Believe, Hope, and Endure

So funny, for this past week I have struggled to get my blogs posted.  There have been obstacles after obstacles.  Power outages, no internet service, I have been really sick, my photoshop quit working so I could not do all my graphic work, a camera did not work for some reason, had visitors for one week straight which kept me very busy cooking and visiting, and another site dedicated to making fun of people found my blog and had a hay day (oh the fun they had making fun of me).   Seems like I should quit blogging and not press on here but that leads me to 1 Corinthians again.

Charity “believeth all things, hopeth all things, endureth all things.”  1 Corinthians 13:7

Believeth all things:

I actually am one of those naïve people that just believes people are good.  I figure people would just be nice because it is nice to be nice.  I trust people.  I believe people’s intentions are honorable.  Here the bible tells me that I am practicing charity to do this.  Yet most people tell me I should trust no man-because people are inherently evil.  They lie to get ahead, they cheat, they steal, they use, they love to tear people apart with their words, they judge and condemn, they are selfish and only care about what benefits them.  And yet, I believe the best in people.  And if I believe and am let down, that is okay.  I do not have to answer for what others do.

When I think of how people are not nice, I think of a flock of chickens.  When there is a small hen that is weak, the others will peck it and try to dominate it.  They prey on the weak.  People sometimes act no different than a bunch of chickens as they prey on the ones that are vulnerable and transparent-the ones that trust and believe.  They want to crush that hope and destroy their joy for some reason.  I could never begin to understand why people thrive on negativity and cruelty.  I wont even try.  I won’t.  I do not have to understand because I am not their judge.  They won’t have to answer to me, they will have to answer to the only one who can understand their heart and judge justly.  And that is God.  So I will continue to do my part-LOVE THEM.

I believe  “…all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are called according to his purpose.”  Romans 8:28
In believing this, I know that life brings things that are not always good and pretty.  But as I endure the things that are difficult it makes me appreciate when things go better.  It makes me trust God more through it because I do not understand and I need him so much more in those times.  God always give so much grace for every difficult thing.  I am stronger for it.  Maybe even more useful to God because I can comfort those with the same comfort I have received from him.

“When the going gets tough, the tough get going”

That is an old saying.  But it is true. Victory only comes to those that determine to finish the course.  When obstacles come, it is easy to quit.

I believe I am supposed to help people.  Even when I do not understand the injustice out there, even when I am so sick that I can barely move out of my bed, I write because I know someone out there is listening.  Someone that God has put there in front of a computer screen that morning who is discouraged and who is searching for hope.  In life we may never know what impact our actions make to the good of others.

Hopeth all things:

I know I have failed much in my life.  I also believe God is bigger than my failings.  He has always been big enough to lift me out of my pit and help me overcome.  I have a hope that does not shrink in the presence of tribulation and defeat.  The only reason I overcome is because I know Christ has overcome and I place my hope in that passage of the bible,

“Greater is he that is in me than he that is in the world.” 1 John 4:4

Christ’s spirit is with me, always.  I have power to overcome in all things.  Only because of what He did.  I place my hope in that which never fails.

Endureth all things:

I have made a commitment to share my brokenness and bear my soul to others.  It is not for my benefit.  I can endure the scorn it may sometimes bring, knowing that my purpose is not to be loved by all but to be a voice of hope for the hopeless.  I did not start this to help the people who already have life figured out.  I started this to reach out to the other people out there that struggle.  I can endure the shame of bearing my failures and sins to others, literally bringing my reputation here on earth to an open shame, in order that my victory in Christ can be made known.

So whether I write to my own shame, or weather what I write brings the scorn of the prideful, it makes no difference to me as long as God is glorified through it.  If His light can shine out through all my many cracks, I know it is worth it.  If I can be a shame and scorn for Christ, I will do that.  It is the least I can do after all He gave to save my soul.  Christ endured scorn and shame of His own people for ME.  He promises I will endure the same, so it is of no surprise.  I will write anyway because I believe it is what I need to do.   Even if no one cares to read anymore, I will still write because I want to give glory to God.  I have no other purpose than to love and share the hope I have in Christ.

Life can be discouraging at times when you get bogged down with many obstacles.  My intent was to encourage others to not give up-keep believing, keep hoping, and keep enduring.  To keep pressing on in what ever is difficult for you this day knowing that whatever you do endure it is not in vain.

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  1. Erin,
    Your are a treasure and a lovely woman in Christ. Your blog has helped me in so many way and just really inspires me to,love the life he has called me to. You are fighting the good fight sister. Keep on keepin on. Bless you 🙂

    • I love your blog, and it’s a blessing for me and my family, even though we are miles apart and we speak different languages.
      Keep on with the joy that characterize you. Hugs and prayers for you!!!

  2. You know. anyone who speaks TRUTH these days will not really be popular. But the world needs truth more than ever before! Another blogger, Courtney from is facing some of the same things and doing a series on Truth In Love. Maybe you’d be encouraged by it too.
    Keep on standing for truth! I appreciate your writing – don’t give up yet. The TRUTH will stand.
    God bless you, Erin.

  3. Erin,
    I am glad you write and will continue to write this blog. You are real and what you say always hits the spot with me! The effort you put in is a blessing to those of us who get to sit and read your gift for us each day, thank you!!
    Blessings Jo (Aussie gal)

  4. Erin,
    You are a blessing for me, too. In Christ we speak the same language.(on earth we speak different). We need to invest in the unseen things. And our Father is happy for our work. I will pray for you and praise God for you.
    God bless you in ALL you do and
    thank you

  5. I have been so encouraged by your blog! God led me to it at just the right time in my life when my heart was tuned to listen and learn! So thankful for your sharing! He is certainly glorified! I missed your writings this week and prayed for you when I noticed your absence! Praying He would remove the obstacles ahead so you can continue to speak the truth He has given you! Blessings!

  6. This blog is wonderful! I am for one am so happy to have stumbled upon it as we begin our own farming journey this year. I have so many things I want to try and it’s really a blessing to have your family’s experience to help me and my family as we leave the chaos of the city behind us. When someone is unkind, I think they just haven’t been shown kindness and therefore are ignorant of what it is to be generous with your heart. In time, people change for the better or find comfort only in misery. You are a wonderful example for many. Thank you for sharing.

  7. As a fellow blogger, I appreciate your transparency. We all need encouragement, and it’s easy for me to get frustrated and discouraged with the naysayers…yet, when I look at Christ…if I TRULY want to be like Him, I know that I will be spit upon and laughed at and shamed…if I’m not…well, then I’m not striving to live like Him. It’s not easy…but I’d rather show these people God’s love and let them do wrong to me…maybe, just maybe, when they are by themselves and the Spirit draws their heart…maybe they’ll listen…all because of Love…not my love, but the Love of Jesus that He shed on Calvary!
    Thank you for your ministry. Just know that when people try to tear you down, you’re striking a nerve with them or they wouldn’t even bother…if your’e striking a nerve, then that’s a good thing, because at least they’re thinking on the things of God and must think about those decisions they are making!

  8. Hi Erin
    Just wanted to say thanks for loving God and allowing Him to work in your life so that you can encourage and bless others… God has used you to encourage me, and I am fairly new here, so please don’t think that your efforts are not still being used for His Kingdom. Christ came and was persecuted because He loved other(healing the sick, loving the unlovable, ect.). We really can’t expect anything different, unfortunately. I too always trust everyone, which also often times stings me back. God sees all and so I would encourage you to just leave all in His loving hands.

  9. Erin, you are such a blessing to me! I read all your posts, there have been things that I have struggled with that you shared your same struggles and that helped me so much! Sometimes you need someone to share how they overcome through God’s grace, to encourage you along. You have done just that for me! Keep following Christ, you are a huge blessing!

  10. Oh, Erin – thank you for being so transparent! My whole family has been blessed because of how God has been glorified through your family. I share your stories and pictures with my husband and children, and we are truly blessed because of your love for Jesus and “us”- the families you have never met, even though it feels like we are best friends that just live next door to each other. God has blessed you with so many talents, thank you for sharing them with us – for being YOU! A beautiful vessel God is using greatly. This southern family loves your blog.

  11. Thank you so much, Erin.
    All that live godly in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution.
    Blessed are ye, when men shall revile you, and persecute you, and shall say all manner of evil against you falsely, for my sake.
    Rejoice, and be exceeding glad:for great is your reward in heaven:for so persecuted they the prophets which were before you.
    Nothing like a little persecution to pat you on the back and say, “You’re on the right track; keep it up!”
    Please keep it up. This is so good; I needed this. I needed to be reminded that it really doesn’t matter whether people like me or not; I am to love them even if they don’t see their need for what I have.
    God bless you; love you!

  12. You have no idea how many times you are speaking to my heart. I am still reading through your blog and this morning waking up to a hard morning I came to your bog for hope. I went to my Bible and I came here to your blog. You are somehow so able to speak to me and I am so thankful.

  13. I was so blessed by this blog, that I read this to my hubby. I wanted him to hear your words, your love and transparency. Out of the abundance of your Heart, the Mouth speaks. Your words encourage, inspire, convict, guide and show love. You are a beautiful woman of God, filled with His Love. I say beautiful, because of all that you share brings me closer to the Word of God . And Christ is Love & beauty. A Heart for Christ is what you have. All truth has a Name and that is Jesus Christ. So tarry on my sweet sister with Truth and Love and The Lord with take care of the rest. My prayers to you, this Blog & your family.

  14. This so good to me i just needed someone to tel me this,sometimes we pass through difficult situations that calls for endurance and so much encouraged by this blog Erin ,regards.

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