A Pioneer Rack Giveaway! $109 Value

Winner’s Wednesday:  Our last week winner…

Congratulations to Jeanna Morgan from North Carolina!  She is very excited to try out her new Peddler Rack.

Pioneer Giveaway…

I would love to get the word out on my husband’s hand crafted Homestead Drying Racks.  To thank you for helping us promote our blog and store, we would like to start running weekly giveaways of the various products we offer and love.  Some may think a drying rack is a “want”.  Well, I “need” my drying racks.

Why do you NEED a drying rack?

Expense:  The electric dryer costs money to run.  An estimated $180 per year.  It really doesn’t seem like that much, but if you are like us, every penny counts.

Wear and Tear:  The evidence of lint in your electric dryer is evidence that your clothes are virtually wearing down on their fiber content.  When you air dry clothing, they last longer.  The longer the clothing lasts, the less you need to buy to replace.  If you are like us, we like to get the most miles out of our clothing.  I want the clothing to last through several hand-me-downs.  The way the electric dryer sucks energy and wears down clothing, we are proud to offer an alternative to your drying needs.

Safety:  It is estimated that over 15,000 house fires each year are started by electric or gas powered dryers.  When the lint gets trapped it can catch fire and burn your home down.  How many of you leave your home with a dryer running while you are gone.  Here you can hang an entire load of laundry on one of our sturdy racks (Pioneer or Homesteader size), and while you are away, your clothes will be drying, you will be saving money, and you will not have to worry about your home burning down.  Wow, that sounds great!

How do our drying racks compare to the less expensive racks?

100% Sturdier: Our racks are the sturdiest on the market, hands down!  We had a cheap walmart spindle of a rack, and about 3 months later, it was used for kindling in our wood stove.  When the kids helped make noodles on our volume three of Homesteading for Beginners DVD, you can see how we were actually having to duck tape it so it would hold through the filming.  Junk!  Our racks have 3/4 inch hard wood dowels with handcrafted side pieces to hold it together to last a lifetime.  Each piece is carefully made by my husband who I lovingly refer to as Mr. Meticulous.  The racks can withstand heavy, heavy quilts and heavy room area rugs.  You can put a quilt on one side and it will not topple over like the accordion style wooden drying racks the Amish make.
You get what you pay for!

Unique V design:  The unique V design allows for optimal air flow.  You clothing will dry faster and more evenly.  The accordion style racks stack the clothing right on top of the lower layer because the dowels are right on top of the other.  This V design also makes our rack stout with a solid footing.  It is not going anywhere!

What will I use my Pioneer Drying Rack for if I win one?

  • Laundry Load
  • Cloth diapers
  • Rugs
  • Dish Towels
  • Bath Towels
  • Jeans or Shirts
  • Skirts or Dresses
  • Sweaters and Quilts
  • Drying Herbs
  • Drying Noodles
  • Pretty display for an heirloom quilt

My husband gave me one of his “Pioneer” drying racks.  I use it for drying my bath towels on in our bedroom.  I park it on one side of our bedroom and when one of us is done bathing, we put our towel on the rack!  Just hanging them on a hook is not a solution for drying towels.  They begin to smell horrible after a few days of hanging there damp.  When they are allowed to dry on the “Pioneer”, they get dry by the afternoon.  I later pull my towels off the rack and fold them.

Don’t be shy, enter to win this nice Pioneer Drying Rack.  If you do not win this week, keep coming back.  We will be running giveaways for great products each week.  Our special thank you!

107 thoughts on “A Pioneer Rack Giveaway! $109 Value

    • I would use the drying rack for drying our snow clothes and chore clothes in the winter. My kids get SO covered in snow, whether they are just running out to get some wood for the stove or going out to sled. They are snow magnets!! 🙂

  1. I love your drying racks I will be purchasing one or two before spring, but I sure would love to win one. I would give it to my eldest daughter and her husband, they were married in Oct. and are expecting their first baby in Jul. Thanks for all that you do to encourage us all!!!!

  2. This drying rack has been on my wish list for so long! I would be delighted to win one.
    I’m really enjoying your blog! Especially the posts on Etiquette. I have learned so much and you always encourage and inspire me.

  3. I could SO use one of these wonderful drying racks, I always use my outside clothesline, but when weather is bad or during winter, that’s NOT possible. These would be blessing.

  4. thank you for offering these drying racks. I have a cheap one and it topples over and is cracking. It would be nice to have a handcrafted one! I enjoy your blog, it is the only thing I read on the computer. And I enjoyed he article about you wanting to have the simple life and how blogs would fit into that. I have struggled with that also. Thank you.

  5. I love your blog posts. They are words of encouragement to me as I endeavor to be a keeper of our homestead. I would love to use one of your beautiful drying racks in our home.

  6. Of course I would use for drying clothes..but also to hand extra blankets and maybe some magazines that I read as well! There are so many uses out of these-which makes it very convenient to use:)

  7. Your husband’s work is wonderful and I would be honored to have one of his racks. I think I’m just about the only person in my neighborhood that uses my clothes line. we love the smell of sheets hung out to dry.

  8. I use my drying racks as much as I can! I would love another one…I get behind only having two. (Plus, the two I have are getting OLD!)
    And thanks for this giveaway!

  9. I would use it to dry noodles, herbs, as well as clothes. This would be so nice to put up near the woodburner in the winter months. Everything would dry so quickly. Then in the summer on the back deck.

  10. We don’t have one yet, but have always talked about getting one. We would use it for drying clothes one. Right now we use our shower curtain rods in the bathrooms to do that which isn’t always convenient when they are still wet and you need to take a shower.

  11. I have 1 wooden accordion style rack made by my grandfather, but this pioneer rack would more easily hold my comforters and rugs. I would use it every week!

  12. I would love to win one of your drying rack. I actually bought one of your drying rack. I could definitely use another one for drying my cloths.

  13. As a teenager my favorite household chore was always hanging clothes on the line outside. Since I’m older and no longer have a clothes-line I’ve missed that fond experience. Also most of our washing is in small loads and the drying rack would be perfect for our needs.

  14. I would love to win this drying rack and I would use it to hang the things on that I would not feel comfortable hanging out on my clothesline where my neighbors could see. 🙂

  15. This drying rack would come in so handy at my house. With 5 kids (1 of which is cloth diapered) I could so use the space for drying. It would also help with the power bill and help with prolonging my already old dryer’s life. I love hanging things out and the smell of the great outdoors that lingers on your clothes when they dry naturally. I used to help my mom hang out all of our clothes when I was little but actually miss it now. I am currently using a small metal drying rack that tends to fall apart and is bulky to carry out to the deck.( It is only big enough for the diapers.) I would also like to start drying herbs and such, so this would definitely be a useful addition to this house.

  16. I would love to win this! Right now we live in a rent house with a stackable dryer that takes 2 100 min cycles to dry a load of laundry. In the summer we hang them out. But the weather here in the winter is not in our favor for hanging out clothes. I would definitely use it for inside use as well as outside on the porch when weather permits.

  17. I would love to start drying all our clothes on a drying rack. Right now laundry takes 2 days. But spring and summer are coming(I hope!) so drying out side would take much less time.

  18. I would use it to dry ANYTHING!!!!!!!!!
    I hang ALL of my laundry to dry so this would come in handy for any and all laundry items.
    Hope I win!!!!!!!

  19. I would love to win this rack…drying clothes, hang my homemade quilts, bath towels could dry evenly…yep! Definitely want to win it.

  20. I took time out from chopping firewood and skinning a bear to post a comment…no, not really. I was cooking bacon and saw it pop-up, so I decided to “infiltrate” on behalf of my wife. I like the design, simple and effective. This past winter, we pulled chairs up close to the wood stove to dry jackets and other wet things by the fire. I was wishing for a drying rack of sorts to make this regular task a little more organized. I know I should just make my own, but I would welcome your husband’s handiwork as a first model (maybe for some inspiration in my design). We live down the road, so we can even pick it up in person! Thanks for the great contributions to your blog–it’s nice to have spiritual kin here in Middle Tennessee.

  21. I would love to win this, I am trying to dry only air dry, no dryer but don’t have enough space to hang stuff right now. This would solve the problem. Thank you for the chance to win.

  22. While I have used wooden drying racks in the past, you are right….the cheap ones just do not hold up. I like the design of the racks that your husband is building, and I would love to have one to use for my laundry days, and to get the clothes dried faster and more efficiently !

  23. I would LOVE to have this rack. Thank you for raising awareness for your exceptional drying racks. I first hear about them from Homestead Originals. Lisa bought your Homesteader after her dryer died and sung its praises literally from her mountain top!!

  24. I recommend this drying rack to everyone (even though I do not yet own one!). Certainly, this rack will become one of the most useful pieces of equipment in my busy home; I am looking forward to donating my flimsy ones to our local thrift store.

  25. They look like great drying racks. With a family of eleven, we would use it for just about anything that comes out of the washing machine. During the winter months, I miss my outside clothes line.

  26. I would use this rack to dry our 6 children’s clothes so that I could save my husband (who just had a stroke last year) some money.

  27. I found out about your blog through NGJ magazine! If I were to win, I would store the rack away to keep for my someday home and married life. 🙂

  28. I would use this drying rack for drying anything and everything! Our clothesline is not very close to the house so I would use this drying rack on our back porch. If it were raining, the porch has a roof so I could continue to use the rack.

  29. I remember my Grandmother using this type of rack. I would definitely use instead of the dryer. Living in the high desert I can’t use a clothes line because of the strong winds and blowing dirt/sand. This rack would allow me to dry clothes in the garage or house.

  30. This would be great for bath towels. We have no place to hang them right now and that adds up to lots of laundry. I would love to win one.

  31. Would love to win a drying rack. I use my little flimsy metal one all the time!!! A nice sturdy wood one would be WONDERFUL!!!

  32. Would love to win a drying rack. I use my little flimsy metal one all the time!!! A nice sturdy wood one would be WONDERFUL!!!

  33. Would love to win a drying rack. I use my little flimsy metal one all the time!!! A nice sturdy wood one would be WONDERFUL!!!

  34. Would love to win a drying rack. I use my little flimsy metal one all the time!!! A nice sturdy wood one would be WONDERFUL!!!

  35. Would love to win a drying rack. I use my little flimsy metal one all the time!!! A nice sturdy wood one would be WONDERFUL!!!

  36. Having a family of eight, we have lots of laundry! This would be a great help. Thank you for the chance to win one.

  37. These racks look awesome! I air-dry almost all of the laundry for our family of 5 (soon-to-be 6). My biggest rack is duct-taped with a hand-made leg that regularly falls off. 🙂

  38. I love the rack of yours that I have,but I don’t have enough room for all of our laundry. I need another rack! Yours are very sturdy and wonderfully made! Keep up the good work.

  39. You’re so right! The uses are limitless! I’d love to reduce my electricity consumption by using it for the obvious (drying towels, dish cloths, etc). But I’m sure other uses will pop up! Thank you for the chance.

  40. The sturdy look of this rack puts it on my wish list! I love the crispness of air dried laundry…and when it’s cold, raining, or dark, a rack like this would solve the dilemma. 🙂

  41. I’d love a drying rack! If I had one, it’d be used every day for all the normal-day wash! And hopefully I would be able to take down one of those clotheslines in my living room… 🙂

  42. I would love to win this! I’ve had my eye on these racks for a long time, but we don’t have the extra money to purchase one. Like Erin says “every penny counts”. I am currently using a very flimsy bargain store version. It barely holds what I need to dry and it seems as if it will collapse under the weight. These drying racks look so big and sturdy!

  43. We have a wringer washer I would like to start using in the spring. The drying rack would be a huge blessing to have along with our clothesline as we always have more clothes than line 🙂
    God bless you and your family.

  44. I use a drying rack to display my handmade items for sale at the farmers’ market. This rack would work great for that.

  45. I just discovered your blog & I’m excited about learning all I can! These Drying Racks look beautiful! As a single mom, I’m always looking for ways to improve the quality of our lives without sacrificing what’s important. Thank you for spending your time to help the rest of us.

  46. I have a shackly Walmart dryer rack…would love a sturdy one that the top piece doesn’t keep popping off everytime I touch it!

  47. I like your idea of drying towels on the rack. We have 11 (soon to be 12) people in our family, and shower/bath night really leaves us with a bunch of soggy towels. They never dry right on the hooks behind the door.

  48. I would use this for laundry, towels…well and probably about anything that needed to hang to dry inside or out! So sturdy looking!

  49. We would love to have one of your drying wracks!!! Thank you for all that you do and your generous hearts!!!!
    May you continue to see all the blessings the LORD has for you in your days!!!

  50. I would use this rack for clothing, dish towel, snow clothes…just so many uses. I love to air dry our clothes any chance I get!

  51. I would really like to enter this giveaway… but the widget isn’t loading for me. So can I still enter this way??
    I’m a huge fan of drying clothes outside on my lines but in the winter it’s not so great. So I would totally love having one of these racks for drying clothes! 🙂

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