Grandma’s Old China

Last week, Colin and Nancy Campbell came to my back door to see our new home one cold and dark evening. I had been making a chicken with wild rice and found out that all my children had made other fun plans with their friends and I thought it would be fun to see if … Read more

Relationships With Teens

Today was one of those deep pondering type days.  A day where you just sit and wonder why and what if.  14 years ago from this very day, I was a part of a great miracle story where God chose to spare the life of my son.  If you would like to read the entire story, … Read more

Beauty for Ashes

There are times in life that you find true treasures.  Sometimes in ashes.  When you have something that is tangible and it crumbles or is brought to ashes, you realize there is hope in the things you can’t touch with your hands.  My life was never easy and I found that I was always a … Read more

Thankful for His Banqueting Table

This photo was taken already so long ago and such a different time and season of life but such a beautiful memory.  Growing family.  Young marriage.  Little ones.  The times seemed to linger as little ones were under foot and full of admiration of those that gave them the bread and other food that they needed … Read more

Crown of Life

The house was dim and motionless.  Everyone was asleep and the visitors left in the night so it was especially quiet.  I tiptoed across the wooden floors of the old homestead listening for cocks crowing or the cow calling for us to milk her in the barn.  On the wobbly kitchen table I saw a … Read more

Life to the Fullest

Life is short, so live life to the fullest.  With all the hurricanes going around and tearing up homes and leaving lives shattered you start to look around and see the blessings you have.  I have really been convicted of this lately because we nearly died on the highway.  It makes you reevaluate where you … Read more

James Chapter One

Making my home a haven of peace and order takes work but it is one of the most satisfying jobs of the Keeper of the Home.  I just cherish the moments that I can manage my home and get at every nook and cranny.  Lately, I have taken my role with such joy as I … Read more

Family Blessings Tradition

People from all corners of the EARTH have traditions.  Some cultures are steeped in tradition where others are very relaxed.  One way or the other, all kindred nations and all people from every corner of the world have some kind of tradition. Tradition by definition is a custom or a practice.  It is a routine … Read more