With only 2 days left before moving to the new homestead, we are packing and doing the final touches in preparation.  It is amazing that what started as a dump of a place is now probably one of my favorite places I have ever seen!  It is definitely my dream home and a perfect fit for our homestead lifestyle. 

In the beginning, when we showed people the old place, they had a very hard time envisioning a place that would be beautiful.  Mark and I certainly make a great dream team.  We can look at something that looks terrible and visualize what it could be.  It took imagination coupled with determination.   Now we are sitting on what we feel is the promised land.  God has supplied the grace, mercy, and strength that was needed to pull this together.

Box after box, the kids and I have been loading for the past few weeks.  There are tricks to moving effectively.  I have found that if you want things to go smoothly, you must have a system, as with all things!  It makes moving virtually stress free. 

Before we started packing 3 weeks ago, my husband said to me, "We have too much stuff!"  I thought about it for awhile because I think we have become minimalists in a lot of ways through the years of refining our lifestyle.  After many hours of thought, I had a really reasonable answer for him.  "We have a lot of extra stuff because we have lots of interests."  He nodded his head in agreement.

We have the homesteading, canning, sewing, art, music, all of which require stuff!  Each thing has a long list of things that are needed.  Now that I finally made sense to that, we can try to find a place for all of it.  I can't say that it will be easy, since this new place is a bit smaller, but we will try.

When packing the boxes, I try to organize all the things that belong together in a box, label it accordingly, and then keep all the like boxes in the same stack.  I keep all the necessary things for cooking, cleaning, and bathing set aside.  These are things that will get packed last.  I generally like to use red bins that are labeled accordingly.  I will have one for kitchen, one for bathroom, one for cleaning, and suitcases for the clothing needed in the next week or so.

That way, you are not scrambling around, diving into each and every box, looking for things that you need while you are in transition.  That is the key to offering a stress free transition while settling into your new home.  It works every time!  We have moved enough to fine tune our strategies on moving.

I will begin to show you my last run of photos taken at the stage of renovation we are in at the moment.  We will be adding all the bathroom fixtures and connecting all the plumbing today.  Things are really coming together.

In the past week, we were able to lay all the flooring in the first and second floors.  It looks stunning!  All plank style.

See the dramatic transformation of our kitchen since the walls are up, painted, fixtures in, and floor laid?
I have been just lost in the beauty of my new kitchen.  I just love it.  We do not have cabinets yet, but after we move in, Mark and Grady will be making some very primitive styled, reclaimed wood cabinets and an 8 foot table with benches.  The old wood cook stove will be placed, the refrigerator, and gas stove as well.  For now, I have old rustic tables lining the wall to stack our kitchen essentials.  I am planning on making a hanging light fixture with an old horse yolk that was found on the property some months ago.  So exited about that!
Above is our lovely living room area.  All the trim will be created here on the homestead with old barn boards.  It will offer a very nice contrast with the white washed boards.  I love how the vertical lines of the boards give the room the appearance of more space.  It really pushes the low ceiling up visually.
With the bathrooms, we used the old tin for lining our showers with.  I think it looks fantastic.  A scrub brush will be all that is needed to keep it clean as well as a little soapy water.  It is galvanized, so it will not rust too much.  If it does rust, we will be glad for the added rustic look that it will provide us.  We painted the board a soft teal blue.  I wanted a nice soothing color to go with the tin and the color of the flooring.  It works!
Pictured above is our new laundry/mud room.  Mark is planning to leave the wood bare.  It just breaks up the theme a little.  I love the knots in the wood, it is so pretty!
The room pictured above is our bedroom.  The put all the boards up one day...
And look at the beam!  I love how Mark was careful not to cover up that beam.  He just loves showcasing the wood in this home.
One late night, Mark and the girls painted the bedroom a soft yellowish cream color.  The next morning the flooring was laid.

The girls room was dry walled because sadly, we ran out of wood.  We had enough to do the top of one of their walls, which is really quite pretty.  The floor is laid and soon we will do a spackled texture to the walls to keep with the older look and then we will paint it a color of their choice.  That is part of the fun for them. 

Today will be another full day and we are getting so excited for the move.  Things are really coming together, God has been with us every step of the way.  We are overjoyed to soon start working on our camp.  We will keep you posted every step of the way.  Thank you all for your encouraging words, we always treasure your feedback and prayers.

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  1. It is just lovely! You all have worked so hard and now will see the results of that labor. May God inhabit every nook and cranny of this home!! <3

  2. Hi Erin: It’s always nice to see your posts and periodically I do get a chance to come across your blog and read it.
    I read with interest your blog on the chicken feet. Actually, when we were growing up on the homestead, chicken feet were a sought after delicacy and my brother and sister and I would fight over who got the last one. My mom actually would make creamed chicken (with cream from the milk). Of course we milked our own cows and the milk was not pasteurized/homogenized, so the cream separated from the milk. She would roast the chicken and the chicken feet (of course, skinned) and add the cream during the roasting process. It was the most delicious thing! To this day, I think we would fight over them if we got the chance.
    Let me know if you want me to share any more homesteading ideas! My mom’s crock pickles were the best! Someone in the family usually ends up making them every summer.
    Love your ideas for your new home.

    • Sue- we would all love you insight and your recipes…have you joined the Homestead Community Post? It is a place where we could all learn from you. But I’m not sure how to tell you to join…Erin or someone else, please chime in!
      P.S. I would LOVE to see you mothers crock pickle recipe!

      • Now I see how to join…. Go to the top of this page and hit the MORE tab, select the HOMESTEAD COMMUNITY button and you should be given information from there!

  3. Miss Erin, your new home is beautiful! Just looking at your pictures, I can feel the peace of God that fills every room. May your family be continually blessed as you embrace this new adventure with God!

  4. Sounds like you are very efficient movers! Your house is looking wonderful. I love your kitchen! Seeing the fruits of your labor must be so satisfying. It looks to me like you’ve all done an excellent job so far on building up your new homestead. 🙂

  5. I think the garden spot next to the house & the white walls & light floors contrasting with the dark exposed wood really are beautiful! I just heard Alister Begg preach about Nehemiah rebuilding Jerusalem & also, how Caleb & Joshua had a totally different perspective about taking the promised land. He summed it up with the parallel of “building” the church in our times. I think the word “hope” should be reflected in naming your homestead. Maybe “Blessed Hope Homestead”??? (I know I’m pretty bold to suggest this but I just LOVE it! LOL Love & prayers, in Jesus, Cynthia

  6. O Erin, God bless you. It is a dream come true and so amazingly wonderful and beautiful. I envy you. Enjoy and we are so happy for you. May your house only have a future of joy and love. We pray that your ministry to also make beauty out of God’s people will just expand in your ministry.
    All our joy are with you and lots of love.
    All the glory and honor to God.

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