Another Flood

I have been trying to get on the computer to fill everyone in on our homestead life the past week and then “Life Happened”. We awoke to a torrential rain and as it died down we could hear this loud rushing sound of water.  It was a waterfall tearing through our back hill.  The current was raging.
The force of the water busted down the pasture fencing and dumped a huge amount of rock and chert (a rocky red dirt) into the field out front.
As the waters kept rising, we wondered how much damage others were having in the neighborhood.
We knew it was a bad flood when our neighbors wood shed started sailing through the pasture and over our fencing, ripping everything in its path right out of the ground.  Water is a powerful source and is to be respected.  We will have many fences to mend and animals to keep in.  Such is life on Cane Creek.  The flooding is a usual occurrence on this creek.  It is our third pretty significant flood.  The waters tore out half of our top soil and plants from our big canning garden.  I am sure others have it way worse.  Especially if they have water in their homes.
For us it is adventurous.  The kids had fun playing in the water all day and in the weeks to come, we will learn of others stories and see the outcome of this flood.  Our road is still out and we are safe in our home.  We thank God for keeping all of the livestock and our family safe.  There will be many fences to mend and debris to clean up.  We are hoping we can have everything back in tip top shape very soon.   Pray for the many others in our community who have suffered worse loss or damage.

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