids! We have a lot of fun together, both during “school” time and the rest of the day too.

  104. I’m just starting out on my home school journey here in remote Alaska. I have a 7 year old daughter and 5 year old twins. My favorite thing so far about home schooling is watching the excitement and sharing in it when they learn something new that really excites them. The hardest part has been adapting to their individual learning styles. The twins have dyslexia and my daughter is an over achiever so there is a big gap that I am trying to fill. Thank you for writing this book. 🙂 I have to add a shout out for the Mom Bucks it has been a big success in our home.

  105. This book will be a blessing to whomever receives it! Thanks for the giveaway; this is fun!
    There are SO MANY reasons to love homeschooling: passing along the truths we’ve been given; watching our children blossom rather than reading about it on a progress report; learning new things and loving the process right along with them…today’s was watching my six year old memorize three long verses and later seeing her eyes light up as she realized she really was capable of reading two-syllable words. And that’s just today!
    Thanks, Debi and Erin, for the excellence and love you poured into this book. And thank You Jesus for the blessing of homeschooling, and ABUNDANT LIFE through your blood!

  106. I love that my children are being taught by my wife and our values and not the world’s. Otherwise, we’d spend all evening just trying to undo the damage of the public school!

  107. I would LOVE to win this resource! Sounds like it is packed with some great Fun too! Looking forward to using Debi’s ideas in our homeschool as well. Thank you sharing this with us through your Give-away!

  108. Thank you Debi for writing this book, I know it will be amazing! I have your homeschool CD and love the ideas and inspiration that you have shared. Can’t wait to read this!

  109. Wow! This looks like an awesome book. I would love to win one! 🙂
    p.s. You both look wonderful on the interview video. Debi looks like she could be Shoshanna’s sister!

  110. I love being able to share the days with my kids and to take part in the formation of their ideas. why would I want to give the best hours of their and my day to someone else?? I would miss out an a thousand little blessing and giggle moments!!

  111. I am excited about this book. I don’t have my own children but I have nieces and nephews who enjoy new learning ideas and help from Aunty!

  112. I love homeschooling because I get to spend time with my kids! I don’t have to send them off to someone else and only get to see them after they are worn out and grumpy!

  113. My favorite thing about homeschooling is seeing my children light up when they finally understand that the game we’ve been playing teaches an important concept!

  114. I love homeschooling because I know I’m doing what the Lord called me to do! And I know where my children are and I know what they are learning at all times! I grew up in all kinds of different ” schools” ..Christian, Private, Public and home schooled. All were VERY boring! Even if I don’t win this book I will definitely be buying it! I don’t think there’s a book Mrs Pearl has written that I don’t have and love! Or ngj for that matter! Love you all! What a wonderful giveaway, I hope and pray that the mamas who get this awesome book will be blessed abundently by it!

  115. I would love to get this book! The question was “What is your favorite thing about homeschooling?” I don’t think I can answer with just ONE favorite! 🙂 The best things about homeschooling are that I get to be with my children every day, teach them character and God’s Word, I can adjust the schedule to fit our family’s needs, I can see the progress and rejoice when my child learns to read, and my children don’t get labeled as a slow learner, etc just because they’re active boys. I have had to change math curriculums until one clicked and now my son is wonderful at math! My struggling reader just needed a little time and it clicked. But being a homeschooler, I didn’t have to hold them back a grade in every subject until their reading improved. I was able to just keep moving on with the things they were good at, and before long the reading just clicked. Now he’s an expert reader and enjoys it too. I know a poor mom who has an eight year old on medication every day and still not reading or writing. That’s where at least one, probably 2 or 3 of my sons would have been if they weren’t homeschooled. Instead, they’re confident, unmedicated children who have excelled with time! It’s NOT easy on a mom’s emotions 😉 but it IS WORTH IT!

  116. I like home schooling because I love watching my kids learn. It’s always so exciting to see when something clicks! I also cherish the time together because I know that they will grow up so fast!

  117. Thank you so much for offering this! This is my
    First year homeschooling and I have been loving it so much! But next year with two in school, and then so on and so forth (4 little ones thus far)… I get a little intimidated thinking about it.
    I am really excited about this book!!!

  118. Thank you not only for the book offer but also hour honesty. The best things about homeschooling are the choices we get to make for our children not the institution, the love of God we can share with them, and the flexibility.

  119. Actually I am not yet married, so I’m not homeschooling yet. However, I absolutely can’t wait. I look forward to teaching them all subjects with the Bible as the basis. I want my kids to see learning as fun. I would lovevto have this in my hopechest!!

  120. I recently found out about this blog, I love it!! There’s so much stuff to learn from, I have 2 boys 1 and 2 years old. I’m planning on home Shooling them, so I would like to win the book.

  121. We just recently had a couple ask us about homeschooling and I would love to win a book for them. What a great giveaway!

  122. Oops, didn’t see the question to answer. The thing I love most about homeschooling is that it gives us the flexibility and the freedom to make our homeschool tailored to our children’s special interests and needs, while we build their foundation on Christ. We never planned to homeschool in the beginning, but we are so thankful and blessed that the Lord opened our eyes and our hearts to it. To God be the glory!

  123. I love watching my kids learn. I love knowing that I am there to help them along, to protect them, to cuddle them, and so much more.

  124. I am always looking for ways to freshen up our homeschooling experience. We have had several transitions due to moving and such, and this just might help. The Pearls always produce great books.

  125. Wow this brings back so many memories… I used this book to get materials for my 3 girls when I was homeschooling them. It was always close by and what a blessing it was to have… Good to see it is still around. They are in their 30’s now and are looking into homeschooling their little ones.

  126. Dear Erin,
    I recently found your blog. Many posts are a true encouragement for me! And now this wonderful giveaway… I would be happy if I could be picked. I have 4 kids, all of the are homeschooled. 1 is in the 2nd grade, and 3 are in the 1st. This book would be SOOOO appreciated! May God bless you and your family!
    Anna K.

  127. I’m new to your blog, but still very thankful for the give away. The best thing about homeschooling is the control we can take back regarding our children’s education.

  128. My favorite part of homeschooling is learning along with my children. We have only a short time with our kids and I am blessed to be able to be with them.

  129. We have homeschooled since 1996. We are getting in a rut doing things as we have always done. My daughter is complaining of boredom lately. Time for a change! This book looks like a great way to get some new ideas! ~Diane

  130. As a “begin again” mom of 4…we are prayfully considering homeschooling. I have huge doubts about my ability and this book may help relieve some of them! Thanks for the wonderful giveaway and good luck to everyone!

  131. My favorite thing about homeschooling….oh my, I don’t have just one!
    I guess I would have to say that would be having my children at home with me. I want to be the one to teach them not only their abc’s but about Jesus! About life! About joy! Words cannot express my love for homeschooling.

  132. I love homeschooling my children because I see the fruit of my labor as they grow! They know how to function, survive, read, write, etc . because I taught them. Not a stranger! I feel it’s my God given right to raise and teach my children and I love every minute of it!

  133. I have enjoyed your blog and your videos for quite some time now. So to see a giveaway that I am excited to participate in, is a wonderful thing! Normally I don’t do these. But, I have been home educating our children their entire lives. We have never used a school system. We have used a boxed curriculum before, but I found that it was too rigid for our lifestyle, and it didn’t offer the flexibility we wanted (and loved that homeschooling gave). So I am back to making the curriculum each week for our children. A book with ideas, projects and knowledge from other home educating moms would be a wonderful addition to what I’m doing out of my own head! Thank you for writing the book, and doing a giveaway. I pray it blesses MANY families and homes!

  134. My favorite thing about homeschooling is spending lots of time with my children. Right now my daughter just turned 5 and is barely starting to read about 2 sentences at a time. She is soooo proud of herself and so am I!!! 🙂

  135. I am a young mother of two little girls just starting her homeschooling journey. Last year I attended a homeschooling convention and left overwhelmed at the sheer amount of curricula offered!!! Just hearing you two ladies speak of the joy of simple homeschooling is SO refreshing. I cannot wait to get my hands on this book 🙂

  136. My oldest is 3 and we are just getting started with homeschooling. I love that I am able to spend the time at home with my little ones.

  137. I already have one of these, but my oldest daughter would love to have a copy of her own. We have gleaned a lot of great ideas so far. Thank you for the great resource!

  138. My favorite part of homeschooling is seeing the lights go on as my child sees and understands something that I am teaching. To be able to see them growing in the most rewarding part. : )

  139. I really love spending time with my children.
    I love to learn with them. I enjoy watching them grow spiritually, emotionally, physically as well as academically…but I often get too wrapped up in daily duties and lose my creativity and energy in our homeschooling. A book filled with new and fresh ideas would be such a blessing!

  140. We have been homeschooling for 10 years. My oldest had a heart condition that was not treatable. She died four weeks ago. The best about homeschooling is the close bond between the siblings, and the possibility to have a lot of time to spend together as a family. With my daughter gone I need a renewed perspective on life and education. Would love to read the book.

  141. I have been waiting for this book to come out for years cannot wait to get a copy of my own, so I can start reading and applying the knowledge there in. Thank you Debi for the hard work you put into this book.

  142. I need something simple…been homeschooling for 13 years now and have one graduate, one senior, one kindergartner & a prek!

  143. I can’t wait to read Debi’s new book. I have all teens and from what I’ve heard, I think it would be good for them to read for now and the future as they gather thoughts of how they’d like to raise their kids. Thanks for having the giveaway.

  144. Would love this book! I love being able to have time with my children, lead them to who should be the greatest influence in there life instead of letting peers decide that for them, and learning along side them. I think the greatest amount of learning is done by mom and not the children. 😉

  145. I love that I can train my children up in God’s Word and I know they are being taught. It’s our first year and would love a hard copy resource not just websites for guidance. Thanks!

  146. I am sooo excited about this book!!! I have a 4&2 year old and one on the way and I love the fact that I can teach my kids through life and through doing the things that they and I love and enjoy! I had a very bad text book experience and I have had to relearn hot to love learning – but I have done it and I think this book is going to bless so many moms like me who want to pass on the gift of learning to their kids…thank you both for your energy and effort to give us more ideas to teach our kids the way kids are meant to be taught!

    • Oh, forgot! My favorite thing about homeschooling is being able to see my children growing and witness who they are becoming on a daily basis. =)

  147. My child’s face when they realize they’ve learned something new. Especially a challenging area. That “I’ve got it.” look of satisfaction warms my heart.

  148. What I love about homeschooling is that it can be a chance to inspire! We are only limited by our own motivation and attitude! Rejoice over this opportunity! Find something fun to learn about today!

  149. My favorite thing about homeschooling is that I get to be at home with my kids, spending precious time with them.

  150. My favorite thing about homeschooling is spending the time with my children. Watching them grasp new concepts is a thrill! Thank you for the opportunity!

  151. We haven’t started homeschooling yet, but I’m looking forward to being the one that teaches my children, not the state!

  152. As homeschooling mom of 6 with 21 years under my belt now, my favorite thing about homeschooling is that when we realize something isn’t working, we can stop and correct our course. We need some course correction here and I think Debbie’s book may give some ideas on which corrections to make! Thanks for this great giveaway opportunity!

  153. I have recently discovered unit studies! the atmosphere in our homeschool has changed dramatically! I am so thankful to God !

  154. My favorite thing about home schooling is the time I have with my kids each day. Even on the ‘bad days’…I’m glad they’re with me.

  155. I’ve been homeschooling for 9 years, and the thing I like best is my freedom! I can go and come as I please!

  156. Having control of the content of the curriculum we use. Knowing what my children are learning is consistent with our beliefs. 🙂

  157. I love watching my girls learn to read. I cried like a baby when our oldest daughter read her first sentence. Our youngest is just now learning in K5 and I’m sure I’ll have the same reaction.

  158. What an exciting surprise to start my day/week with this info. I have been inspired, encouraged, and exhorted by the teachings of the Pearls. I will find a way to purchase it whether I win a copy or not, but winning it would be much easier and definitely more exciting. Thank you for the opportunity to enter this giveaway.

  159. I don’t do this very often…Lol. I didn’t realize you were going to tell me what to comment on. There isn’t much I don’t like about homeschooling. I love being able to be a part of my children’s learning, getting to share their lives. I love the relationship I have with them, that they usually come to me with their questions. I like that they are learning from a Biblical perspective and through real life situations. I like that I get a do over on my education as I learn with them.

  160. I would love this book! I am currently single, but would love to home-school my children one day should I ever get married. It would be a great resource to know about before beginning the process of home-schooling.

  161. My children aren’t school aged, but I’m already starting some of the basic things with them, and they love it! I think that is my favorite thing, you can start early and instil the love of learning!

  162. My favorite thing about homeschooling is being there every time they understand something new for the first time. Its just such an exciting moment! Seeing that huge smile when they know their hard work is paying off..It brings such joy into our home :0)

  163. My favorite thing about homeschooling is being ale to be the one to teach my kidsthe big things and the little things and see when it “clicks” in their mind!!

  164. My favorite thing about homeschooling is sleeping in as long as I want in the morning! Just kidding… As if… Actually, I enjoy those breakthrough moments, when my child ‘gets’ something for the first time.

  165. I am just starting out homeschooling my 5 and 3 year old. I like being able to watch them as they finally grasp and understand something. I am really new to this and would love this book! I have many books from Debi and just love her. This book would be a wonderful addition and be a huge help.

  166. Our family has been blessed by Michael and Debi Pearl’s ministry for years! We’ve home schooled all 10 of our children and are delightfully blessed to see our children home schooling our GRANDS! From child training to family issues to marriage wisdom to personal relationship with Jesus…we have appreciated their balanced approach to all of LIFE!! Blessings to NGJ!!

  167. What I love about homeschooling is that my children will be able to love learning and not spend so much of their life just doing what that have to do… and get through it.

  168. Love the Pearl’s resources, I have learned so much from their teachings. Would love to read their ideas on homeschooling.

  169. One of my favorite things about homeschooling is seeing the spark in my kids’ eyes when something we are learning just “clicks!”

  170. Thanks for the giveaway! Love everything from the Pearls, and I’ve always wanted this book but haven’t made room in the budget for it. What I love most about homeschooling is getting to spend every waking moment with my precious children and watching them learn.

  171. I home-schooled my children and I hope my kids will homeschool theirs too. I enjoyed it very much and I believe it makes you closer to your kids and they to you.

  172. My favorite thing about homeschooling is being able to experience every moment of my sons life with him. It’s amazing watching him be so excited about life and learning. There is no greater way to spend my time than investing in my son. My son has only just turned five and I have already experienced the blessing of following Gods calling in my life.

  173. I don’t think I can pick one favorite thing about homeschooling! I love that my children can work at their own pace, I love that I can incorporate our faith in God into every subject, I love that we can change our schedule when needed to help someone else!

  174. Great blog! Looking forward to finding more time to read through it. Maybe the Big Book of Homeschooling would help me do that. 😉

  175. We have preschool and younger children, so we are in the early but exciting first stages of this adventure. Praying and researching for wisdom, and so far my favorite thing is when our little one references something we’ve learned together in her everyday life or in conversation with someone! I know the blessing then that I have been given to lead her, first to Jesus, and secondly in her education. New and exciting times! 🙂

  176. What I love about homeschooling is that I am with my kids and get to know them for who they are and that they are with their siblings truly being friends.

  177. I enjoy the freedom of being with my daughter and getting to see that light bulb go off when she learns something new.

  178. My favorite thing about homeschooling my 3 boys is that I can focus on the strengths and weaknesses of each child. We don’t have to rush through anything just to get a good grade. We can take as much time as necessary and also in the areas that they are strong in they can go right through at their own pace. The freedom of homeschooling is priceless.

  179. I enjoy the Pearl’s and a lot of their take on life and I would LOVE to win this book and better enhance the homeschooling I do with my own children.

  180. Looks like my kids wonderful private Christian school will be closing the end of this year. Have never home schooled before. I could really use any help from experts!

  181. My favorite thing about homeschooling is that I’m WITH my kids. That means I’m better able to know them, and I know what they’re being taught. I don’t have to wonder what other adults, textbooks, or kids are teaching my kids that’s contrary to how we want to raise them.

  182. Two things I love about homeschooling: Not riding the school bus for two hours each day with obnoxious children, and not having our kids indoctrinated at a tender age by our government.

  183. My entry form is telling me the contest is over & no longer accepting entries. Isn’t the contest open until the 20th? Thanks!

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